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 Social networking

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PostSubject: Social networking   Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:24 pm

Caused recent technological developments in the mid- nineties of the last century , a quantum leap and a real revolution in the world of communication, which made members of the community ( senior and junior ) live in a world of technical and virtual community dominated the more interests and sapped much of their time , and among the most prominent of these concerns social networking that are available to them through social networks on the Internet, and this had considerable impact on the world's social and national identity and social cohesion within the same society , and the impact on the natural and negative sides . And by virtue of that human social nature and the natural side-stepping the positive side of these networks is not recognized by any sane person , not regulated by the reality , bringing human society today is the default from within his interests and perhaps overwhelmed on the side of social realist .

  It has known Elson and Boyd social networks as " sites are formed through the Internet , allows individuals to provide a glimpse of their lives public , and the opportunity to connect to a list of users , and to express the point of view of individuals or groups through a process of communication, and vary the nature of the communication from one location to another ." And also as " a group of sites on the Internet , have emerged with the second generation of Web web 2 allows communication between individuals in the structure of a virtual community , combines the common interest of its members or quasi- affiliation ( country - School - University - Company ... etc. ) are communicating , including through messages , or access to personal files , and knowledge of their news and information that Atihunha for display. namely an effective means of social communication between individuals , whether they know them , in fact, friends , or friends knew by default contexts . "

   It is no longer the term " virtual community " of concepts that striking attention when he heard , as it has become a general and widespread , is not on the level and scientific analyzes , but it was understood in circulation for many users of the Internet . This is due to the concept of Ringgold Howard , who put the book pioneer in this context virtual community entitled "Virtual Community" and who knew that a virtual community social gatherings formed from members in various places around the world , converge and communicate with each other via computer screens and e -mail . Combines these individuals of common interest , and is happening , including what is happening in the real world of interactions , but the distance through the mechanism of communication is the Internet . Where is a virtual community growth area of social networks , and is a cyberspace (Cyber ​​Space) space frame , which is in the contexts of social networking filament assembly .

   Was the first appearance of these networks at the beginning of the nineties the calendar , in 1995 AD Designed Randy Conradz site and the objective was to help friends and colleagues who gathered together to study in stages certain life and dispersed conditions of life in places as far apart , and this was the site meets the desire of these friends and colleagues in communicate with each other electronically. Then successively establish social networking sites , that these networks are becoming attracted more than two-thirds of Internet users . The role of these networks emerged actor in emergency conditions and world events , and perhaps the last of which unite the users of these networks to lead a large campaign donation for the victims and the victims of the earthquake in Haiti , where millions of dollars have been collected for the victims of this disaster through these sites .

Types of social networking sites

There are many types of social networking sites , and every day shows more of them , but to facilitate the process of assimilation , I will classify .

The first type

Specialized communications and find and share information , examples of this type of social networking :

   • Blogs (Blogs):

This site is an example of a personal blog , and there are many types of blogs, each specializing Ptnaql About the news of all kinds , and the other is concerned with matters of personal and daily . Among the most important blogging software : Blogger, ExpressionEngine, LiveJournal, Open Diary, TypePad, WordPress, Xanga

   • Blogs partial (Micro Blogs):

Blogs partial is only a method to disseminate information quickly , and what distinguishes it from blogging is a regular small size and the amount of information ( text , images , audio , and visual ) traded on them, which helps people on trading volumes and smaller amounts of information permanently and fast . Among the most important micro- blogging software : Jaiku, Plurk, Posterous, Tumblr, Twitter, Qaiku, Google Buzz,

   • geographical positioning services (Location Based Services):

As you know by its acronym LBS where you previously left no simple definition to explain . This service enables the user to determine its geographical location and the definition of its network of friends what he is doing at that particular site . One of the many benefits of this service is known as the new network places in your city or any other city may visit. This service is also characterized by providing location information may be useful , such as contact numbers , Web site address , view user profile in the service, or even a suggestion to experience something unique in that location . There are many programs and service sites such as GPS :

Foursquare, Geoloqi, Gowalla, Facebook places, The Hotlist

   • Social networking sites :

Perhaps one of the most famous of these sites is Facebook and Enkidan which sites enable users to communicate directly with each other and share interests and activities , it can also use these sites to search for friends to study or search for a new job or even recognize all that is new in the life of know without the need for direct question , these sites provide many benefits to users. Among the most important sites interdependence KAP :

ASmallWorld, Bebo, Diaspora, Facebook, Hi5, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, Orkut, Plaxo, Tagged, XING, IRC, Yammer

   • sites events (Events):

This quality of the sites to organize events and control the number of persons invitees , these sites can also use the services of geographical positioning (LBS) to locate the assembly. What distinguishes these websites possibility of automatic update , which calls for the effectiveness can change the location , time, and thus will know all the invitees this change directly without the need to inform them separately . It Ochehrmoaqa Events:

Tweetvite, Eventful, Meetup

   • sites collect information (Information Aggregators):

These sites and programs to compile the information that interests only , what distinguishes this day and age we live in. Who is the amount of information circulating rapidly through the Internet , where these sites to compile the information in one place , rather than search for them and wasting time . There are many sites to gather information such as :

Netvibes, evri

   • sharing sites Interests (Social Interests):

This quality of different sites to help you publish and share the quality of your network devices used by the Interests or like what you see now or what Tqra at the moment. Among the most important of these sites :

Gdgt, GetGlue, GoodReads

   • sites fundraising and important issues (Online Advocacy and Fundraising):

The idea of ​​this kind of clever and useful sites , to imagine that you would like to do a project does not have the necessary funding to him , all you need is to provide a study of the project to these sites and then based on the location of the project to study the idea and then presented to the user . Among the most famous of these sites : Causes, Kickstarter

Type II

The second type of social networking sites which are known sites of cooperation and team building .

   • wiki (Wiki):

Sites which enables many people to participate in the formation of information logically interconnected via electronic links , site of the best examples of scientific encyclopedia Wikipedia , which was built by Mstkhaddamin by sharing information. You can create your own wiki and friends through the use of these sites : PBworks, Wetpaint, Wikia, Wikimedia, Wikispaces

   • references sites (Social Bookmarking):

These sites can be used to develop a reference mark positions interest you or someone else may be of interest , as is the case when you save a site in the program of your Internet surfing , but with the addition of the ability to share these other reference sites , as this enables the quality of the discovery of new sites you . This is a service of the masterpieces of the Internet Alanaaúah , imagine your ability to explore the seas and the network offshoots relying on the efforts of your friends or even other users on the network. And to participate in many of the sites , such as references :

CiteULike, Delicious, Diigo, Google Reader, StumbleUpon, folkd

   • social news sites (Social News):

Instead of relying on elicit news from news channels accepted , you can count on a wide network of users to find important news , where users submit news they find important and then the readers of promotion that was really important . , Which distinguishes these sites is to focus on what is the talk of the world in the area of ​​interest , and provides a lot of social news sites rankings help you to determine the field of interests whatever . Among the most important sites Alokhbaralajtmaih : Digg, Mixx, NowPublic, Reddit, Newsvine, Technorati

   • Navigation Social (Social Navigation):

Social navigation software is software installed on the user device cell phone and then help from pal GPS to map the movement of the city . Now imagine thousands of users doing the same process over time , result is an accurate map drawn by users . These programs can also provide precise guidance to the user when his desire to reach a specific place , or alert the presence of risk on the road or even change tracks . As you can imagine the speed and accuracy and synchronization of information on a permanent basis . To participate through the following programs : Trapster, Waze

   • sites managing files and text editing (Document Management & Editing):

How would like some cooperation in the completion of the memorandum , text, or even cooperation on the preparation Display Using these sites all you need is to identify people who would like to cooperate with them and the rest is nothing but smooth interaction between you . The more income a person on the note or text can see updates and modifications and thus cooperate to complete the work , even if the separation between you oceans . Some of these sites (DropBox, Box) helps you share files with others , where the company gives service providers a specific storage capacity can be used to create files and then share files with friends or colleagues to share data instantly and fast . I feel it is management sites and text editing : Google Docs, Syncplicity, Docs, Dropbox, Box

The third type

The third type of social networking sites are sites Multimedia

   • photography and art sites (Photo Sharing):

These sites are many benefits gives you a place where you can save , store , and display your artwork , whether images or Smat art where people can see them and express admiration or criticism to her, as reported in the possibility of selling your business to others and finding financial income from them. Based on the quality of the art there are many sites such as : deviantArt, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, SmugMug, Zooomr

   • video sharing sites and direct broadcast (Video Sharing & Streaming):

In these types of sites can be found and the search for several video clips and visual assessment , as most of these sites offer the service to share on other social Alnoaqa your friends so that he can identify them and re- posted on their own network , and you can add them directly to your blog . You can also create your own video through the use of your camera or your own cell and lift sections of these sites directly without having to use a computer. Sites using the live broadcast , you can broadcast from your cell phone at any time , with the possibility of transmission to your blog or your channel , and after completion you can download video clips to video sharing sites and then publish it. What distinguishes Broadcast Services is the possibility of interaction , where spectators can communicate with you immediately and at the same moment as the broadcast you can respond to them . To participate in several storage locations and transmit video , such as:

Sevenload, Viddler, Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Openfilm,, Livestream, Stickam, Ustream,

   • sites post audio clips and music (Music & Audio Sharing):

Using these sites, you can share other audio clips , music , musicians can also publish their creations of music and get to know the opinion of the public , and give them the opportunity to explore by production companies artwork. Also, some of these sites offers free radio on the Internet where you can determine the quality of the music or the programs that you want to hear it and then get what fits your taste , you can also discover new by identifying what is new and what is popular among listeners like you. You can exstrophy more by visiting these sites with the knowledge that some limits to provide service on specific countries :

CcMixter, Pandora Radio, Spotify,, ReverbNation, ShareTheMusic, The Hype Machine, Groove Shark, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, SoundClick.

