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 Attributes of God and the Prophet of mercy and compassion

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PostSubject: Attributes of God and the Prophet of mercy and compassion   Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:06 pm

A man entered the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him , and found him accept his grandson
Hassan bin Ali - God bless them - , marveled man , and said : By Allah, O Messenger of God, I have ten sons, accepted none of them ever said to him, Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him : ( from ruthless ruthless ) [ agreed].

* What is the compassion ?
Mercy is tenderness , kindness and forgiveness. Muslim and compassionate heart , Agat Almlhov , and is made known , and assists the needy , and is kind to the poor and disadvantaged , and wipe the tears of orphans ; well with them , and enters them happy .

God's mercy :
And God says : { God is better kept a merciful } [Yusuf: 64 ] .
We always echo in our first : ( In the name of God the Merciful ) . The Prophet peace be upon him : ( what God created the creatures he has written over the throne : The Rahmati preceded my anger ) [ agreed].
Farahmp God - the Almighty - wide, but does not know the extent of it, he says: {And My mercy encompasses all things Vsaketbha for those who fear [custom : 156 ] . The Prophet, peace be upon him : ( Making God of mercy hundred part , grabbed ninety-nine , and down into the ground one part , it is that part Ttrahm creations ; even raise an animal Hafarha for her son for fear of being hit by ) [ agreed].
Mercy of the Prophet peace be upon him :
Mercy and compassion of the highlights of the ethics of the Prophet peace be upon him , has been described by Allah in the Koran so, he says : { I came to you a messenger from yourselves, it is dear to you cursed keen believers Merciful } [ Repentance : 128 ] . He says that the Prophet peace be upon him : { We sent thee mercy for workers } [ Prophets : 107 ] .
He says: { the great mercy of God Lent if you're rough and the heart to shake around } [ Al-Imran: 159 ] .

Mercy of humans :
The Prophet peace be upon him : ( mercy of the earth , bless you from the sky ) [ Tabarani and ruling , and said peace be upon him : ( The believers in their mutual love , mercy and compassion ; like the body ; If the member complained , falter, the rest of the body to ensure and fever ) [Muslim] .

The Muslim mercy itself , that protected than harm her in this world and the Hereafter ; Veptad from sin , and draw closer to God, acts of worship , and hardens himself downloaded what can not tolerate , and bypassing all the harm the body from disease , it hurts his body smoking or drugs ... to the other . Muslim and ruthless animal , Muslim Farahmp include all creatures including animals .
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Attributes of God and the Prophet of mercy and compassion
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