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 An article about tribal affiliations and ratios

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PostSubject: An article about tribal affiliations and ratios   Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:46 pm

In the name of God the Merciful


People in their position on the descent and affiliation, parties and the center, there is a dear who made the descent a complex of loyalty and disavowal, and there mois who deny the ratios and saw that the whole issue of ignorance, Phelps truth with falsehood, and God Almighty says (Tlpsoa not truth with falsehood), Sura, verse (42).

The right that the doctrine of Islam and sharia-based rule of moderation which combines diodes balance of the premium, and who do not realize the impact of this rule Astton in their understanding of left and right, and represents the base of moderation is the secret to sustained approach Ancestors in the origins of religion and its branches, Vemoagafhm of hearing and mind, It is this world and the hereafter, and the soul and the body, and other BINARIES find integration to consider, based on the integration of religious texts and relationship to each other, and that revelation goal in the book is true the year can not be contrary to or inconsistent, {they not ponder the Qur'an Had it been from other than Allah they would have found therein much discrepancy}.

This issue must not confuse between the nerve abhorrent, between grace and honor Bstrt ratios combined with faith, and the scholars of employers were ALERTED to investigate this aspect. The great scholar Mohammed Secretary Shanqeeti "was needed of the beholder in this issue that differentiates between the two, and he knows that appeal BONDS nationalities may not be on every case, particularly if the intention that the elimination of the Association of Islam, and remove them altogether on the grounds that it does not keep pace with the new development, or that rigidity and delayed keep pace with civilization. seek refuge with Allah from the blur insight. and prevent appeal BONDSnationalities does not contradict it probably benefited the Muslim conquest cousin infidel because of the emotions and relative ties nerve that has nothing to do Islam onion ". See: lights statement (3/46).

God says: {They said: O Shuaib what tunnel much of what she says and I see you in us weak and not Rhtk to Rjmnak what you we loved}, between the Almighty in this verse that the Prophet Shu'aib and the Prophet, prayer and peace prevent God from the infidels, and the dearest part, because of the emotions of nerve , and BONDS relative of his people who are infidels.

It is proof that religion has appointed a stickler God and neighbor Aazza championing the infidel, as exalted him in full elsewhere; Kcolh in favor of his people: {They SHAREDNbetne God for his family and then to Nicoln guardian to what we have seen his withering} verse.

In verse proof that they are not the ability for them to do the bad welfare and the Prophet, prayer and peace, except in the case secret, and if they did it so subtle and theft, they would swear to his heirs, who are his cohorts that they are what they do worse, and testified that no Houdrorh fear of his cohorts ; he Aziz side because of his cohorts infidels. God has said to the Prophet peace be upon him: {pain} Fowey find you an orphan, that any Oak hug to your uncle Abu Talib.

Because of the emotions nervousness, BONDS relative, has nothing to do with religion at all, Almighty As it die on the messenger peace be upon him of harboring Abi Talib, his proof that God has blessed with a stickler championing cousin infidel religion.

That's what was God's prophet Lot and the Prophet, prayer and peace is not in his clique of his people who sent them, appeared on the impact of the non-league, as evidenced by the verse: {said to me that if you force or accommodated to the very corner}. These Quranic verses indicate that Muslims may benefit them nervous fellow unbelievers.

When Nasser sons Muttalib bin Abd Manaf Bani Hashim did their supporters sons of Abd Shams ibn Abd Manaf and sons Nawfal ibn Abd Manaf knew the Prophet peace be upon him to the children of the requirement that advocacy is difficult relative unrelated to religion; Voattahm of five Booty with Bani Hashim, said "I built and demand did not say goodbye in ignorance nor Islam" and to prevent Bani Abd Shams and Bani Nofal Booty of five, with children that everyone Abd Manaf bin Qusai ". See: lights statement (2/198).