Type IV

The fourth type is the opinion and review sites (Reviews & Opinions)

   • parades Goods (Product Reviews):

Imagine that you would like to buy a new car, or a modern PC , you can visit the sites of the views to see the opinion of bought these goods you and evaluate them to her, as you can see the quality of the product and the extent afford to factors of time and daily use , but if you want you can visit sites parade features and specifications of goods where you'll get the opinion of experts in the field , and you 'll find the opinion of the consumers at the end of the evaluation to give you a clear picture of the product and its features . You can visit many of the sites and opinion review the following : epinions, MouthShut

   • Questions and Answers Social (Community Q & A):

As is the case with the use of social networking sites to browse the goods or to obtain the views of consumers , you can get specific answers to questions you may spin your mind . I talked about wikis where many users adding process and revise the information presented , based on the same basic idea sites, questions and answers social work in the same vein as the submission of a question and the users to provide answers , and then each of his familiar to amend the answer to give you an accurate answer possible. You can participate in the follow-up question posed by third parties to the subject of the importance of follow-up , or even have a certain quality of information then your odds of benefit not final. You can subscribe and ask questions or follow up on a question or visit one of these sites :

Askville, EHow, Stack Exchange, WikiAnswers, Yahoo! Answers, Quora,

Type V

The fifth type of social networking sites are social entertainment sites

   • sites virtual worlds (Virtual Worlds):

Some might think that these forms of science fiction as you might see in some Hollywood movies , but the reality is that virtual worlds sites were and still are available for a long time , it is also constantly evolving . You can create a virtual world in the so-called personality Avatar (Avatar) and your interaction in a world where many meet different characters , which may or may not reflect the figures reflect the true founders in a virtual world . You can also communicate with sound and talk with any of the characters present in those worlds as you can buy and sell goods and property at these worlds . Some games , virtual worlds based on the idea of war and fighting, while others are based on the idea of ​​finding life or an alternative world to the real world . To experience virtual worlds you can visit the following sites :

Active Worlds, Second Life, World of Warcraft, RuneScape

   • sharing sites social games (Game Sharing):

The idea of ​​these sites to share with others on your network social games require a lot of players on the network. As some of these sites enables developers to show their game for users to enjoy . You can play and share with others fun to visit these sites :

Kongregate, Miniclip, Newgrounds, Armor Games

Famous social networking

   • FB Facebook:

The largest social networking sites in terms of speed of deployment and expansion, and high market value attached to older women competing companies , the basic point of power is in Facebook " applications " that allowed the network programmers from around the world of different programming their applications and add them to the primary site . Easy workers in the FB task for programmers create API - BB software help - to summarize a lot to them and help them access to your profile and build the application benefit from it .

   • MySpace Myspace:

The location was the most popular before it enters the stiff competition with Facebook recently .

   • Orkut Orkut:

Google product which has not been a great vogue in America for the existence of giants Facebook and MySpace

   • Net a NetLog

   • Hi- 5 Hi5

   • The moodiness to LinkedIn: social network for professionals , the site includes nearly two million professional and professional in a variety of fields and share the different interest groups . Property on the site is a distinct feature testimonials system, registered manager or former colleagues in the function of certain occupied Tzketek about your business in the company.

• Xing:

Social network for professional users around the world.

   • Devaant Art Deviantart:

Site months to view digital designs in various fields.

   • Ertekeyan Artician:

Social network combines digital designers on the internet like Aldivaan art but more mastery and the characteristics of more diversity .

Social networks and thorny issues

As with any new technology , the advent of social networking has accompanied many of the thorny issues which introduced owners of those sites in the swirl of legal problems that formed or may pose some obstacles in the growth of social networks. Of those issues privacy issue , where there is a debate very social networks that infringed on the privacy of the individual and changed the concept of privacy of an individual system, registered anyone to recognize a lot of the specifics of someone else once you spend minutes in the profile. The solution to this problem by the owners of the availability of social networks such as providing some privacy control feature in the presentation of some of the contents of the profile for a particular group of people and add some laws relating to the access of others to those contents.

Another important issue as well , is the perception among many Internet users that social networks are not only used Artaadha and teenagers are not used only for the purposes of bad or at best to pass the time without any benefit desirable . This concept began to fade gradually after he began many of the users of social networks to use their names and when the truth began to pump the amount of the contents useful in social networking sites and exploit it to reach some of the experiences and competencies of the people and provide them with job offers .

In a sentence , each new technology supporters and opponents remain social networks offer a lot of services and benefits, which, if exploited fully verified by the exploitation of great benefit to many of the Internet users .
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