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 Mattresses Jihad

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PostSubject: Mattresses Jihad   Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:40 am

Jihad four places :
Jihad self ,
Jihad and the devil ,
Jihad and the infidels ,
The jihad against the hypocrites .

Fjhad self four places also :
One : that Ijahdha learn guidance, and the religion of truth which is not a farmer , nor happiness in her pension and Maadha without it , and when she died he knew , Hqit in both realms .
Second : that Ijahdha to work after knowing him , otherwise mere science without a job that did not harm her did not benefit her .
Third : that Ijahdha to call him , and no one knows of his education , and it was only those who conceal what Allah has sent down for the guidance and evidence , to no avail his knowledge, not save him from the punishment of Allah .
Fourth : that Ijahdha patience on the rigors of the call to God , and harm creation, and bear it all to God. If completed these four mattresses , became rabbis , the predecessor unanimous that the world does not deserve to be called divine even know the truth, and shall be , and knows , it is aware of the work and knowledge of the same is called great in the kingdom of heaven .

Jihad against the devil , Vmrtbtan :
One : its struggle to pay what was put into the slave of the doubts that stirs up to undermine faith .
The second struggle to pay what was put to him by the corrupt wills and desires .
Jihad will be the first after the uncertainty , and the second is beyond patience. He says : { And We made them imams Camry for patience , and they were certain of Our revelations } [ Sajdah : 24 ] , it was told that the Imamate of religion , but also undermine the certainty and patience , patience pays corrupt desires and wills , and the uncertainty pushes doubts and suspicions .

Jihad against the unbelievers and the hypocrites , of four kinds :
Heart , tongue , money, and self ,
Infidels and jihad specifically hand (1) , and the jihad against the hypocrites particularly the tongue .
" The jihad against the hypocrites harder than infidels Jihad , a Jihad properties of the nation , and the heirs of the apostles , and organizers by individuals in the world, and the participants , and associate it , even if they are Alokulain number , Aloazmon understand when God deal ."

The Jihad employers injustice , and heresies , and evil , Fetlat mattresses :
First : If the hand as much,
The deficit , go to the tongue ,
The deficit , struggled in his heart ,
These thirteen rank of jihad ,
And " Matt did not invade , did not happen the same invasion , died on the Division of hypocrisy ," narrated by Muslim .

(1) Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih : to be a requirement which is to be Muslims ability and strength can by fighting , the did not have the ability of the intercalation themselves in the fighting, throwing themselves into destruction , but this does not requires God to Muslims fighting they in Mecca , because they are incapable of weak when he emigrated to the city and be an Islamic state and became their fork ordered to fight , and it is imperative that requirement , and only dropped them like any other duties because all the duties required by the ability of the verse: { Obey God what you can } and saying: Do not God instructs the soul beyond its scope } a . his explanation fun ( 8/9 ) ]
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Mattresses Jihad
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