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 Charity to parents

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PostSubject: Charity to parents   Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:33 am

God had commanded kindness to parents all, a century this worship and forbidding the involvement of it; to demonstrate the greatness , and his status in the religion , and is also thanks to them and land them , and that of gratitude : ( Worship Allah and join none with Him and dutiful to your parents ) [women: 36 .

Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with : "He wants to land them with kindness and Lin side , do not toughen them in the answer, does not limit consideration to them , nor raise his voice to them, but will have their hands between the hands of a person such as Mr. Tzlla for them ."

He says: ( The Lord has not none but Him and dutiful to your parents either puberty have old age, one or both , do not say the two F- Tnehrhma not say two words crema * And lower to them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say the Lord has decreed that you worship none small ) [ Isra : 23.24 ] .

See dear reader Karim how linking context Quranic honoring one's parents worship of God , a declaration of the value of this land with God, and these words, equality and images suggestive Istjeic the Koran and the conscience of righteousness and mercy in the hearts of children toward parents , toward the generation outgoing , which absorbs children from all nectar and all well-being , and all Interestingly, if the two aging mortal Omhlhma The two -term happy with it .

( And lower to them the wing of submission and humility through mercy ) ( Isra : verse 24)

Transparent nice expression of the human heart and conscience aqueduct . Compassion are : paper and soothing even like a humiliation which does not raise our consciousness , and do not refuse an order , is reward for good other than good ? ! .

These are your parents .. how Atrak desires for oneself, even if I'm gone with them have come in the lock up, their lives have the remnants of the sun , has long Raiak Varahma short : ( And your Lord has decreed that you worship none small ) .

How many months you night to dawn, Ydariank politeness beau in abandonment, the tears fell ill have not been conducted , but did not Arzia you stop and stone beds P : ( Say Lord has decreed that you worship none small ) .

Onjaask treated and loved you stay , even received them harm complained Hqak , how Jraak Jrathma sweet and bitter , so go ahead and do not honor them and say Tashma : ( Lord has decreed that you worship none small ) .

* Not * either : ***

A man said to Omar ibn al-Khattab : "The me either hit them old age , they do not eliminate the need except my back her ride (ie, that it carried to the place of defecating ) Is performed right ? Omar said : No; because they were manufactured back that which you wish you stay , and you and do you wish to leave her . "

And saw Abdullah ibn Umar Imania man roams the house may carry his mother on the back says :

I have Baerha Almzll .. ... Ozart .. The passengers did not Ozar

Lord God of Might largest

Campaign , which carried more .. .. .. Do you see Jazetha O Ibn 'Umar ?

Ibn Umar said : No, not Bzfrh one .

Yes I swear if children spent what was left of the old in the service of their parents what they performed their rights , he said the Prophet peace be upon him : "Do not reward the boy 's parents , however, find it owned Victre Viatgah ."

** Right of the mother is a great ***

To your mother right if I learned a great Kthirk Oh this is going to have

How many nights have become Bthaglk complain of Juaha he and exhalation

In the situation if knowing how much discomfort it Gss including Fouad fly

How about you washed Piminha harm her lap and unless you have a bed

And Tfdak than Tstkih herself and her nipples have a drink Namir

How many times famished and gave you strength and compassion and pity you small

Vdiatha Ascent foolishness of what you have and it is a long- short

Mouth and mind of the one who follows the passion and the AHA Heart , a blind seer

Vdonk Fargb in Amim her du'aa what you're calling him a poor

When this was intact , Shara urged to increase Brha , and take care of right , ( and enjoined on man his mother and his parents here on weakness and weaning in two years to thank me and your parents to determination ) [ Luqman : 14 ] .

The man came to the master of the righteous and pure , he said: who is most deserving of my good company ? He said: " Your mother ." He said: Then who? He said: " Your mother ." He said: Then who? He said: " Your mother ." He said: Then who? He said: " Then your father ." [Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Hurayrah ] .

** Paradise under the feet of the parents ***

God honored the lives of his parents or one of them has opened his door to paradise , as the Prophet said, peace be upon him : " Father .. Middle gates of Paradise ."

The man came to the Prophet, peace be upon him said: O Messenger of Allah ! I wanted the invasion has come Oschirk ? He said: Are you a mother ? He said: Yes . He said: Valzimha the paradise under her feet . " [Reported by Ahmad and others ] .

