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 Stars bright in Heaven

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PostSubject: Stars bright in Heaven   Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:20 pm

Over a number of things in the sky .

Star is a large ball of hot gases . Those gases Istnvzha ( burn ) the star slowly . It is used as fuel , resulting in tremendous heat energy is difficult to describe. Temperature of the surface of any star ranging from two thousand to several million degrees Celsius .

With the progress of science and the devices used to monitor the space , the scientists discovered that the color of the star Zia reflects or indicates that the temperature of the star.

For example , most of the stars with high temperature color is either blue or white . As for the star of the cold ( so to speak ) Most of them are orange or red color . Our sun ( and is the star ) is located in the middle or semi- bright yellow glow bright (the sun is a star of average volume) .

Remember when you look at the sky and see all those stars that each of them as a star of the sun. And some of those " suns " revolves in its orbit several planets .

Stars may live millions of years .

When collapsing star is born (collapses) hydrogen cloud tremendous size until it reaches a temperature to a degree sufficient to burn nuclear fuel , resulting in generating a huge amount of heat and radiation .

And when he performs nuclear fuel ( within 5 billion years ) expands and shrinks the size of the star nucleus (core) and actually becomes a huge star size. As for everything that end , after many billions of years the star explodes and turns into a dark and cool the body (black dwarf, neutron star, or black hole, depnding on its initial mass).

The biggest stars in size is also the shortest -lived ( still live billions of years ) . The stars are also large-sized burn faster and warmly larger than those small-sized ( like the sun ) .

Installation and studying the properties of stars using spectroscopy where Drasith visible spectra as well as other sciences ( God bless Ibn al-Haytham ) .


Most stars exist in groups , made ​​up of at least two stars only . Any two stars located their positions on planetary orbit (elliptical orbit) are called binary star system or halves (binary star system). Almost half the number of stars in our galaxy are in binary system .

There are larger groupings of stars , called clusters (clusters). Open cluster includes all the star about 1,000 .
Massive gatherings of stars called galaxies (galaxies).

Situated our solar Bmejrh Milky Way (the Milky Way), and is a spiral galaxy or spiral shape (spiral galaxy).

The force of gravity stuck between all the constellations .

Why hot and luminous stars ?

Stars are nuclear reactors huge size and power . In the heart of the star atoms collide with tremendous force , changing the configuration of the star and launched a tremendous amount of energy . This alone makes the star 's body flamboyantly and extremely hot . Most stars in this basic interaction converts hydrogen atoms into helium atoms , an absolute tremendous energy . This process is called nuclear reaction (nuclear fusion) due to the interaction of the heart or splitting atoms , creating a new kernel .

What is the nearest star to Earth?

The nearest star to Earth is the sun !

Otherwise, the closest star to us is Proxima Centauri , where the sun is about 4.3 light-years away .

Why do stars twinkle ?

Stars appear Mtloloh when we see from the surface of the planet because the radiation or Zia star up to us through a thick layer of air moving in the atmosphere .

Stars ( except for the sun to its proximity to us) appear slim as points in the sky , while traveling wudoo us through several layers of the atmosphere , broken beams of light ( God bless Ibn al-Haytham ) several times and in Otghat random . This results in a random refracting light in our eyes sparkling .

Stars near the horizon line (horizon) and looks more like a twinkle of the stars high . The reason for this is that the light of nearby stars of the line of sight travels across the layers of the largest air and consequently broken a lot.

And if we saw the stars of the other place is the land space will not appear Mtloloh us .

Star names

It is a matter of pride for us , Kmoslemon and Arabs , that our ancestors Nbgua in astronomy and going to meet during our conversation about the stars later that , God willing, going to meet stars with the names of many Arab , from the examples : Alferraz , Bird , scale, lamb, goat , party , the guilt of Capricorn and Raven .
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Stars bright in Heaven
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