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 Koran and modern conspiracies

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PostSubject: Koran and modern conspiracies   Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:38 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

God said: " We have neglected in the book of everything" [1] , Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them : if I lose my headband camel to found it in the book of God , took out Abu el-Sheikh in the Book of Splendor Abu Huraira is brought «God if omitted something overlooked corn Kherdlh and mosquito » .
And directed by Ibn Jarir , Ibn Abi Hatim Ibn Masood revealed this Quran aware of everything and showed us where everything is , but we know falls short of what between us in the Koran, Ibn Abbas said : if I lose my headband camel to found it in the book of God [2] , and said Shafie God's mercy once in Mecca Slunj what you like to tell you about in the Book of Allah

Let's review the Koran to stand on the disease , to see an accurate diagnosis of what is happening in the Middle East, Islamic , and to draw inspiration from its verses medication , which can through our nation face these daunting challenges imposed on the nation , and placed in front of her almost insurmountable to not only hinder the progress but to restore her to the absences of ignorance .

He says : " will not be satisfied about you Jews nor the Christians until you follow their religion " [3] , permission will not be achieved satisfaction but leave Muslim religion will not happen followers , and satisfaction here means accepting the other and the recognition of its existence , and the denial of the Jews and the Christians for Muslims requires the continuous attempts to erase the Islamic religion Muslims or thawed in Judaism or Christianity , which is known Baltgrayb , or melting of Islam itself in the crucible of the curriculum and atheistic ideologies contemporary Kalshauaah or secular .

There is no doubt that the religion of the infidels harbor of Islam grudge adults lurking in their chests and requires no motive or what Isttherh , once the existence of Islam and their vision of Muslims emit malice show Dgaúnhm , he says: " and continue to fight you until they will turn you from your religion if they could " [4] , and when they realize the difficulty of evangelize Muslims or Amapthm in any method of curriculum position , then go Bogradhm malicious towards the exchange of Muslims from their religion and throwing suspicion in front of them , to prevent their adherence to the source of their strength and walk Azmthm , in that says the ruling French in Algeria in the memory of the centenary of the colonization of Algeria : « We Algerians will not win as long as they read the Koran , and speak Arabic , the Koran must be guest of the Arab presence , and rip out the tongue of the Arab tongues » .

At the conference , which was held in Cairo missionaries in 1906 to stop preachers say : We failed ! It has opened schools, hospitals and shelters , and we gave the money and provided services , then do not enter into Christianity after only a small child Khtafnah of his family before he knew the doctrine of his family , or a big man came to us for the money does not guarantee his faith with it! So the " Father Zwemer " Conference decision is given them : I have listened to my brothers speakers , and I do not agree with what they say. Felict Our mission is to evangelize Muslims , this honor are not worthy of it (! ), But our mission is to exchange all Muslims adhere to Islam , and in this we succeeded thanks to the brilliant success of our schools missionary , educational and political , which we have set for the country Islamic .

When stopping Curzon and the Foreign Minister of England in the House of Commons review of what happened with Turkey , protested some lawmakers British violently to Curzon , and their failure to understand how to recognize England independence of Turkey , which can be gathered around the Islamic countries once again and attacks on the West, he replied Curzon : « We spent Turkey , which will not have a list yet today .. because we spent on the strength of two things: the Caliphate and Islam » . Applauded the House of Representatives and the British are all silent opposition .

It is their tactics in the exchange of Muslims from their religion , inciting nationalism and fanaticism ethnic aim of dismantling the bonds of Islamic unity and shake the faith of Muslims , told a Orientalists in the book "The Near East : Society and culture " : "We're in almost every Muslim country just entered , Nbashna the ground to extract civilizations before Islam and we are not naturally aspire to rebound Muslim faiths before Islam , but enough wiggle his loyalty between Islam and those of civilizations "

The select Allah Muslim attitude of disbelief in all its forms in the verse: " And those who disbelieve some of them parents do not, however sedition in the land and great corruption ." [ 5 ] , as disbelief in front of Islam the religion of one , dissolves with each of acrimony in the face of Islam , although it was Ben Jews and infidels in early Islam of enmity and hatred , but it faded away under the banner of political parties to defeat the Muslims and destroy Islam , and today crumbling Nations infidel in all its forms and different forms around the table of the United Nations against the Muslims , if there is a decision against Muslims find consensus approval and vice versa , but hardly ever meet , but for Muslims.

