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 Pros and cons of media and

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PostSubject: Pros and cons of media and   Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:33 pm

Pros and media :

Praise be to Allah alone , and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet after him .

As yet, either before , Vllah is before and after .

The media of the most important products of the human mind , who mocked Qrihth in order to reach all the means by which to facilitate the lives of all of humanity, and allows them greater scope to realize the benefits and exchange of interests , and the attainment of degrees greater than the evolution imposed by the new ways of life , and the requirements of the times that you grow and grow every day .

So what if some of the pros and the media?

There were many positives media , and combined its attractions on the individual , society and the universe as a whole , has become so difficult to achieve the standard of living and communicative required without him , but has become an important component of the universe in which we live ; because it serves the many levels of reality and society.

And here mention of some of these levels : level communicative - the cognitive level - cultural level - level human rights .

1 - communicative level :

Open up communication : Nowhere is the role of the media - at this level - the evolution appalling defined by the contact area in the audiovisual and written ; since this is no longer contact was limited to two very evenly matched , but also become possible for any person that is open to the whole world , without barriers or inhibitors ; because of what happened the day of a real revolution in the world of communication, and featuring a high-tech renewable , made ​​to connect to the new jobs were not accessible to thought the media before; it is no longer limited to the transfer of the event only , but beyond that to the interpretation and analysis content and content, as well as the industry, the event itself , and even the drafting of the resolution , and propose faceted possible in the news, so that the follower of participation and give his opinion and attitudes , not least because of some of the programs that are broadcast on international channels such as : the " Reporters " and " harvest Maghreb " which is broadcast on " Al Jazeera " ; confirming agreement on the growing role and evolving achieved by the process of communication in the modern form and its model , and in its dealings with the world and its peoples and events .

Thus evolved the media of the role of communication from one person to another person , to the role of communication between organized groups , and then to the role of reported mass mediated by the mass media , and the twentieth century witnessed a tremendous development in the mass media ; such as : the book , the press , radio, television, and computer , and people live since the seventies of the twentieth century revolution of mass communication .

Facilitate communication : ie: to facilitate access to the event in a short period , and opening up to the outside world - as mentioned above - and even the transfer of that world with all its events complex and crashing it , and this is reflected in the short time traveled by the average person to watch the news on television , and programs of international broadcasters , or browse newspapers and magazines , especially in times of global crises continued , then flipping the pages of the Internet, and visit the various sites on the Internet ; to learn more of the conditions of the world in which he lives , after that it was costing sleepless days .

2 - the cognitive level : as the media has become the means by which the whole scholars of education on efficacy for the transfer of knowledge to the student at the present time , and this is reflected in the following:

Remember , knowledge transfer and science concepts :

And using the media as a tool for knowledge transfer and dissemination , and make it accessible to students due to time what he wants, and however he wants .

Embed this knowledge , values ​​and built :

It has become the media has the ability to build and consolidate the values ​​, Kkdrth the demolition and replacement values ​​; That is because of these modern means of an impact on the recipient community , prompting the people of competence in the field of media studies to address the classification of this effect through theories and scientific studies confirm the role of the media in achieving the goals of communication are many.

The large number of resources, access to information , and availability :

And that knowledge is no longer dependent on a single source , or exporters as it happens ancient ( book and Sheikh or teacher , for example) , are no longer the preserve of race or class without the other , but found there new sources , and multiple resources enables science student access to one subject out from multiple sources are different.

3 - the cultural level : and this is reflected in the fact that the media play a vital role in spreading the culture generally uniform between groups and segments of society, one the one hand, as it works the other hand, the convergence of different cultures , and therefore helps to spread the spirit of respect by identifying those cultures contrary , and on this basis can be seen as a bridge between the media lives of individuals own personal , and the larger world in which they live ; so that an individual can see himself through programs broadcast by various media .

4 - level human rights : as the media of the most important means by which the lead role of spreading the culture of human rights , has been confirmed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization at its twentieth , and published a statement speaks it all : the contribution of the media in support of peace and international understanding , and to promote human rights , and the fight against racism and apartheid , and incitement to war .