Says the author of the book "Lectures in Language and Literature":

"Then flooding may honor rights even elongates to him than his predecessor, will live after the sketches were a circle, and outlive Rbuahm after it was immersive, and High Peak also those who returned to honor him is the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Has been referred to by the poet Rumi, saying:

They said: Abu Saqer of Shiban told them --- both for my age, but it Shiban

Transcends men and fathers Onah --- transcends the children of men and decorated

How could a father the son of Ola heights --- as loud as the Messenger of Allah Adnan

He claimed this description poet Abu Tayeb said:

What Bakoma honored even honored me by myself ... and boasted not Bjdodi

The honor is in the DOOR do not deny, but the honor of his people, his poetry Oazbh Okzbh, otherwise governance on a thing conceivable, yes, it was usually the Arabs that if excelled poet in folk Aatsoa him, and took refuge for poets, Flo check to Abu Tayeb folk, they would also ".

The author of the book "Lectures in Language and Literature (1/15)":

I know that the people in this section three:

The first man was authentic, then he is also pays tribute to its architecture and walled orchard, like the one before him, this most generous and devoted to them all Mfajr, and it was saying peace be upon him: the Prophet Yusuf "Karim son Karim son Karim son Karim" as in Bukhari and Muslim, the tastiest a wealth supreme in this category is the Prophet peace be upon him, it was a genuine, according to the prophecy of the reign of Ibrahim and Ismail, then still predecessors in honor and Soudade, and the glory of Immortalized, known it for them at people, and they are the people of the sanctuary, and neighbors of God, and the servants of the house, with Generous, and the realization of the sword, and other feats of bone, and exploits the enormous, has Verily God between Arabs respect and reverence, and make them winter and summer journey SAFE does not expose them to a thief nor changer, Votamanm from hunger and with security against fear as told by the Almighty in his book, He stated that some of the Bani Assad said:

Zaamthm that your brothers Quraish ... Elf them and not you thousands

Those believed hunger and fear ... The famished lion sons and feared

Any mistaken in this assertion, because you are not like them.

Then what came Mustafa peace be upon him replied Badr honor at dawn, and table honored by the sea, but made ​​them the decision all the glory, and the center of each Hamad, has been completed by God religion, so completed by other Mahamd and beauties, he said, peace be upon him: "sent to complete morals, "a peace be upon him brick cosine, Fsharvt by Quraish especially denominations are generally peace be upon him, and the glory of the bone, and between peace be upon him all this by saying:" God has chosen born Ibrahim Ismail, chosen from Born Ismail Bani Kenana, chosen from Bani Kinana Quraysh, and chose Banu Hashim from Quraish, and Astafana of Bani Hashim. "

The second man out of him does not belong to him, not by him limp, but in the acquisition Anthi Exploits, and grabbing feats, even famous Bmhacn Khallaal, and became among the people of perfection.

And the third man has its origin and Old honor then did Yibna did not renew, which can either hide its factors did not build did not destroy, with that the fact of not to increase it in the spin, and intended to return to the midst of the people do not specify Exploits, and do not come out to Almaib, This is not just a virtue for him, except ratios and pride Alazami, and either that ruined his clothes against what was at first, this is like the demolition of the house and then drill the spot also Vavsdha, this blameworthy including taking on himself and including taking on the ATP and lineage. The peak in this upper class Jews and the Christians and the like, they tore down the GENEALOGY and Ahsabhm human qualities, a disbelief, ask God wellness.

It is this pattern of righteous Balvsag successor to his father's frequent desire in the world and the arrogance and the lawsuit and other vices, as is the case with many of the children of the righteous in our time to ask Allah for good health, and in this category was:

While Fajrt fathers honor them ... I've Fajrt but regretful what they were born

Honor and the honor of the asset does not require the branch, it may be a senior parent, and branch and Die, as the poet said:

The benefit of the origin of Hashem ... if the breath of his family

And stops with the subject:

First stop:

Care GENEALOGICAL functions of scholars and leaders:

It is contemporary: the father of our Shaykh Muhammad ibn Muhammad Mukhtar Shanqeeti member of the senior scholars: Sheikh Dr. Mohammad may Allah protect him (have studied in the Faculty of Sharia at the Islamic UNIVERSITY, and studied at the campus civil) Sheikh says he talks about science and his father's GENEALOGICALand blames himself default it: "he had sold in GENEALOGY, and the fact that I failed it did not take him with him, and God knows what it stop me from him, but fear that man comes and says this tribe belong to the well, will BEAR the sins of the lineages of Nations is in the well-being of it." He left for Sheikh genealogy scruples God save him.

