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 Hashish mascara and harmfulness

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PostSubject: Hashish mascara and harmfulness   Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:55 pm

temperate, and the total length of the plant's of meters to about 5 meters and grow this plant in nature, and can be planted and produces flowers and these headers flowering extracted gummy substance that article is extracted from the leaves of cannabis either Vistkhrj including another anesthetic, a banjo and a mixture of dry leaves and flower heads of the so-called marijuana.

What is the active ingredient in cannabis?

The active ingredient in the cannabis plant is the substance Tetra Hydro cannabinol and this article material soluble in fats and insoluble in water and this is the reason for the continuation of the impact for a long time and remain at high concentrations in tissues that contain a high amount of fat, such as the brain, lungs, liver and genitals.

What is the reason for the spread of cannabis?

Increases the spread of hashish and marijuana among young people out of curiosity or because of bad friends and remains the main role of the disintegration of the prisoners in the proliferation of all kinds of drugs and lack of religious morals among young people

What is the ruling on eating grass?

Hashish ruling as wine drinking is haram and sell hashish and drinking invalidate the prayer for the verse

"O ye who believe, do not come near the prayer and drunk until you know what you say"

The impact of cannabis use:

There are those who say that cannabis use does not lead to addiction and this misconception reason in not appear withdrawal symptoms when you stop cannabis is not because it does not cause addiction, but because, as we continue in the body for a long time because the substance Tetra Hydro cannabinol substance soluble in fat and remain at high concentrations for a long time inside the body.

The impact of smoking cannabis on the respiratory system:

Cannabis smoke contains large amounts of tar and other chemicals that cause cancer more than those in tobacco also contains a large amount of gas first oxidized carbon causes suffocation as smoke cannabis that has been scientifically proven to cause skin Sratanat.

Smoke hashish also lead to inflammation in the airways, which leads to the tight as well, leading to infections in the larynx and pharynx.

The analysis, which has proved to hashish and marijuana contain the material on the fungus Aspergillus Alosprgels This fungus does not kill the heat generated by the combustion of marijuana and cause disease in severe lung infections are difficult to treat.

The effect of cannabis on the heart:

I am scientifically proven hashish and marijuana abuse leads to an increase in the speed of the pulse and weakness in the contraction of the heart and leads to a failure in the heart muscle

The effect of cannabis on the reproductive system:

For men leads to a decrease in the male hormone testosterone Testosteron and increased sperm abnormalities, while for female it leads to disturbances in female hormones and irregularity in the menstrual cycle.

Relationship hashish pregnancy:

Ba scientists conducting experiments on female monkeys and proved that the rates of abortion and fetal death four times more than those in females, which do not deal cannabis also increased rates of birth defects and fetal abnormalities also increase in females that are taking cannabis.

Also, hashish and marijuana cause brain atrophy and changes in behavior and cause insomnia, mental confusion and blurred memory and slow in thinking and reaction as that cannabis use leads to the so-called Balhlaus visual and lack of appreciation of distances, leading to serious risks in the case of driving a car or working near the machines.

If the lawn all this damage, what is the beneficial uses of cannabis?

Here we find the response from scientists that the material TETRA Hedroknabenol has been used in the work of a drug used in the treatment of vomiting and nausea, especially in cancer patients and has proven very effective is the drug Nabellon Nabilone and currently is conducting studies to use this material in the treatment of glaucoma, asthma, and these studies are carried out under medical supervision tight .

Now we have a choice God has given us reason to choose Vlixtr Are all of us wants that article that caused all these damages or wish to turn this article into a narcotic substance Vlijb all things beneficial to this question and Hello.
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Hashish mascara and harmfulness
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