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 Standing in the wrong place

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PostSubject: Standing in the wrong place   Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:12 pm

Despite Tagareed science, decorations and certificates, and the information revolution, but we are still Nkhbt blindly, and are heading for the wrong path, which means that there is a gap of Ben education and awareness,,,,! Here are examples of evidence:

- Watching TV, not only Tzlo scenes entertainment and pornography,! Like no other and tempts enriches and useless,,! Overcome the instinct of hundreds of folders,,,!

- You lose your friends for a Aaah mundane, secrets or disclose it without right,!

- Times I saw you wash your car, do not respect traffic regulations,,,! And improved Hendamk, nor care about Bokhalaqk,,!

- We repeat every day ((Show us the straight path)), Al-Fatihah. Then we walk Sirta different ways Mbayna,,! Vennaqd ourselves every day,,,!!

- Piling up the books you have, Vtgayha, or take a trip food, indifferent honor the flag,,!

- Anaqbadk term societal, you make enemies Mtcatheran,,!

- Eat too much, too much Vtnam, lose in order to gain life ...! Your time is the head of the owner, has said:

And what I meant precious time saved / / and I'm seeing the easiest thing you'll miss!!

- Arena advocacy does not belong to so and so, and the cultural field is not a wedding for people, Vahterm people's capabilities and force change and diversity,,,! Large arena, and knowledge wherever surrounded by,?!

- Gathers Akhlh many, Vtvkkhm frequently Admonishing, with (that wiser people Oadhirhm people) as the wise men said,,!

- Hurting the tragedies of the Muslims, do not provide the service, or make a blessing,,,! Do not say crocodile tears, but tears of wilted dry,,,!

I think that the cry foolishness / / will Balbka fond of Afja!

This laptop does not react to, or converts it to the benefit of the service,,,!

- Meet friends, people Faferjan Freya hardens his heart, and dry with an empty stomach,! And Oanna of our shortcomings,??

Your tongue do not remember a man who rougher / / Vklk SINS tongues and people!

- Stands for Electronic Image splendor, nor stand for the splendor of the Koran,,!

- Eat everything, but culture useful, Vekpr your body without mind,!

No bass Balqom length and bone / / body mules and dreams of birds!

- Volatility of dozens of sites for long hours, and the volatility of yourself, addressed from Adua├║ha,,,!

- Some people watching, and hates to Aracboh,, do you have the tutelage of them,?!!

- He hates the color of the treatment, so why repeat Alamlal,,,?!

- You have a huge potential, not depart devoted to worsen and Lixin,,,!!

- Late date, and always Soualev, and it is not right for him, and the alacrity of the minimum, and goodness Msov,,! How can elevate then?!!

Say things to Marji HE / / without diligence begged Mahala!!

- Toam people suffer and Maibhm, Visser in the same direction,!! What is the value of mind if I was walking without the light of awareness,,,!!

- Is dedicated colleagues in the service, and the right of parents to fail big,,, where do we live?!!

It is the heritage of our beautiful folk: SE circumnavigate,,,!!

- Put pressure on their children to be like you, forget you're in a new era, different from the past and in the glorious wisdom (Bazemanam people like them with their parents).

- Talking about corruption and deny Baqlamana and tongues, and if we would like to cleanse society of it, but we do not help it,,,,!!

Hao and all of the beautiful Pfaal / / and all his effective Bemtemm!!

- Corrected for the people, and refuses to rectify you, like a multitude of mind, full of intelligence,,,! And many people do you think holds,!!

Kdawak all health claims mind / / And who knows, with its ignorance!!

- Administrative rigor Alienate People, and lax Asulthm, and the lion accurate, mediate and flexibility, there is no excess or negligence,,,!

In order to stand in the right place, move decisively, and think rationally, and Amtt initiative, Lucille repayment of God, and I know that you are responsible accountant, Valmaad to God ((and fear a Day when you shall return to God)) Sura. Will return and will not benefit you, but good work, and the straight road, and peace,,,,!
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Standing in the wrong place
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