Me and also those who genealogical and translations Alnsabin brand member of the senior scientists Sheikh: Bakr bin Abdullah Abu Zaid - may God have mercy on him - in his book "layers Alnsabin" and others.

Makarem talk about parents and grandparents not disgraced religiously:

Examples of modern scientists Makarem their parents and grandparents what was narrated by Imam Ahmad (Musnad): Abdullah bin Zubair, said: Since the day the ditch and I 'Umar ibn Abi Salamah in Alotm in which the wives of the Prophet peace be upon him Otm Hassan, Omar was Ervni and wear it up, if I knew my father picked me up while passing to Quraizah, Viqatlhm.

Said Hisham ibn Urwa from his father, he said, was on the day of Badr al-Zubayr yellow turban, sat down on the Visage Jibril al-Zubayr.

And Abu Jafar al-Baqir said: Zubair was on the day of Badr yellow turban, the angels came down as well.

And it says Amer bin Saleh bin Abdullah bin Zubair:

Serious cousin Ahmed and Secretary * When the scourge and Knight Blonde

In the wake of Badr was the first Knight * saw the battlefield in yellow llama

I got Besimah Almlaúk victories * pelvic Day Talpe enemies

The poet says Akhtal Christian:

And people hum life --- I do not see the length of life than non-Khbal

If lacked ammunition --- not find an asset be good One Business

And tells about Ali bin Abi Talib may Allah be pleased with him that he had sought, these verses and sing out:

The Makarem antiseptic morality ... Akl first and religion second

Third, science and dream Fourth and Fifth generosity and custom Sadea

The mainland Sabaha and patience ... and thanks Thamnha Tasaha and soft Aashiha

Eye and learn from my eyes. The Mahdtha .. it was her party or of Oaadea

And self-learning, I do not believe it ... I am not guided only when Oasaha

The second stop:

Speech in the functioning of the dead must be the goal of which is to account and benefit, and that the male virtues and Makarem and promotion in the souls and hearts to granulated great interest.

This stand includes several important points are:

Bmcarm proud parents and grandparents talk about it on the face of it is not excessive and do not overcook, and it is one that is detrimental to the pride of the qualities of piety, and in which the asset is permitted.

God said (O people, I have created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God that God knows expert (13). Al rooms.

Vcolh says: {Ye}: "bug made ​​you to make any well known to one another, and the wombs Vtsaloa indicate GENEALOGICAL inheritance and not to Tfajroa parents and tribes, and a few taken from mentioning customization and silence in the gallery statement." See explanation Alusi (19 c / p 289).

And the verse: {The sight of God}: "explanation for forbidding boasting GENEALOGICAL learned to speak by way of appeal real like it was said that the Noble God Almighty and the highest status has the Almighty in the world and the Hereafter is Alotqy the Fajrtm Vfajroa piety." See explanation Alusi (19 c / p 290).

And pride, which knew about the Arabs came in ignorance of Islam did not deprive him but to make him stop and officers and this is something that should pay attention to in this article so as not to confuse the ethics of Islam morality of ignorance. The Prophet, peace be upon him summed up his message in these words: "was sent to complete Makarem (and in the novel in favor of) morality." And the modern in a series of conversations correct (eighth). The Albaani in the literature for single (1/104).

