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  Era sedition

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PostSubject: Era sedition   Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:20 am

In the name of God the Merciful Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and after .. Vary the machinations of the devil .. and changed his methods according to the time and place .. He is a tireless and do not falter , to show us in every age in a different way .. and a new gimmick .. Which reflects the extent of hostility between him and the sons of Adam .. and I swear by them when he was expelled from paradise , he said { I will surely wholes } p : 82 . Voqa people in polytheism and Zen to the underworld and sow enmity between them { the devil Enzg whom the devil was an enemy of the human being , indicating } -Isra : 53 Remained a period of time terrorizing people at the hands of tyrants, and at the hands of witch doctors and priests .. The deployment of myth and worshiped for humans and stones and trees and the grave { but Surely, the devil intimidate close friends do not fear them and Khavon if you are believers } Al-Imran: 175 In this day and age .. Which spread the awareness of science and civilization and culture in human devil appeared Bmkidh new and dangerous fools almost human . That the devil of the greatest fascinate people , starting Bajarajna of paradise , and our pursuit of prenatal and birth and after birth , and being our bloodstream , and the texts of the Qur'an and Sunnah are full of warnings against it, and filled with the matter Baltaoz of it, and a lot of distractions intellectual and moral resulted from the futility of the devil , and that the prophets tied a lot of calamities that befell them the devil , and the devil fascinate some people tout him and fear him and exaggeration in the proportion of all damage to him , and mesmerize others that ignored the existence, and the insured middle ground between this and that , the insurer believes its impact , but believes the weakness of his plot , and believes that guard it easier for those who close to God , but his influence and authority of the severe walked away from God , and believes that it is still in the fight with the devil until he dies .. { The sincerity of the devil, they follow him , but he thinks a team of believers } ) Spa: 20 ( Kalbi said in explanation of this verse : It is - that is the devil - that he thought he seduced They answered gone astray and that obeyed him , he thinks Vsedk " follow him ," Hassan said : what a whip does not hit them with a stick , but he thought thinking was also thought Bususte . God, I seek refuge in You from Bibliography demons , And we seek refuge in God, that you are attending , God, I seek refuge in You from the accursed Satan .. of connecting and puff and puff .. O arrived upon our Prophet Muhammad , , ,
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Era sedition
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