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 An invitation to return

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PostSubject: An invitation to return   Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:58 am

Quran is a book home to His Messenger Muhammad " peace be upon him " transferred as frequently .. worshiper read out .. out God man from darkness to light and from misery to purity and happiness is polytheism to monotheism It is the secret of our existence and our survival .. Day Gmnah Srna world the civilization .. it .. and set off on a guided convoys justified the oppression of ignorance . Humanity is in dire need of the Koran to be at this time thirsty to see reality in social and economic life , political and all the variants and levels. The news of him and us what the news is behind us and the rule among us .. How satisfied by alternative Anhad his way .. This book has been a pillar of our day that we took that approach and what we leave behind us dorsally Nrddh without understanding each commanded us to what we see and we know it .. It is an invitation to return to the upstream net and supplier albumin Come reconstruct Bhadah hearts and we light paths Daa├║h .. ( this Qur'an guides to that which is me and bodes believers who do good that they have a great reward ) Isra : 9
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An invitation to return
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