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 Sports fanaticism

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PostSubject: Sports fanaticism   Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:15 am

With the launch sports leagues , must stop at the phenomenon of bigotry in encouragement, and the right of any club to have fans and supporters Anasrunh in all different appearances , but within the limits of literature and abide by the laws of the game and the encouragement of civilization .
God Almighty mushroom man to be his tendencies and affiliation , which does not have an individual of us to change the membership of Aomeulh , Vtottagh tendencies of the individual , for example, encourages Club Aovriv of popular bands scattered in towns and villages in the Palestinian areas of without knowing why encourage this club or team in particular , permission These things purely innate .

From here, we must believe in the prevailing idea , that sport various branches is considered a hobby and an art practiced by players and athletes , in order to obtain various tournaments for the happiness of this large audience , which stands next to him in all sporting events .

So should this public sports , exercise good manners , and respect for the sport and not to offend them , and encouraged by the commitment of civilization is far from any bigotry .

It is incumbent upon all departments , clubs and teams diverse put banners before any match or meet an athlete , and that desensitize the audience and patrons correct guidance about the true meaning of the concept of the sport and what it means to be a spirit of sportsmanship , this is a national duty must be an example for all fans of sports clubs at various organizational affiliations .

It seems that the sports fanaticism , has become a feature of many of those who follow football , because they receive attention at the level of most other sporting activities without any undisputed .

The strange thing is that the actions of some diehard fans are known for departments , clubs and sports officials , but Aihrqua residents against them , to stop them and hold them accountable , and instead deported , courted them a lot in return Maigmon it, problems in the stands among the masses , or after the end of the games , and these , unfortunately, doing so Asion for themselves and their clubs , sports and transporting of fair competition to compete fraught with hostility and hatred.
Even not be in this category often influence the few fans who are far from falling into such errors that destroy and make my own .

We want the fans athletes , to make this competition in the field dominated by love and brotherhood among the players themselves from competing teams and between different audiences , too, and dimension to each Miekr disturb the relations between them , we want to extend the encouraging his hand to his brother shaking hands , what binds them is stronger than football , Valrabott religion is a stronger link between Muslims in all parts of the world .

Therefore when it senses this link and power away from exposure to the brothers of fans , players and referees ferry abusive words improper and away from our morals and our custom and our originality Arab , and away from the friction their hands to be among them conflict outside the stadium to Atail him , and the fans and the players who enter in this aspect will be the losers , because there are those who control the security of anti-riot police , not liked what is happening from the friction between them, but it may lead to injuries , God forbid , they should stay away from such things and restraint in the stadiums , and among the players on the pitch .

It finds himself not able to do so is the same for the stadiums , and I speak in general to the public sports that tends to all the clubs, I do not mean Nadia particular , the goal is greater than going to talk about public club without the other , but that the goal largest and highest so much more to it regards to contribute with others who truly care about the lack of friction away from sports ethics in the stadiums and outside , and work to provide guidance to my brothers fans that always Matzhb to the stadiums as Agesnna religion True , the Messenger peace be upon him say ( to Athasdoa and Atbagadwa and be servants of Allah brothers ) .

Or, as he said, upon him blessings and peace, " such as the believers in their mutual love , mercy like one body , if the member complained to falter, the rest of the body to ensure a fever " these brothers that we seek among our brothers fans ask to help us and you to all that is good , and that going through the process of the cup all the best and peace and all year, you are all my brothers is fine athletes .
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Sports fanaticism
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