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 Pulses awareness ...!

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PostSubject: Pulses awareness ...!   Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:20 pm

In the name of God the Merciful Such as human consciousness (Precious Jewel) buried, waiting to be Enclha and accrue, so does not come without effort and diligence of my mind (my work),!!! The ultimate gardens adulthood and Alngeh and right,,,, Imam Ibn al-Qayyim said God's mercy: (lights up the light of reason on the night of passion, Vtlouh right path, Vimah Seeing the consequences of things) ... Therefore likes to keep the awareness of the enemies of the people in the case of (mental deterioration), and the flatness of the intellectual, social and idiocy, they get even more gains, and provide the largest amount of fortunes, extortion and bullying,,,! See Pharaonic reckless behavior ((Dhironi Kill Moses and let the Lord, I am afraid that will change your religion or to appear in the land of corruption)) Al-Mu'min .... He says that the head of the biggest corruption,!! And restrictions on education or Tstiha strategic goal for them, so that disrupts the mind, and the remaining destination supreme human being just eating and drinking and a dream, and seek Albheme, and also reduce the lampstands culture, and openness to what is Trevi absurd, or immoral,!! Therefore was fought mobile device first appeared in some Arab countries, and the net is still under siege these days, and separated the Egyptian regime on January 25, and Bashar sheep, resents far from mobile phones smuggled, claiming to Syria, because they could not cope with modern life and new generations , the young enlightened,! It can not be unsustainable oppression with the Rising Suns net!! Understand either be steadfast witnesses Balehiv, underdevelopment and loss,!! Or Ngrgahm net Bohjha and Eshraqatha,,,! Where it is difficult meeting here in black in white,,,!! They have other means to extinguish the impulses of consciousness, of terrorism and intimidation towards tribal and sectarian, and papers repressive move when the desire and need,,,! He was formerly the process stumble awareness, not only crossed a few of the people, thanks to the in-depth reading, travel and diverse, and learning flour, and monitor the life experiences,! Now it became the modern technology of consciousness makers, builders and thought, driving humans to further research and consideration of the question,,,,! Because the information is now present and decorated with pictures,,,!! Thousands of sites and thousands of channels, and Tohjadtha and developments of mobile phones, and becoming one of the world Kahadjrh, a Palm device or a narrow, enough awareness in the industry do not end it, it should be dealt with on the same level, as far as AIDS awareness has,,,! Our students in schools and universities have changed their minds, and emerged Mlanohm, and our children are great conversations, and conversations advanced,,,! What we tired him in the past, they have gained very quickly,,,! All of this requires us to develop our tools educational, and administrative dealings, the thinking and our methods, and our plans and curricula,,! What did not prevent it, we will continue to Nkhbt blindly, and Nstala frying pan into the sea, and we live on the shades Alinkaba.,,! The remains scarce generations replace one another, if they do not develop the same, and the progress of his time living and slicker,,! Differed from everything around us, and the stream of civil, manufacturing, scientific discoveries, still Daúba product, with all the wondrous and unique,,,! Where is your site here,?! Does not justify the use of means worn and flabby, with Viam different note, thought, has Tgoswaa spree and their children, and the masterpieces of genius inspiring words Omar may Allah be pleased with him: (Bazemanam people like them with their parents) ..!! This difference reflects the years, the movement Aldaúbah of life, and that timeless state and men, can not get them (method baht), or dragged them one way, or trapped their minds and their wishes,,,! Akl his joyous aspirations), and flows happy, Torthh elation and joy and extroversion, toward the acquisition of awareness, and possess the proper mindset, which made him the wise precious gems, and millions brightly, even Asebouh, or they get depth and Nfasth,,,! And those who do not know can not afford the price, and then they are coming to Rgaúbhm and desires,,! Those who realize the importance and virtues, he sees him in danger, stormy its achievements, because the eye of a needle than its light, enough to make a glow of an intellectual or a community, shake the social legacies antique,,! Happens advanced forward, and establishes a system thought a new,,,! For Atakade or Tdls and falsifies,,,! Blessed me and I said this morning, night / / Ayamy knowledgeable about the brightness?! And therefore feared by enemies, and shivering Almertjvon him, not because he creates in ideas, but because it radiate around it from the owners and Okhalh,,,! He spoke the track even after a while,,! The renaissance of human consciousness, is to discover the true self, and activating the role of the mind, and a sense of Grace of God Almighty be upon him, and how the bounty of other creatures, human beings together and make it an active present,! If education and media manufacturers of consciousness, it means programmed on a high scale, and an organized plan, and the only path, free from falsehood and fillers and improvisation,,! Because the mind which lacks Kaloaa empty. Is full, and did not initiate the process of filling and training, will not be able to progress and change and production,,,! Says George Bernard Shaw (those who can not afford to change their minds can not change anything)!! Corrects proper consciousness of your education and rise Btmohatk, and adjust your behavior and Msaleckk,,,! Unfortunate that the awareness of many nations die, because worldly, and not keen on learning the deep, and training operations, despite the ease in this completely different ages than ever before,,,!
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Pulses awareness ...!
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