According to some of the recommendations:

The support of peace and international understanding , and promote human rights , anti- racism , apartheid and incitement to war , requires the circulation of information freely, and publish them on a wider and more balanced , and the mass media to provide an essential contribution in this regard , and as far as reflecting the media various aspects of the topic processor , this contribution will be effective.

• The exercise of freedom of opinion and freedom of expression and freedom of the media , recognized as an integral part of human rights and fundamental freedoms , is a vital factor in promoting peace and international understanding .

Cons Media :

The media of the blessings of science , and the most important means of modern reached , and devised by the human mind creative , we do not deny it , and do not pretend otherwise, but not Namara If we say that this means the most important things that facilitated communication between human beings , Vqrepett distal and condemned the proximal , until it became the world a small village knows each and every one of them what happened where , and even located in the same moment , as this means that facilitated the means of scientific research , and made it accessible to everyone in the easiest means and the nearest road .

Yes, we do not deny anything of it - God forbid both - and do not throw this means allegedly and beaten into thinking , but informant this means predict what outcome of the recession and the corruption of the emerging and young people in particular, and this is the year of God 's creation ; because he refused to be perfect , but it - the Almighty - and so all the work provided by the human mind , he must demerits and shortcomings , as well as the advantages offered by them and so kind , so it was said:

And who satisfy all Sjayah

Enough of one that is noble Maibh

Ie: that no one escapes the defect and Almenksh , whoever he is human , and the media - as is well known - from the development of this human imperfecta , which was tainted by the shortage and imbalance Whatever tried to reach the degree of precision and perfection , and each branch back to its origin , and all the work bears the stamp the perpetrator .

In order to do so; Vgrdhana to show the right argument and evidence , and not Balohoa false , and logos deceptive , and not our goal as well as mirrors and controversy reprehensible that edema Allah and His Messenger , and forbidden by the scientists , and warned him sane , and therefore Fsnntaleg in our intervention this prove what we went to him , from the fact that the media with great cons , and the risk of serious , we say - and reconcile with God - :

There were many negative aspects of the media and branched out , until it became overflowing on the surface of society , and touched many aspects of their lives , whether ideological , social , or educational or otherwise , here is a mention of some of the manifestations of these negatives on these aspects by type and can Nksmha to five aspects :

Lumpy side - the social aspect of the moral - pedagogy - the psychological aspect - the health aspect .

Lumpy side :

• Publish doctrines corrupt , and false doctrines , and promoted by polish the image of its adherents , and to highlight their rituals , and perpetuate mentioned, not least because of the momentum of the media who offer him the Cross and Saint example , and honor them for the various gods that they believe their existence , such as the goddess of love and beauty , and the gods good and evil .

• Publication of hypocrisy and superstition and sorcery and magic , fortune-telling and anti- unification .

• Some suggest the ability to emulate the creation of God in creation , rehabilitation and case fatality , and demonstrating that the image of that invincible hero , not shove his dust , he is omnipotent Qadir , a Muqtadir Jabbar !

The social aspect of moral :

• to call Crime display scenes of violence and murder , and the emergence of calamity rape that pervaded by the scourge , and hurt them , young and old , and men and women, the testimony of fact and Westerners themselves , studies have shown the U.S. that children who watch television and in particular pornographic films fall into incest , and abusing sisters young sexually , has found a U.S. news agency (fbi) after the interview 24 criminals in prison each and every one of them accused of the crime of rape , and killing of a large number of adults and children - that 81% of them had to attend follow-up pornographic films and pornography .

• seek to take off the robe of modesty , and the promotion of it , and make the relationship between the sexes in the top of the liberation of all under religious or moral or other , through the establishment of women's forums , trades where the ugliness and booed from ĂÝÜÜÇäÜÜíÜÜä say ugly and deplorable , Vzban so virtue knife Underworld , and stabbed Aqqur righteous in their homes .