It's not about Bzaamat disbelief only, but people also , the demonstrations took place in Europe before the war of 1967 carrying banners in Paris and other European cities , marched under the banners of Jean-Paul Sartre , I wrote on these banners, all voluntary funds for Israel among one of the words , namely: « fought Muslims » . Valthb enthusiasm Crusader West , and donated millions of French and Germans during the four days ... just as Israel is printed cards Maidat Started by « defeat Crescent » . Sold millions ... to strengthen the message of the Zionists who continue to crusade in the European region , which is the fight against the destruction of Islam and Muslims.

In saying " only do by " of the Union and solidarity among yourselves and Enmity and hatred for the enemy , not sedition in the land and the corruption of a great , did not elaborate on the Almighty between the condition and answer any breaks for the benefit of the correlation has increased in saying "in the ground" and saying " great " to dramatize the consequences of what consequent damage and evils permeated the whole earth is not limited to only Muslan .

In siding Muslims to each other guarantee to preserve their Islamic identity , and in the lack of solidarity and Mwalathm of Kfar melting of privacy and Islamic values ​​of faith in the deviations of infidelity and delusion , where the mixing of the Muslim infidels second to none of the values ​​of infidelity and habits corrupt , Vicherb Muslims those values ​​and traditions from generation to generation , that happens imbalance in the balance of faith among Muslims over time , until the time comes to Muslims do not know the origins of branches or even their religion is relatively little , " O ye who believe that obey those who disbelieve they will turn you on your heels Vtnqbawa losers , but God, which is good for your Protector Nasireen " [6] .

So what Nimble him the infidels and began to achieve all they could from the tools and methods , In the First Crusade In the last of these campaigns was signed to King Louis IX of France in captivity after the defeat of his crusade , and remained a prisoner in Mansoura a period of time until redeemed his people and dismantling of captivity , during taking his prison speculate as happened to him and his people , and then returned to say to his people : If you want to Thsmoa Muslims do not Tqatlohm arms alone - has Hzemtem arms in front of them in battle - but fought them in their faith , it is an ambush force them.

Has adopted the Crusades modern that advice malicious came Napoleon to Egypt machines print with Arabic characters , along with scientists and thinkers , and then attract young people Item Westernization and not for education in Europe , and then the establishment of schools and missions , newspapers and magazines , which are published alienation within the Muslim side , add to it media ... even came to us a generation of Muslim children and the children of unbelievers proportions in thought and values ​​, but of God's mercy and a few what they are , so keen Islam very keen to assert the doctrine of loyalty and disavowal of the Muslims .

In engage Muslims with the infidels and Mwalathm also a great evil in tearing the unity of Muslims and the weakness of their power and the loss of prestige that Misahm by God from other nations " Nusrat horror march month " where underestimate their enemy and dared them and Atnolhm piece by piece , but if they were united in solidarity Ksilvhm became their strength prestige and prevent the enemy from Alajtra though they were few in number or gear.

He told Salazar at a news conference , saying : « The real danger to our civilization is that can be caused by Muslims , while changing the order of the world » , when asked by a reporter, but Muslims are busy Bouklavathm and disputes , replied : « I'm afraid to come out of them brought their disagreement to us » .

It is their means of malicious against Islam and Muslims to work on tearing Islamic unity and to prevent the establishment, based on their perception that the strength of the Muslims in their unity based on the Islamic faith , even if it is not this unit on a reasonable amount of numerical strength and prep , Allaah has commanded Muslims sit His rope and Nhahm about the band , and warned of the conflict , which is doomed to weakness and failure and waste of power , he says: " and obey Allah and His Messenger, nor fought Vtvchloa and go power depart God and be patient with the patient. " [7] , has Ataft verse failure to conflict Balvae to benefit comment proximity, and instruct them to God in deficit verse patient, been striving so it needs to , because the enemies of Islam lay sedition and setting up traps to entrap Muslims in the internal conflict , he says , " has devised cunning and deceit when God though their plots to disappear from the mountains," [8 ] .

Says evangelist Lawrence Brown: « If united Muslims in the Arab empire , it was possible to become a curse on the world and the danger , or if possible to become also a blessing , and if they remained scattered , they remain , then no weight or effect » , completes his speech : « must remain Arabs and Muslims are scattered , to remain without power nor the influence » .

