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 Of mental illness of depression

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PostSubject: Of mental illness of depression   Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:31 pm

A recent study confirmed that depression is a greater threat to the health of some chronic diseases such as angina , arthritis, asthma and diabetes .
The researchers also confirmed by the study reported that they wrote in the Lancet medical journal , that people with other types of disease, depression exacerbates their health .
They wrote in the Lancet medical journal say, " We report the largest study in the world in terms of the number of people who are covered by our knowledge that explores the effect of depression on health status compared with four chronic diseases . "
Somnath Chatterji of the World Health Organization , who led the study, said researchers calculated the impact of different conditions by asking people questions about their ability to function in everyday situations , such as moving around, seeing things at a distance and remembering information .
The researchers wrote , " Our main findings show that depression impairs health state to a substantially greater degree than the other diseases . "
The team used research data collected by the WHO from 60 countries and more than 240 thousand people to show that , on average , around nine percent and 23 percent are infected with depression as well as disease and one or more of four other diseases chronic is asthma, angina , arthritis and diabetes .
The researchers stressed that the most disabling combination was diabetes and depression together .
Chatterji said , "If I lived for one year with diabetes and depression together you are living the equivalent of 60% of total health ."
He added that the results show the need to provide better treatment for depression because it has a significant impact on the chronically ill .
"What we are saying is that these people will also be depressed If you do not manage the depression you can not improve a person's health because depression is actually worse.
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Of mental illness of depression
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