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 Human Rights in the State of Islam

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PostSubject: Human Rights in the State of Islam   Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:02 pm

We have ensured Islam to humans rights to several enjoined on the rulers, seeking to achieve and maintain them and did not ensure the religion or the constitution or other law as guaranteed by Islam for a person of rights and duties so as to achieve justice without distinction between color, race, language, and I will review in this article two rights of the rights are : freedom and equality.

First right - freedom:

Islam gave to man the freedom of choice in the greatest things and the most serious in his life, a choice of religion and embraced said Almighty "and tell right from your Lord is willing Vlaamn and whoever wishes, let him disbelieve" (Cave: 29) He says, "There is no compulsion in religion" (The Cow: 256) These verses and so Twsal to freedom of religion and the sanctity of coercion to convert to religion and so says my sister virtuous Professor Dr Aisha Abdul Rahman (girl beach) God rest her soul says: the right to Islam in the approval of the freedom of religion imposed on believers commissioned and they need them to others our doctrine and behavior not just tolerance or The matter of courtesy.

He begins with takes the Holy Prophet peace be upon him this principle prevent what has driven the faith of people took forcibly religion right which Aibah Islam in letter and spirit binding of man to carry the Secretariat and because the doctrine is not the doctrine even issued by the belief and faith is not faith until the stems from the heart and conscience for B sincere and honest tranquility.

Not the best in the word spoken by the tongue and falsely atone by heart that is the hypocrisy prepared Islam evil than outright disbelief.

If Islam acknowledged the freedom of belief, it has acknowledged that without a fortiori including freedom of expression, which Ruba Prophet peace be upon him Sahaabah and taken by the Covenant and the Charter In an interview with bin silent worship said, "pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him on obedience in activated and the impeller and his family do not dispute it and that we are right to say or where we are not afraid of God to anybody as long. "(Agreed)

The Fatah al-Islam door expression through several ways including: an objection to the ruling and discussed, including counseling, including diligence in legal provisions and the like and did not leave Islam, freedom of expression absolute - so it does not harm other human or spread corruption in the land under the pretext that it exercised its legitimate right - recorded, but not contrary to the letter or consensus was not caused harm or damage to anyone.

Second right - equality:

I've Islam came to get rid of the manifestations of the distinction between the people and racial discrimination in all its forms and manifestations in an appeal addressed to all of humanity from the Lord of mankind in the verse: "O people, I have created you from a male and a female, and made ​​you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God that God knows expert" (cabins: 13) and between the Prophet peace be upon him that people in Islam are equal no discrimination between them except by piety, he said peace be upon him: "O people, but the Lord is one and that your father and one not not preferred Arabic to non-Arab nor Ajami on Arabic nor red on black or black on red only piety "(directed by and by al-Tabarani)

He also warned of the Prophet peace be upon him of the consequences of not achieving equality between members of the community narrated that Aisha: "that Qureshi, most notably the status of women Almkzumip stolen and they said it is talking to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and they said it Ijtri it only Osama bin Zaid Love Messenger God's peace be upon him spoke to Osama Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him Ochwa in the limits of Allah, then Fajttab then he said, but your family who came before you if they were stolen including Sharif left him and if it is stolen including a weak set up by the limit and im God, if that Fatima girl Mohammed stolen to cut off her hand "(Agreed)

And al-Nu'man bin Bashir - God bless them - «that his mother girl Rawahah asked his father some talented of his money for her son Valtoy by year, then seemed to him, she said: Do not settle for even seen the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him is endowed for my son took my father in my hand. I came that day Ghulam Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: O Messenger of Allah, that the mother of this, she liked that girl Rawahah Martyrdom on which endowed her son. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, O Bashir Alec was born only this? »Said: Yes. He said: «devour endowed him like this? «Said: no. Said «If there Martyrdom, I do not attest to Gore» (Muslim)

And equality in Islam, including Muslims and non-Muslims say peace be upon him: «from the oppression of a confederate or Antqs tabbed or overworked, or taking something from him without good I Hgejeh same doomsday (Abu Dawood and al-Bayhaqi)

Anas may Allah be pleased with him (that a man of the people of Egypt came to 'Umar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him, he said: O faithful Aa'idh your injustice. Said: Azt Amaama. Said: raced son Amr ibn al-Aas Vsbakth, and started to beat me with a whip and say, I'm Alockraman. wrote Omar to Amr - God bless them - tell him to come and provide his son with him. introduced Umar said: Where is the Egyptian? Take the whip and beaten. started to beat him with a whip and Omar says: Multiply Alockraman son. Anas said: smite God has struck him and we love beating; when GIVE him until he wished he raises him. then said to the Egyptian: Place faces the Amr. said: O Commander of the Faithful, but his son, who hit me was Astqdt him. said Omar Amr; Ignored km Tabdtm people were born free? said: O faithful did not know not Aotna)

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Human Rights in the State of Islam
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