Of the most commonly cited news on this point also the conference of the European grand meeting held in 1907 , which included the largest group of intellectuals and European politicians , headed by the Foreign Minister of Britain , who said in a speech opening: «The European civilization threatened to unravel the yard, and duty requires us to look at this Conference for an effective way to prevent the collapse of our civilization » .

The conference lasted months of study and debate , and accept the conferees external threats that could destroy Western civilization in decline , and found that the Muslims are the greatest threat to Europe , he decided to participants develop a plan to make their all to prevent the creation of any union or an agreement between the countries of the Middle East , because the Middle East Muslim United constitute the only threat to the future of Europe , and finally decided to establish a national Western hostile to Arabs and Muslims east of the Suez Canal , to keep the Arabs scattered , and thus laid the Britain foundations of cooperation and alliance with the World Zionist Organization , which has been calling for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine .

Not satisfied by those borders , which painted colonial to tear the body of the nation to countries scattered on the basis of a national and ethnic and put obstacles in the way of progress of these countries and instigating coups and revolutions and unrest , and most recently planning to divide those countries to states on the basis of two decades and ethnic .

It has masterminded the Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt and other Arab countries , with the support and planning of Freemasonry which manages the global world of America and is working to establish a new world order to be dominated by the Jews .

The feet Bernardlobs - thinker Jewish Masonic Lodge member of the U.S. Congress - Bootikth known to the Congress in the seventies Vtm rejected because it was not time then Mhi her , Fredha in 1982 Voqrha the U.S. Congress , and this plan is not a secret , but declared and published since 1982, where she held the World Zionist Organization in collaboration with the organization ( AIPAC ) American Jewish conference to be activated , and also announced by Condoleezza Rice when she said : to be creative chaos of events change the face of the Middle East , has talked a lot of leaders who are known to belong to Jewish organizations and movements for the new world order .

The taking of this scheme in the application of four stages 0.1 - Establish systems repressive dictatorship 2 - incitement against these regimes through civil society organizations and the media , and through the use of phrases face of compassion and its interior by him torment, " and also we made every prophet an enemy devils of mankind and the jinn suggests one another with adorned speech as a delusion " 3 - put discord between the rebels and guide those revolutions toward chaos and sabotage , he says: " If you took the only Bala spreading corruption and sedition you Ibgonkm and in you Smaon them and God knows oppressors " [9] , has been tried in the matter often not for the grace of God and sincerity Islamists and their refusal to yield to this temptation or a third party .

He says: " Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder (men) from the Path of Allah Vsinfqunha then they are invincible and then heartbreak of those who disbelieve gathered unto Hell " [10] . God confirmed in this verse that those who disbelieve ( includes both denied tenet of religion ) , whether they are Arabs or Agama .

Came the expression , saying that " spend " in the formula Almdharah to benefit the permanence and keep on spending to do time , and so do not fancy the reader that it is limited to those who were contemporaries of the Prophet peace be upon him , and these infidels are continuing in spending for Isdoa people for ways guidance to the path of Allah goal of Islam and its teachings and rituals , whether spending on suspicious organizations or to support the corrupt otherwise than is clearly visible .

They took in the training of young Arab revolutions and abetting those who were brought up in an atmosphere of America Foundation » Freedom House « money Jewish billionaire » George Soros « in the Institute for Supply Management International Crisis »TCG« and a member of the » Shimon Peres « Prime Israel and Shiloh Moopen Ami, Israeli Foreign Minister the former also brought up in the Academy » change « in London and Society » Ooberserbia « Finally, at the Academy of change , which moved its headquarters to one of the Arab countries .

Thus malice infidels and polytheists against the Muslims in all times and places throughout history , not Asimon measure does not dictate planning to undermine the nation intellectually and militarily in periods of weakness plaguing the nation and try to pounce on them from time to time .

Given them the Koran , saying : " Those who disbelieve and bar from the way of Allah and the Prophet of Hakoa after showing them what will not harm the guidance of God and nothing will frustrate their work " [11]

He says: "They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will averse is the one who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to proclaim it over all religion, however much the idolaters " [12]

He also said: "They are scheming Kedah and Kedah sure Vmhl slowly giving them the disbelievers " [13]
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Koran and modern conspiracies
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