• the prevalence of violence , and make it a matter of course on the ground; since the offender displays in soap operas and movies Kalptal and Bright Star , which does not reach janaabah , so that is the reason for his love of thermoplastic followers , and become crime and murder then commonplace suggests to the tournament and Shoumoukh , studies have shown that America and Canada has risen where the crime rate between the years 1945 and 1974 ; any : in the period in which they penetrated the TV to these two countries .

• rampant corruption , and the emergence of infidelity on both sides ; has become this is normal , as long as the hero or heroine in the film is made , this matter of the loss of identity and obliterate insight, not least because of those evening rave that takes place nor sit , Vhtkt Symptoms were opened evils , and it is all because of what promoted by the media of various kinds , we do not find in this series that aired for all to see and the ears of the sexes - in this case - but what makes matters worse , and things are exacerbated and complicated.

Certificate: " This is Dr. Laila Abdel Meguid - Under the Faculty of Information at the University of Cairo - says that some of what is offered in the media doing a prototypical models of human , or some social behaviors , or the role of women , and thou shalt take the drama , for example, part of the reality , and provided that all reality , and this is a mistake considerable media ; because drama is particularly enjoys watching high , takes the viewer what it offers , and a stock , and summoned in similar situations , and tried to imitate him or follow his example . "

• An increase in the proportion of theft , and make it an art and professional, as well as embezzlement , forgery , bribery and arrested , appeared the so-called organized crime , gangs and court coordination; following the example displays on projection screens, movies and halls .

• distortion of the meaning of the best example , which is one of the most important pillars of the reform of society ; since become that dancer that undressing for her body , and the singer reveals a merit , and the actress who diverged from all principles of decency and modesty - has become the role model optimum for girls , but do not exaggerate if we say : some of the girls to arouse the people of their house , and their communities Ikhasamn ; arranged in order to achieve this singer or actress !

And the same thing for young people who believe that the legendary hero is the actor who defied his mother and father ; in order to satisfy his lover , and that the young man who multiplied his mistresses , and endorsed this , and Khan that , and signed with another - is Alosop which Tcherib his necks , and yearning for him hearts and eyes , and they must follow.

• the direction of the demise of the family a sense of responsibility , and indifference in no sons , and a wife that need to be standing next to them ; in order to mitigate them , and some sympathy in what you find from the burdens of the house, and the problems of parenting .

• prevalence of obscene words , which is used in many movies and soap operas , and invite the community to disregard , lack of decency to wear a particular dress .

• lack of control and lack of guidance to their children , and this has a negative impact on academic achievement , and follow-up lessons , no secret adverse impact of movies that throw ethics Bsaamha on the child's personality and prepare for the deflection , with what we know of some movies depicting lying and deceit and prevarication as lightness and skill and cleverness , and it tends modesty Nzaaa hearts of our children , and the Arts educational Semitism in our lives.

This is the tip of the iceberg , resulting from the media of the downsides and shortcomings in this aspect .

Educational side : With regard to the educational side , there is also a set of negatives , including:

• Development negative spirit at receiver, especially children who are receptive to all ideas without criticism , or thinking ; , where the viewer is generally easy to get used to the collection without making a minimum effort to get the information , or the acquisition of skills and abilities , but only as provided by the press service of the solutions or results .

• the impact on children's lives and social relationships to the family , and at least this acquisition of knowledge and expertise of friends and family , and also spend playing , and his pleasure with his peers.

• insurgency children to parents by the scenes they see in the media , which was involved in viewing the same father , and this is an inevitable result , the father should reap the fruit, willy-nilly ; because he is the one who helped his son to normalize these scenes , and the mind as something normal , and of the Son the religion of his father , as stated in the parable , the poet said :

He walked Taws days Pachtaal

Vqld form gait sons

He said: Allam Takhtalon ? They said:

I started it and we Mqldoh

Emerging arises in us boys

On what he promises his father

Ie: The Son does not turn gray , but what caught him by the Father .

