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 The four proofs

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PostSubject: The four proofs   Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:19 pm

In the name of God the Merciful The one of the greatest roads leading to the love of God - the Almighty - in this world and win Bjnth in the Hereafter stick to his book Great Year Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - and work with them to understand the nation's predecessor - mercy of God - has revealed the Almighty his great by Jibril - peace be upon him - upon our Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - has been described in an interview pendulum Ben Simon - may Allah be pleased with him - said: The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him -: (If God wanted that suggests that they matter; spoke revelation ; took heavens him shiver or trembling severe fear of God Almighty, if he heard that the people of the heavens; stunned and bowed to Allah prostrate shall be the first to raise his head Jibril, the Password God's revelation as he wanted and then passes Jibril, the angels as they passed sky asked Mlaúktha: What did our Lord O Gabriel? Gabriel says: Al-Ali said the right to a grand. they say all of them like what he said Jibril Jibril Ventha revelation to where his command of Allah). Íaahl Koran ... gone the Book of Allah - the Almighty - of Al-Fatihah to Surah people find stories and uniformity, and the promises and warnings, and the carrot and the stick, and the line which is what happened in the past ages of the lesson Learning lessons (Autocon Who's Afraid of the festival), and you will find the four proofs to prove and the achievement of the Resurrection comes every proof images and the likes of multiple different (and cite those parables for people to speculate that they might): - Proof of the first: the creation of the heavens and the earth, because made ​​them one of the greatest proofs sent to people after death; Because of the creation of the greatest bulk of the doubt in his ability to create smaller and weaker verses which indicate that many, such as saying - and the Almighty: - (a creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind, but most people do not know). - Proof II: reviving the earth after its death, because of the revived earth after her death unable to revive people after their death, such as saying - and the Almighty -: (And of His signs that you see the earth humbled If sent down by the water, shaken and fondle one who revived the Reviver of the dead that, everything Kadeer). - Proof III: the creation of man out of nowhere, because of the creation of man on the non-earlier example is capable of re-created again, Kcolh - the Exalted -: (Have not human I have created from sperm if he _khasim shown * and hit us, for example, seems to have forgotten his creation, said of It salutes the bones Rmim * Say greets her that created the first time all create a Aleem). - Proof of the fourth: the revival of some of the dead in this world, because it revived a single breath after her death, unable to revive all souls, he said - and the Almighty -: (what created you and do not Boskm but as the same one), and the revival of the dead in this world as in the story of people, the children of Israel, he said - and the Almighty -: (Taking slain breath Vadarotm where God directed what you have been concealing * We told Adharboh each well salutes God of the dead and shows you His signs that you understand), and the story of who passed on the village which is all empty, he said - and the Almighty - (or like that over on the village which sits empty said that I greet this God after her death slew God a hundred years and sent him said how much to broadcast said the broadcast day or some days he said, but soon a hundred years look at your food and drink not Atnoh and look at your ass and make you a sign to the people and look at the bones how Nnczha then Nksoha meat and when he found out he said I know that God has power over all things), and the story of Abraham - peace be upon him - in the revival of the birds, he said - and the Almighty -: (Abraham said Lord, show me how to revive the dead, said Ulm believes said Yes, but to reassure my heart he said four of the thigh of the bird and then Mark Vzarethn you mount them on each part and then Adehen Aotenk effort and I know that God is Mighty, Wise.)
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The four proofs
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