But Anakrm creation peace be upon him, as in the al-Baraa bin celibate may Allah be pleased with him, said: "on the day of nostalgia was Abu Sufyan ibn al-Harith taking Bannan yielding mean mule Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him when he doubled over the polytheists came down and started to say" I am a prophet does not lie I Ibn Abd al-Muttalib "

He said what people felt that day most of it. "Agreed.

The scholars said, and the benefits of this talk: "passport pride and Alandabh when the fighting." , See Ibn Battal on Sahih Bukhari (9 c / p 88).

They also said: "How the Prophet peace be upon him: I'm Abdulmutallab? Vantsb to his grandfather without his father ..? Answer that peace be upon him was his fame in Jeddah more, because his father Abdullah died young in the life of his father, Abdul Muttalib before reputation for Abdullah , was Abdulmutallab Gladiator fame is a common phenomenon, and was a master of the people of Mecca, and had a lot of people claim the Prophet peace be upon him son of Abdul Muttalib they attribute to his grandfather to his fame. "See: Explanation nuclear Muslim (6 c / p 230).

The author of the book "Lectures in Language and Literature:" If science preference ratios and lineage in the DOOR of prophecy understanding in the other as well as science and righteousness and guidance and asceticism and piety, and the king and Rescue and generosity and so all that is calculated by him and it becomes him who knew him in kind of the elders of his clan or tribe or his building or his country or his GENERATION and oversees its belonged to him, and did not prejudice the God of folk master. The pousada people organized their affairs, the successors to understand God in judgment slaves Drainage WATER conservation, so if they lose or have lost them misfire civil matter as the poet said:

Does not fit people do not mess them ... nor Sarat Sarat if Jhalam prevailed

Man may boast a percentage of what passed, was proud of himself any qualities that characterized their grades obtained by the religion and the world, and the first is pride, "Iftikhar Alazami because the bones and the remains, and the second is the pride" self-made. It is taken from the owner of Essam al-Numan, and he would say:

Essam same blackened Asama --- and taught him hit-and-Alakdama

All that came to him the glory of his own is like this EA, Vvk self-made.

The words of the Ottoman Arji:

Odhaona any boy wasted ... for a day and a foul pay gap

If I were them I was not a mediator ... and did not tack ratios in each Amr

Farazdaq poet said:

Those fathers Fjina Bmthelhm brought us ... if ya Greer Councils

Said another poet:

If one did not desecrate display of meanness ... Every robe worn by beautiful

And if he did not carry on self Deimha ... not to praise good way

I Taerna few Aadidna ... I said to her: The esteemed few

What Dhar of tailings were young like us ... sublimate for Ola and ALCOHOL

SHED on the extent Zbat our souls ... but not on the non-flowing Swords

And I see what people kill ratio ... if what she saw and Amer Salool

That said:

And if we choose to deny people saying ... nor deny to say when we say

Leslie said people are ignorant about us and them ... and not whether the world and ignorance

Benny the Judge pole to their people ... Rahahm revolve around them and wandering

Such a pattern of speech in which Iftikhar esteem and parents also because they intended on this description Capra for Capper and say Farazdaq:

I Almaid Alzmar protector ... but defends Ahsabhm I or me.

Then indicates the owner of the book: "Lectures on Literature": "Many people do not turn to the percentages do not reside prided for its weight as Hariri said the owner of the famous shrines:

To what your age, but I'm human ... on the day of what appeared to be unchanged no son was yesterday

What pride Aremeim bone and pottery ... but who wants his own pottery

The other said:

Be the son of desired and took literature ... independent of means Mamedh ratios

The boy who says: Behold, I will ... not the boy who says: My father was "

The book then concludes owners to penalties in this matter he says: "The truth is that the virtue of generosity ratios Almighty said Sad and their father was valid). Cave.

He said peace be upon him in girl Hatem al-Tai Arabs months in the vineyard, "said her father had loved morals."