To this end , many parents complain about the ingratitude of their children, and do not realize that they themselves were the reason for planting this anomaly moral upbringing of their children ; by what Adkhalouna their children from media , without control or rationing , it is planting something reap dividends , it has wasted the opportunity to raise their children a sound education in a timely manner , then regretted , and lattes while Mendm , and honestly they say one of them :

And helpless opinion Mziaa for his chance

Even if a death admonished capacity-

• Get used to the manifestations of physical or psychological violence , depending on what displays of scenes of violence and destruction , even in some of the programs for children , such as animation , has been interpreted by some scholars of education cause Preference some children to destruction and violence Btatherhm some children's programs , which tend to images of violence and revenge , had cartoons .

• Loss of times , and she went in vain , because of those times spent long learner in front of these means , and thus his slumber for homework that must be performed with great interest and attention .

• children entering the adult world prematurely so-called " break through the ages " , without that they have the experience necessary to do so ; studies have shown that television programs provide children methods to handle what they Adrickunha or practice it ; such as escape out of bounds, and drug abuse , and murder and abuse , and methods of fraud and lying , child Vieih world is his world , and not old age , it raised a sound education , and nurture natural arise that must be Ancoha and Jasper them.

• the emergence of advanced adolescence ; due to get a feel for the scenes in which the adolescent heroes , and this result is a subsidiary , and subsequent to the above cons .

• poor relations with both the family and the school , and the emergence of isolation from the community , the links between schizophrenia and relatives by preoccupation with the media , and restricting the viewer with a new reality , which weakens the chances of social interaction and family .

• child-rearing breeding deformed irregularly , does not take into account the cultural dimension of the child , and do not pay attention to the religious authorities , ethical , and do not respect the specificities of the medium in which they live , then there is a child out of ideas and incoming outside environment , and adopt the customs and traditions of violation of what it society and reality .

The psychological aspect :

• realistic corrupting children , and distort their world , which provides a beautiful simple at this stage tangibly realistic , viewing the scenes are contrary to reality , and destructive of human nature .

• child-rearing breeding deformed irregularly , does not take into account the cultural dimension of the child , and do not pay attention to the religious authorities , ethical , and do not respect the specificities of the medium in which they live , then there is a child out of ideas and incoming outside environment , and adopt the customs and traditions of violation of what it society and reality .

• personal weakness , and its frequency in each of the above it , and not entrenched on a certain position ; negative amortization due to the media , and non-discrimination between what is the origin , and must adhere to it , and what is an emergency you should not pay attention to him .

Conflict situations when the younger generation because of the intellectual and cultural conflict that stands firmly in the media , even sacrifice one of them does not deny the evil , is not known well known as a result of this , who said , and Mouthpiece says :

Tcathert antelope on Khaddash

So who knows what Khaddash trapped

• sow the seeds of fear and anxiety in the minds of our children with what is known from movies terrifying , frighten big before small Kavlam imagination, and the conquest of space , the astronauts and the stories that takes place around the jinn and devils and imagination , all predicted panic and fear in them, as well as they do not carry valuable or useful scientific , and reflected the impact on the security of the child and his self-confidence ; than watch from the alarming views , make it live in fear and anxiety , and disturbing dreams .

Health aspect :

• visual impairment ; due to damage to it by the large number of exposing the eye to radiation emitted by the visual media ; such as : Computer and television ; and it was confirmed by doctors Indeed , since most of those who suffer from poor vision gets them because of the large number of addiction to watch visual media long periods of time , especially in the night period where you need the eye to the effort multiplier ; for consideration .

• the risk of insomnia and Alshad , and a sense of pains at the level of the head ; due to the iPod, and maintenance to watch some of these means during the late hours of the night.

• Frequent forgetfulness and lack of focus during the presence of the share or discuss ; due to exhaustion caused by lack of sleep , and do not enable the body of their natural right of this sleep .

• delayed child to sleep , and sit in front of the television for long hours ; leading to the ill health of the body, and also causes mental lethargy , and the disruption of a child's intelligence .

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Pros and cons of media and
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