As the Prophet peace be upon him one day: " I entered Paradise and I heard a reading I said : Who is this ? Told: Haritha bin al-Numan , and I said Kzlkm mainland , Kzlkm righteousness ." The Haritha Apr people his mother .

** Sanction of sex work : ***

Some parents complain about the rigors of children and Akogahm , and the right to sanction of sex work , it is the righteousness of his parents Libra sons , and contract and his parents lick his sons must . , If you want to Abarak your children so be righteous your parents , said the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him : " honored (barru) fathers Tbarakm sons . . . "

And look at the Hebron Abraham while politeness with his father and soothing in his call Vkabl father of this literature with the utmost cruelty , what was Abraham , however, said : ( Peace Be With You Sastghafr you Lord that he was my Hvia ) ( Maryam : verse 47) , was the reward of sex work, living God and a good son , Ismail, who politeness him while I know it's slaying , he said: ( O my father, do what you 're told ) ( Ranks : verse 102 )

Then another gesture should pay attention to their children which they will not find is the creation of the kindest of their parents , no wife nor sons , nor friends ,

Here's the story of poetry that reflected in Ntrechs because of the meaning of the sublime :

A man who lured a boy ignorant of days in order to receive their money by Aloutr

Bring me to Fouad said your mother and you , my boy , and gems and pearls of dirhams

He went away and Dibble dagger in the chest and heart directed by and returned to impact

But the hyper- speed Hui Vtdhrj Heart section as found

Called him a mother's heart , and I have a darling Ml Do no harm befalls you ?

This sound as though despite compassion wrath of heaven on the boy had poured

Vdry terrible crime did not Egnha Born else since human history

Reversing heart towards him wash his eyes overflowed with a flood of lessons

He says to me , my heart avenged nor forgive the unforgivable crimes

And drew his dagger to stab his heart remains a challenge to those who take a lesson

Called him mother's heart : the palm of a hand and do not stab my heart twice the impact

Barhamha after their deaths ** ***

Barr does not stop them in their lives , it does not end Bmutema , but remain on the land rights of the son after the death of his parents and those who wanted good .. It is this:

1 - asking for forgiveness and pray for them :

He also said peace be upon him , "If the son of Adam dies, his work only three : ongoing charity , and beneficial knowledge , and a son who will pray for him." [Muslim] .

In the talk : " raise the dead after his death degrees. Says: O Lord ! Anything this ? Said: your child ask forgiveness for you." [ Ahmad and Al-Bukhari in the literature for single . Busayri said : attributed correctly , and may Telling ] .

2 - charitable giving them:

The man said to the Prophet peace be upon him : "My mother died Oanfha give charity to them ? Said : Yes . Said the Mkhrva me , I may give in charity Martyrdom I do it."

The story goes that Abu Usaid al-Saadi said : While we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him , there came a man from Bani Salamah said: O Messenger of Allah ! Are remained something of Barr 's parents Ibarhama after their deaths ? He said: Yes ; prayer to them, and ask God for forgiveness for them, and the enforcement of outdated beyond , and kinship , but that does not reach them , and honor their friend . " Weak mosque ] .

Therefore Muslim narrated in his Saheeh from Ibn Umar that when he went to Mecca had a donkey Atrouh if it did not ride the late turban and pull out his head , is Vinma days that ass , as passed by Bedouin said: I'm not you so and so ? He said: Yes . They gave him the ass , and said : Take this , and the turban and said : stress out of your head. Some of his friends said to him : God forgive you, given that you're imagination Bedouin donkey him , and turban pulls you out of your head ? ! He said: I heard the Messenger of Allah said : "The link from the mainland Apr man after his father, the people of Wad be given , although his father was friendlier to the age ."

And Abu Barda said the city provided VATTANI Abdullah ibn Umar said: You know not Otik ? I said: do not . He said : I heard the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him : he says : " I like to hit his father in his grave pray brothers of his father after him , and he was among the Abu Omar and between APEC fraternity Wood , I loved that out of it." [ Narrated by Ibn Haban and horses] .

Beware of a living God and honoring one's parents .
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Charity to parents
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