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 Sports scientifically and hygienically

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PostSubject: Sports scientifically and hygienically   Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:34 pm

Exercise of fundamental factors to improve the health of individuals and gain fitness and prevention of certain diseases, and vary depending on the interest earned them practice, duration and number of a mirror in a week.
Good nutrition and physical activity are two sides of the same coin, which is health.
Benefits of sport in the short term
1 increased heartbeat leading to the flow of oxygen-laden blood and nutrients to produce energy for all the body's organs.
2 deep breathing which increases the amount of oxygen and give more energy to carry the waste from the lung.
3 alleviate disorders and menstrual problems.
4 improve fitness (Aledeilh increase strength, endurance, improve strength, flexibility).
5. reduce the pain of stiff joints and chronic diseases such as rheumatism.
6 increase physical ability to perform daily business without feeling tired and stress.
7 improve sleep pattern.
8 improve mood and behavior.
Interest on long-term
1 strengthen the circulatory system, including contents of the heart and arteries Vtkhv disease atherosclerosis.
2 increase the size of muscle fibers resulting in increased power Aledeilh.
3 reduce the chances of diseases of aging.
4 aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, cycling, jumping rope) increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood and lowering triglycerides.
5. reduce the fat stored in the body.
6 increase density and bone strength, increase calcium absorption and reduce the loss of mineral elements.
The most important foundations of health food to eat before exercise
1 that the food contains a sufficient amount of thermal energy to prevent the feeling of hunger or fatigue when you exercise.
2 contain foods that are easy to digest addressed sufficiently in advance of the exercises.
3 refrain from foods that cause digestive disorders and lead to emphysema.
4 Avoid tea, coffee and soft drinks before the exercises because they are diuretic.
5-diligence on the intake of fluids.
Nutrition after exercise
1 drink fluids frequently to compensate for the losses.
2 compensate sodium eating foods rich in salt such as pickles.
3 compensate Albertaseyoum eating orange juice, bananas, potatoes.
Why are advised to eat the meal well in advance of the exercises?
It is scientifically proven that if we practice the sport after eating a meal, this leads directly to
1 body consumption of sugars in the blood as a result of increased hormone insulin, which always rises after eating a meal, which prevents the consumption of fat stored in the body do not detract weight.
2 nausea and intestinal pains as a result of indigestion turns where blood from the gastrointestinal tract to feed the muscles during movement.
Tips when exercising in hot weather
1 lack of training in hot weather high humidity, preferably conduct training in times of early morning or evening.
2 Do not wear heavy clothing or Anabulon that helps the body sweating without ventilation.
3 not rely on thirst as an indicator of the body's need for water only, and can body weight before and after exercise, eat 2 cup of water each lose 2-1 as the size of the body.
When you exercise regularly and continuously, it must focus on the following nutrients:
Carbohydrates provide the energy needed.
Proteins to protect and repair tissue.
Vitamin B convert carbohydrates.
Fat energy.
Calcium regulates muscle contraction and movement.
Iron to carry oxygen in the blood.
Fluids protect the body from dehydration (strike thermal).

Sports and constipation
The follow exercises help to soften the stomach and facilitate the exit function as it helps get rid of toxic substances in the body.
We must be careful in frequent use laxatives that are harmful to colon in the long term, and to strengthen the muscles of the colon and help in the process of output must naturally regularity in the exercise.
Sports and diabetes
There is no doubt that the exercise of the basic elements in the treatment of diabetes, which is based on the following triangle
Food medicine Sports
The role of sport in therapy
1- improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and the appearance of dimples and circulatory diseases (stroke, hardening of the arteries).
2 moderate weight.
3 burn excess sugar in the blood, which reduces the need to use drugs for sugar.
The best time to practice the sport for diabetics after eating a meal almost two hours because the likelihood of developing symptoms of low blood sugar is less at this time.
Sports and obesity
It is obvious that the lack of physical activity, accelerate the emergence of obesity, so we recommend practicing the sport as a catalyst useful in weight loss, taking into account and note the following points:
1 The exercise paid sports rights to increase carbohydrate intake at the expense of other food groups.
2 get away from the violent exercise in the case of obesity to avoid an interruption in breathing and increased heart rate.
3 when the work of diets and weight loss benefit the sport she pulls Atralat body.
Sports and emotion
When human exposure to any external or internal index raised and leads to anger or stress and anxiety, the body responds to this emotion in a manner hormonal nervous.
If this energy is not emptied in a timely manner, the human health are exposed to health disorders among them, for example:
A diabetes as a result of increased secretion of certain hormones that lead to increased activity of the secretion of the pancreas and her stress.
B stomach ulcers as a result of increased secretion of hydrochloric acid and gastric ischemia inner layer of the wall as a result of internal contractions nerve which weakens the immunity of the wall of the stomach and ease Tegrahha.
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Sports scientifically and hygienically
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