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 Youth and Altvhit

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PostSubject: Youth and Altvhit   Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:24 pm

Youth and Altvhit

Became Altvhit two haunts the sleep of the Jealous Derthm and on their country and their children , and that because of its much damage , but reduce it forced the concerned authorities to put speed bumps as a temporary solution , and many of the solutions ..... It is well known that you can not fix a problem , but after finding out the reasons for it , and the reasons why many of the Tvhit including:

1 - weakening of religious faith : this young man who rides his car and spins in each hand , is indifferent to what might happen to him if it was present in his mind the position of Shara religion of these wrong actions , and that everyone will ask about his life as he spent it , and his time as spent .. You will present to do such serious business ?
2 - vacuum : which has no lofty goals , occupies his time and effort , it will use this vacuum in trivial matters .
3 - some busy parents , and leave them free rein to their loved ones , do not know who to go nor what they are doing ?
4 - Mufaht not find it difficult to fulfill his wish Altvhit , either by his own car or a car or a fellow by the lease .
5 - couples bad.
6 - the desire to draw the attention of others.
7 - psychological and social situation , some people pay to do such acts desire to vent what Iatlj in them from the pain and sorrows .
8 - Tradition : where enjoys engaging in such serious business among young people, as well as in some programs, satellite channels , hospitality and appreciation and respect by others .
9 - the trust of some parents divorced in their children , do not make them receptive to advice mentors , but taking advantage of it.
10 - decomposition of the ligament responsibility , Fama who Evhton , is linked by marriage or a job, and some of them cut off from the study.
11 - sanctions taken against Mufhtin , does not fit the magnitude of this heinous act , which may result in the loss of innocent lives .

With respect to the reasons for this therapy lies in the following:

1 - strengthening religious faith among young people, and through a lot of seminars and lectures across various media , and the descent of preachers and scholars to the fields that are the scene of a play and tampering , and a lot of talk about the end of the creation of man , and to urge the province to the prayers in the mosques , and the importance of maintenance Quran recitation and save it and take care of interpretation , and not only the only conservation , as well as a lot of talk about heaven and hell and the pleasures and Zmehrerha .. To other sermons by thinning the hearts and strengthens the link with God , people are in dire need to strengthen the faith in their hearts and the consolidation of monotheism in them, as well as the parents accustom their loved ones from an early age to maintain the prayers in the mosques , and inform them of the books and tapes that deal with faith consolidation and strengthening of faith in the soul .
2 - leisure time , through a lot of summer centers , and should not be limited regulation on the one hand , but all the sectors involved in this matter , as well as the exploitation of vacation and leisure to visit relatives and friends , and visit the tourist places within our country , and attend events and celebrations , and who they have a business .. An opportunity to see their children on the secrets of their business , and training so as to be of help to them in undertaking these actions , as well as provide appropriate alternatives of tools and machines meaningful and useful , and the greatest running the leisure time , maintain reading in books aimed at , well with poly is the acquisition of books appropriate for ages Preference and his children , and they read together .
3 - Parents unnecessary side of caution , so that they are constantly on the lookout for those who accompanies their children , and where to go .
4 - must sit down with the parents of their children, and use that to guide them and help them in the selection of appropriate targets and meaningful , and how to achieve them .
Unfortunately this aspect neglected when a lot , when it is of the most important things that you should take care of it , narrated by identifying targets , a person can avoid a lot of shortcomings , and achieve success after success . There are libraries in a lot of books that deal with this aspect , and history is replete with examples of many made ​​specific targets in mind , and tried with all my strength to achieve, was a success thanks to God and the infinite ally .
5 - to suggest that the children who have valued and respected, is adhering to the teachings of his religion , morality Almitrf all nonsense , and that gives everyone his right , and respectful of others .
6 - Parents be aware of what their children may be suffering from some mental illness or social pressures , then it has a great role in issues of behavior is wrong, so it improves the poly , access to books that talk about the symptoms of this illness and methods of treatment .
7 - no longer warning of watching satellite TV downlink futile , but it is necessary to find suitable alternatives and meaningful , many behaviors and wrong behaviors , caused by the vulnerability , including displays in these channels of exciting scenes .
8 - closer to young people and listen to their demands , and interact with them and guide them in the right direction , guidance in a lucid eliminate a lot of the negatives .
9 - a lot of praying , for these young people with guidance and righteousness , and not slander them , or ridicule them , the plague of doing so, seed walk this road , or most of it.

Another treatment and end
After : Araua who does not , and does not respond to the advice and guidance .. Must of severity in dealing with him and his ilk , those who violate the regulations and instructions .. Such as defamation of their names and pictures in this forum and license plate numbers to the competent authorities and lifting their names to the center of Ain ​​Dar Aowalsjn or confiscation of the vehicle or denial of driving, so go back to their senses .

Until we catch the stick from the middle must provide recreational centers for youth and set up their own courts , and this is the responsibility of the municipality to check them to pay attention to this issue and studied seriously by the municipal council to approve the creation of the club for young people of all kinds of sports activities

We would also like to alert everyone that we as management and members of the participants in this forum , we must cooperate with the concerned authorities to report the vandals in the country or whether Baltvhat and direct communication with their parents is a citizen security man first
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Youth and Altvhit
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