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 Plant double Kale

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PostSubject: Plant double Kale   Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:48 pm


Alkyl is one of the vegetables, which often Masadftha in the supermarket, but you did not Taaraa attention, one of the vegetables that did not get used to eating it, but you dear reader will change your mind after you know about some of the information, Vakil is one of the vegetables high in nutritional value, which belongs to the family Alkrenbah and is native to Turkey and brought to Europe about 600 years BC. M., was planted by the ancient Greeks and Romans, comes the question: Why was the double of the most important health vegetables, which should be part of our food? And Alojabhhy that double, like the rest of the family members Alkrenbah contains a large amount of sulfur such as Aloaztheossianat and Asalaforavan a material capable of increasing the capacity of the liver to produce important enzymes that help to get rid of body toxins, also contains a double on strong materials in impact antioxidant which lutein and a material Zayazantin carotenoids that protect the lens of the eye from cataract disease, also contains many important vitamins and minerals, and add to that the lack of thermal Sarath.

And double belongs to the family called Pracejka include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Green recovered and Albroosl Sbroc, and double his 3 types:

- Double winding

: Curly Kale

A common type in the supermarket and dark evergreen leaves and sometimes dark blue, and many zig-zag edges and has sold in groups tends to taste bitterness, even the kind that tastes the sweetest winter.

- Double the Asenato

: Lacinato Kale

It is known Erenb black or Tuscan or Dinosaur agent, and began cultivating it in Italy in the late nineteenth century, and the leaf color dark blue tends to greenery and has a sweeter taste than the former.

- Ornamintal agent

: Ornamental Kale

It is grown in gardens for decoration, and its cultivation began in California in 1980 and referred to

Salad Savoy and leaves her color green or purple or white and has a touch thinner than double the normal.

The existing double the length of the year, but the taste will be better in the cooler months, and in the summer needs a longer cooking time by 30 seconds.

When you want to buy a double Find leaves dark green glossy lax or non-coherent legs loose and flabby or avoid species that tend to brown or yellow or holes, preferably Alawrjanik.

The double is one of the vegetables that turn to yellow and become once if they are not kept in an appropriate manner so that retains nutritional value, it could lose 30% of vitamins and minerals, it is important not to wash out double before putting it in the refrigerator because the wash helps to speed damage, and you can put it in plastic bags deflated and the bag glued to him, and Ayuda in the freezer, and before cooking it is advisable to wash under cold water current before chopping, but does not favor that drown in water before cooking even to the loss of nutrients that dissolve in water.

When chipping, use leaves and stems, Valsaq full of juice and fiber, and cut the leaves sliced ​​half-inch, and cut stems sliced ​​thick quarter of an inch until you reach dry parts Almtlifa do not use them, and use the leaves and stems lead to a balance in taste, but does not need cooking, but to 5 minutes, The period must not be less than 5 minutes in order to be easy to digest, and for 5 minutes to make it

Al Dente

, And if the period of cooking just two minutes more than 5 minutes to Atstemta will taste and nutritional value will lose up to 50%. The method of chipping segments will reduce the strong odor that accompany vegetables Alkrenbah, and 5 minutes will make it retains painted dark green, and after 5 minutes starts to lose chlorophyll and changes to brown color, a sign of the element of magnesium and the beginning of the secretion of sulfate hydrogen-like smell of rotten eggs and affecting Altkhh.

The cooking methods, there are ways unsuitable, such as boiling or cooking in the oven or sauteed with a little oil, Valgly will make it Mabla and the thing in the oven makes Java because few in the percentage of water, and exposure to oil hot will increase the proportion of oxidizing substances, so the most convenient way to cook it is cooking steamed.

After chopping and before cooking should be left for 5-10 minutes so that the enzyme Almironez that converts nutrients in the plant to image active, can activate the enzyme to add a little lemon juice, because vitamin C helps to activate and heat weaken the activity of the enzyme, so it is advisable that leaves a period of 5-10 minutes after the cut and cook over medium heat or low heat.

As for the health benefits of the agent are numerous and important, it is one of the most important foods that help prevent cancer tumors, which at that resembles the rest of the vegetables in the family Alpracejka which contain sulfur, a material which is active enzymes that rid the liver from toxic substances, and help the equation of materials that lead to malignant tumors and can happen by changing gene expression.

As the double is one of the vegetable-filled materials carotenoids such as lutein and Zayaznsen a working like sunglasses whereupon filtering UV and thus prevent eye damage from exposure to sunlight, and no research to prove the role of these substances carotenoids in the prevention of disease, cataracts, Eating foods rich in these substances reduces Pktrakt eye injury by 50%, and double an important source of vitamin a, a vitamin important for eye health.

And double rich in vitamin C in addition to materials carotenoids, and therefore acts as an anti-oxidant inside and outside the cells, the genes also protected from any damage, and protects the oxidation of cholesterol, also contribute to the revival of the immune system.

Contains double and minerals such as manganese, an important resistance of copper oxidizing materials, and metals potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, omega-3 and also folic acid and vitamin

B12 B6 B3 B2 and

E and some protein and amino acid tryptophan. And a cup of cooked alkyl contains 36 calories and is suitable for weight loss.

As for the double intake can be eaten cooked or uncooked, and the best methods of cooking is cooking on steam for 5 minutes only, and can add garlic, olive oil and lemon. Either eat it without cooking, there are many ways to add the avocado, olive oil and lemon, can be added as watercress, tomatoes, vinegar or add Albulsmik and sounds thieves.

And to another meeting

D. Tbasim Jundi
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Plant double Kale
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