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 Varieties hearts

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PostSubject: Varieties hearts   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:32 pm

To the hearts of healthy and sick and dead heart sound does not escape the Day of Resurrection only comes by God was delivered from every desire contrary to God's command and prohibitions of all suspicion of conflict experienced greeted from the bondage of what others and peace of arbitration is His Messenger, and concludes his submission to God's will and love PLACING OUR TRUST and Anabh and fear, hope, and concluded work to God, the love I love God and hates him and that prevent the prevention of God not enough for this so safe from docile and arbitration for both except the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him believed his heart contract with tight credit and his example alone, the heart patient is the heart of his life Oppe bug with articles provide him this time and the other is what defeated by them and the heart where the love of God and by faith faithfulness to him and trust him, but the love of desires, their preference and concern for the collection and envy, old age and wonder and love of height and corruption in the land Bariyash an examiner of farewell calls to Allah and His Messenger and the Home of the other and a farewell calls to the emergency which it answers Oqrabhma him Baba and Adnahma to Jawara and healthy heart living Lynn Aalsh and heart patient either to safety below and to either the damage and lower heart Dead is the one who is no life in it, because his knowledge of his Lord, and he does not know nor worship him his command and loves and is pleased it is a standing with the desires and pleasures, even if the wrath of his Lord and his anger, he does not care if he wins Bashhute and his luck may Rabbo or discontent and worshiper to but God love and fear, hope and satisfaction and discontent and Tedeima and humiliation I like I like it pleases and that gave gave it pleases and that prevent the prevention of desires and make the fancy front of him and his desire captain and ignorance, his driver and negligence Cars It is thought in the collection purposes worldly submerged and Biskra passion and love of urgent drunken call to God and to the Hereafter from afar do not respond to the mentor and follow all the devil who wants to lower Tschth and satisfaction and fancy fast it than just wrong, and Aamah is in this world like someone said in the following
Enemy of peace and those who returned to her family and brought the love of Laila and Oqrba
Vmkhalth the owner of this malaise is the heart and be intimate with Majalsth cm and the loss of even picking the wound may limit Yahya was perhaps the hearts wake up
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Varieties hearts
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