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 The ozone hole over the Antarctic

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PostSubject: The ozone hole over the Antarctic   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:33 pm

No longer the issue of the ozone problem of local or regional, but also become a global affair, needs concerted efforts to confront the dangers that may carry the future .. Some may wonder: Why all the attention the issue of global weights? The answer lies in the seriousness of health and environmental effects, not man, but on animals, plants and other environmental systems.

He stated the Task Force on the calendar Environmental Program's parent United for the Environment report published in November 1991, the depletion of the ozone layer and the resulting increase in ultraviolet radiation may lead to accelerate the rate of formation of smog, which remains suspended in the air for several days. As happened in London in 1952 when there was smog atmosphere of this city and around where the day to night over a few days, and led to heavy losses of life and reached to about 4 000 deaths. Also, the erosion shield
Ozone may lead to an increase in skin cancer rates Allaguetama by 26%.
The ultraviolet Abannvs.h type Uvb, plays an key role in the formation of tumors, cutaneous melanoma, a type most dangerous, and that means an estimated 300 000 cases of cancer skin per year, and will share only the United States approximately 180 million cases during the eighty years, The international community did not act effectively to stop the depletion of the ozone layer.
Of other health dangers to the problem of deterioration of the ozone layer is a disease of white water, (ie, cataracts). According to a UN report (previously mentioned), the ozone depletion rate of 10% may result in injury about 1.7 million people annually, the disease caused by exposure to UV radiation, in addition to the injury of eye disease, cataracts, due to their inability to resist the rays, and that the quantities increased ultraviolet radiation, which penetrates the ozone layer, diminish the effectiveness of the immune system in humans, and this is what makes people more susceptible to infectious diseases, caused by viruses such as scabies, as well as from bacteria such as tuberculosis, and other parasitic diseases.
Do not stop to reduce the negative effects of ozone on humans alone, contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer and the widening hole in this layer to increase the temperature of the earth's surface and thus lead to a phenomenon known as global warming.
Perhaps the most affected area is tropical, as a result of high temperature, and the power of the sun. As some research suggests that half of the plants studied are sensitive to radiation Uvb low production and smaller size of the leaves affects the production of agricultural crops, as explained to some reports, there is likely to decrease in soybean production by 23% as a result of exposure to this type of radiation. In addition to chemical compositions, for some types of plants, may change because of this situation, to the detriment of their content of minerals and nutritional value, in general.
On the other hand, there are fears of weakening the communities of microorganisms, in the seas and oceans, known as plankton plant, as a result of exposure to UV radiation, these organisms are essentially important for the food chain in Alanzh environmental present in fresh and salt water, particularly the fish and shrimp, and others.
Also, phytoplankton play a major role valuable absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus reduce the impact of global warming, as it launches the oxygen necessary to sustain life.
Mm Ozone is formed?
Consists of an ozone from atmospheric oxygen and the difference between him and the molecular oxygen is that the first united a triple, while the molecular oxygen, as is normal by which we inhale, consisting of two atoms of oxygen, and the process occurs reduction of molecular oxygen, which is up to the atmosphere the lower the ozone above the the tropics, due to ultraviolet radiation high-energy, wavelength 240-300 nm, and from there spread the ozone layer in the atmosphere at altitudes between 20 and 50 km above the earth's surface. The ozone is an important component in the air, with an emphasis to some of -1 micrograms per gram from the air, but the breathing air rich in ozone affects the respiratory, nervous system and result in shortness of breath, headache, fatigue and show these symptoms clearly among young Age and youth, so the school children in the city of Los Angeles, where ozone levels are high are forced to stay inside the school buildings when the concentration of ozone in the air to 35 ppm. Element Hita├║a Researchers have tried in the U.S. space agency for more than a quarter of a century the exploitation of ozone as a fuel to launch the spacecraft has been described by some as a Satanic Perhaps the most important reasons that threaten the ozone layer in the industrial pollution of the atmosphere caused by nitrogen oxides and compounds known as "CFCs", as The nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, which builds on previous aircraft sound, flying the level of the ozone layer and penetrate lead to stimulate the decomposition of ozone by chemical reactions.
He was the first presented the expectations of real scientific, of the seriousness of chlorofluorocarbons on the ozone layer are the scientists Doland and Molina Almokhtassan the chemistry of weather events in the University of California, where they settled in 1974 synthesized laboratory conditions similar to those located in the center and outside the upper layers of the atmosphere, the sites that concentration of the protective ozone layer. Has appeared to her that these compounds effectively destroy ozone molecules awkward. I suppose these two worlds that the compounds of CFCs could eventually damage the 20% to 30% of the protective ozone shield completely which threatens all life forms on the surface of the earth with dire consequences. He said while many scientists doubt on expectations of Doland and Molina, and I think most of them that the decrease in the ozone layer sometime in the next century will not exceed 2 to 4%.
Antarctic ozone-free
In 1992, according to the report of the World Meteorological Organization said some areas over the South Pole are free of ozone in full, the report concluded the conclusion that the ozone hole over this area, has expanded to a record, up to about 9 million square miles (the equivalent of three times the size of United States of America), an increase of 25% of what was expected and at a faster rate than expected Doland and Molina.
As for the Arctic region of the globe, which is located including the states populated in all of North America, Europe and Asia, they suffer is the other of the same effect but is less stressful than it is in the Antarctic (5% to 10% in the period from 1969 to 1979 ), it was found that the ozone layer in the northern region had vanished over the same period by 1.7% to 3% and this decline has grown, later to the higher rate is 4% to 5% per decade, twice what was originally anticipated
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The ozone hole over the Antarctic
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