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 Desertification faith

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PostSubject: Desertification faith   Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:03 am

In the name of God the Merciful Physically there is not a direct ascent followed by descent , it is necessary to deadlock , even for a fraction of a second and then comes down .. The ball kicked by the player to the top does not go down until you have stood in the air and standing may be unable to fully perceive the eye .. Iimania and can not get the case winding down after the glow of faith unless the situation passes extinction .. Quite like that who gets to extinction before the coals to extinguish and cool completely .. Taatsahr meanings of faith in our souls .. Vnfkd lens that was Trina things wonderfully special and different shades .. Anzaana that desertification of our feelings first .. There is a touch in the words of the Koran Almtsahr , and his tone when he says "God" is the tone when he says: money , life , civilization .. All graduated from the tongue .. Heart does not interfere in giving depth to what some of the words that were sacred him .. I Tsahrna all but from the womb of God , we became live in a weird about our principles first , the days are gathered in the House only to mention God and then get down .. Now those meanings are languishing in the corners of our memories .. Termguena sigh , and we Nrmgaha she was enthusiastic and hard-line .. And forget that our passion and we are in Bbana like a cool predecessor who died are: sit and meet God, God, and leave to God and cry to God .. And crying God ! ! Iaaaah have forgotten this thing .. Less pain you that desertification ? Drought ? Aridity .. The kindergartens our deserts and rivers Vojdbtna years inattention Yan did after that our hearts are subject to the remembrance of Allah and came down from the right .. Was something of our discussion revolves around the large weeping from the fear of God in the mosques ! And now we hear voices in our mosques fresher Turtle greatest verses .. Then almost unheard gasp of fear .. TEAR or feel fear .. Manifestations of a lot of us still retain detail Asahoah beautiful , but that dried up the nectar Asahoi : The home they Kdaarhm ** " I see men living non- men " This weakness of faith happened and is happening to the good old and new , but what is strange for us that we have to stop practicing until boarding Iimania hobby rolling over , and if we want to bury the coffin of our convictions soon .. Our conversations are the most beautiful on the Muslim past , keep in HTC cohesion in our souls buttonhole buttonhole .. Even if the natural period ended Vetorna .. And our hearts are about to return to the days of reverence Allah did not find her convictions of what lead them to the green Riyadha old .. Vtquba in the lean ! Everybody surprised us when we take in our convictions and convictions of tampering , we thought we we are now closer to them , and our conversations became more favored them .. The fact that they Asnfonna lie .. And consider us Gchh .. Betray what we Nusihm them in the past .. Vtjd in these listeners to our talks and Jdlna purity of faith and purity of soul and sincerity of the diet -fold what you find when Mtsahr what , but did not stop rolling ! Okhana people are those who take advantage of their culture in religion for HTC bonds of religion , and their understanding of everything from the Holy Quran to blur Hedayat , and save them to the traditions of the Prophet to bury something from the teachings of the Prophet .. Not because they learned something new , but because they have lost their precious treasure .. Treasure the lives of heart! The talked about prayer does not mention the humble , but in the words of the stresses and the obligatory group ! Even talked about the hijab did not come on its importance , but the fatwa Albanian passport in face detection, and that the difference in what should be revealed considerable ! Even talked about the Promotion of Virtue did not talk about bone ritual , but lapses implementing them .. Not a requirement to follow this phase reversal in a frank , albeit minor setback this stage in itself, but it may stop at this point is not easy .. This limit , which keeps the owner surveys rectal although all wells of faith in his heart has dried up , leaving only a waxy -outs do not move nor vibrant life .. Then remains so years , Sada mention God Bhawwarath , standing coldly without enthusiasm of others, always makes young people feel religiously active Bhoudrth prohibitive and they practice a bit of hyperbole .. Had checked in the case of the science that has stopped since the time .. There has been much Almtsahron , but , we were all Mtsahran varying degrees .. Our councils and overwhelmed us, Baheditna , and Bqaholna faith .. That was hard Alosev which reminds you of reciting God .. Even hinted nicely Feltcefh Baldroushh and sisters ! Thus you see us in our councils desert next to a desert .. Mrsofon feels like sand dunes .. You do not hear from our conversations , but respects the wind .. There is no rain .. There is no rain " Jan pain for those who believe that their hearts are subject to the remembrance of Allah .. and came down from the right ? "
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Desertification faith
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