He described the man and his quest is the case, and the percentages increase, abolition of ratios upside Gore, and limiting the deficit, and right what he said Amer bin parasite:

I though you son of Mr. Amer ... In the mystery of them polite and frank

What Sodtna Amer from inheriting my father ... that God Osamu mother nor father

But I protect shielded and warded harm ... and threw throw from Bmenkba

The words: "If you son of Mr. Amer," exposing the proportions and inform the stature of it, saying: "Father God that Osamu mother nor father any just without anything to be me to approve it before Vmradh I do not limit myself to the proportions and Okhalo for obtaining the praise and anabolism glory.

Such words of the poet:

We are not even honored ... Ahsabna days Alahsab confidence in

Build as they were Oaúlna ... adopt and do like what they did

The other said:

I knight protector fact Wael ... was also protects from the realities Dad

Said Zuhair bin Abi Salma ignorant poet known:

And YK of the best ... I just get lost fathers passed down by their parents

Is it only grows linear and glue ... and only instilled in Mnaptha sieving

Radi said King of the kings of Bani Abbas:

Carmi Tazli not wasteful ... profit Mahamd shop supervision

Kabaúa Alkhlaúv previously conducted ... and pay tribute to what my predecessors have established

I am of the people who had their palms ... unusual descendants and destruction. "

This is a call for each of belonging to a man in favor of USAID or cream or brave or otherwise of morals should not be very proud of what he is doing accomplished veritable heroic deeds of parents and grandparents to be without his mettle at the request of His Excellency things and pursue debts.

It is righteousness, for our parents and grandparents talk about Mcarmanm, and in my view it is very important to be on both sides:

First: in terms of scientific theory. The remembrance of what is known about them than morals, according to the thoroughness and fame that transmits people. This is from the San honesty and beautiful effect that he wishes the righteous, as he said Imam Ibrahim Unitarians and the Prophet (peace and blessings and Mark Lee to San sincerity in others (84). Poets from Surat.

Parents are given to God and dutiful. As God said {We gave them of Our mercy and made them graduate to San Believe}: Ali bin Abi Talha, from Ibn Abbas: "I mean to praise al-Hassan." See: Tafsir Ibn Kathir - (5 c / p 237).

And immortalized by the ancients of morals, and life experiences, worth Mouncef stop by others speaking in the life of the first two, so how about if they were Muslims?!, Vladm indifference of some people either because of ignorance or error in their perception of the right in this issue lost stories, attitudes and events worthy that written and recorded?!.

The second practice realism.

Imam al-Ghazali God's mercy in honor of descent from three sides:

One: to finish tree Messenger of Allah peace be upon him there is no equivalent thing.

Second: they belong to the scientists and the heirs of the prophets of God and prayers.

Third: belonging to famous people of righteousness and piety God said, {and} father was valid.

Said the interpreter and historian Ibn Kathir God's mercy in his book: the beginning and the end (1/299)

: "It was said that the father was the seventh and the tenth and was told to estimate the significance of all that righteous man saves in his descendants."

Said Hafiz world Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali, in his book "Collector science and governance (21/9):" Said ibn al-Musayyib to his son: for Ozidn in my prayers for you, please try to save you, then read this verse {The father was valid}. "

The son of a hero in the correct explanation (7/354) when modern walled may Allah be pleased with him heard the Prophet (peace be upon him) on the PODIUM says: (The built Hisham Ibn marauding Astaznony in that marry any daughter Ali ibn Abi Talib, then, then, then not then, then ushered not only wants to Ibn Abi Taleb be called my daughter, and marry their daughter, for he is a few Mona, what Ereny Erabha, what harm and hurt me). Ibn Battal God's mercy, "and in it: the survival of shame parents in the back foot and they care about it, nor Ioazon supervision as Ir Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) girl Abi Jahl, a Muslim hostility father's God, Vaht so its status about to replace his daughter, as well as Previous to the goodness and honor in religion remain in Stub bounty, and ordered him to patronize them, do not you think the verse: (The father was valid) [cave: 82]. "
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An article about tribal affiliations and ratios
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