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 The real balance

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PostSubject: The real balance   Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:02 pm

In the name of God the Merciful Sharia came inclusiveness, balance and moderation, which make it the Almighty of the characteristics of this nation by saying: ((and also made ​​you a middle nation to be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger a witness over you)), and so was the life of the Prophet - peace be upon him - and the lives of his companions, which is an example to us in this balance, and his application on the ground. When absent the universality of Islam and the balance for a lot of people or not Atdhan in their perception enough, make mistakes in understanding the aspects of the system of Islam, Vaegalon where or fail, then there is an error understanding deviation in behavior and morality, and they were in the essential error of understanding, and is immune from deviation behavior and ethics if it became clear to them the universality of Islam and balance. Islam is a comprehensive system for all aspects of life, and has a rule in each case, and in every activity of legislation, and in all the work of an advisory opinion, it should adopt the Islamic provisions in every aspect of life, without hyperbole or shortening, or overeating and inattentive. We have realized our scholars ancients this property in Islam and divided up the matter of religion to the required grades as well as the forbidden things, and we should give every bit of attention right Islam does not provide redundancy on assumptions. In this sense, the failure to achieve a balance between demand and collection of forensic science and intellectual interest in reality evidence of the lack of balance and cause for the occurrence of the error and generally avoid the right thing in a lot of things - with the agreement in honor of forensic science -. We need our contemporary reality to the human potential of the stock has legitimate intellectual and what you can do to distinguish between gains and losses with the full knowledge of the jurisprudence of reality through the proper channels, and the sound of the ways for the advancement of the nation with these rapid developments of events. It is open to him in the area did not open to him at last not only has to be open for cooperation and the transfer of expertise, because the researcher Islamic carer to monitor the reality of the nation and the analysis of the events he should continue with Sharia scholars and other researchers, politicians and economists in order to be his analyzes and conclusions are clear and close to the right. No intelligent person doubts that the nation and the world need to worshiper and preacher and a preacher and a fighter and a specialist in the fields of the mundane, such as engineering, medicine, and technology, which increases the strength of the nation and progress until you turn real leadership in the peoples and nations. Finally .. This is the universality of Islam, this is a real balance, not only on the side of Islam without taking in all its aspects, not exaggerating in the order of things Islam Ptdkhima and give importance more than they gave him Allah and His Messenger - peace be upon him - and must weigh things balance of the Quran and Sunnah to understand the nation's predecessor, nor Njavi not exaggerating, nor extend not be late for the guidance of the book described and the year of the Holy Prophet - peace be upon him -.
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The real balance
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