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 Thought of the victory of falsehood has probably offended God

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PostSubject: Thought of the victory of falsehood has probably offended God   Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:16 pm

Preceded the word of God, which is not due nor abuse that slaves defenders on the right are the victors to others, triumphant from their Lord victory dear, where they can establish a religion, but it is glorified as tribulations and afflicted, to show his knowledge of the people, Vijazém including the back of them in the world of the certificate, No one knows what the Almighty in the unseen world, because they may be protesting against God if they are afflicted for immobilized, and therefore said Almighty {We shall test you until you know the Mujahideen and the patient and Nblo your news} Surah Muhammad (31). Ibn Abbas said: "Until we know any: even distinguish, has been ratified may Allah be pleased with him, Valaptla Balsra and thin, and Balname and Alboads, and capacitive and narrow, and the vulva and anguish .. all the positions and situations reveal what is concealed from metals souls, and what is the unknown of her even to their owners , Vafattn revealing as wise men say,

And There is no doubt that the haters of Islam haters on his family no matter how concealed hatred and concealed distaste, God early people right on the part, he says: (or those in whose hearts is a disease that Allah will not Odganam) Al-Mohammed (29): The Alodgan: Collect Dgn , which is in the soul of envy and hatred of Islam and his family and those who his victory. The meaning: Or do those in whose hearts is a disease of the suspicion or lust - so graduated heart for his nature and Aatdalh- that God does not come out what is in their hearts of Alodgan and hostility to Islam and his family and that God does not reveal ordered them to the right people and highlights their own hatred and enmities? This thought is not worthy of the wisdom of God unseen world and who knows the secret and hidden, but will explain to them and exposes their business even understand them people with insights, it is what the families of Abdul bed only made ​​by God on the pages of his face and bouts of tongue, and the families of a bed, but decorated God's robe, said that the good is better for , and Fisher evil.

Whatever guile to resist those in the right, and swindled in a perversion of the people of God will respond in Nhoarham guile,

True to His saying: {And those cunning is LIBOR} Fatir verse 10, ie spoil and invalidate shows falseness soon for an initial Insights and Prevention, he ordered them not only promotes and continues to stupid or Mtgaba,

So, it is thought the victory of falsehood on the right victory always and at all times has smell a rat in God, has been mentioned by Imam scholar Ibn values ​​in his BOOK "Zaad in the guidance of the best subjects" too many photographs of mistrust in God - in the words of a long and Mata - limited him to what fits our theme in the following sentences, said God's mercy: Most people think that God is right evil thought in respect of their own and with others as he does, nor that delivers only knew God and knew the names and attributes, and knew his wisdom:

- It is despaired of mercy and despaired of his soul, he thought it an evil thought.

- It is thought that there is no victory to the right, it is not his, nor in favor of his party, and Aalehm and Azverhm his enemies, and that showed them, and it supports the falsehood on the right lineage decays with him right Admhlala does not after all, have thought God evil thought, and relative to the contrary to what befits perfection, majesty and attributes and Naute, the praise of the glory and wisdom and Elhath refuse it, and refuses to humiliate his party and his soldiers and to be the victory of stable and nail permanent enemies, it is thought by that what knew and knew the varying names and knew his qualities and perfection,

- And also denied that this is His decree of what is known and not known to the Lordship and the king and his greatness, and also denied that the measure would amount of this and other of the great wisdom and very commendable deserves praise them, and that it was issued by the will of the abstract wisdom and very needed is dearer to him of missed,

- From coconut and tortures him to close friends with Ahsanhm and dedication and evens between them and their enemies, they thought him an evil thought.

- And the thought that he would not collect his servants after the death of reward and punishment in Dar rewarder Enhanced where Bahsanh and abuser Bisaeth, and shows the created reality of what differed concerning it, and appears to the worlds all honesty and sincerity of the messengers, and that his enemies were the liars, they thought him an evil thought.

- And the thought he lost him his good who done purely for Allah's sake to comply with his order, and overruled him without reason or thought he punishes annihilated his life in obedience, and enjoy the exhausted old in his hostility and enmity messengers and religion, Verwah to the top of Illiyun, he thought it evil thought.

- And the thought of doing that if sincerity in the desire and dread, and supplicate to him and asked him, and hired him and trust him Aikhyeeh it does not give him what he asked him, he thought it was an evil thought, and thought it otherwise what is his family.

- And of thought do that if angered and Oschth, and faster in Masih then took without him and Leah, and called on without him king or human beings, dead or alive hopes thereby to help him with his Lord and save him from his torment was thought by an evil thought, and an increase in the beyond of God In torment.

Tznn Lord thought ill of God ... the first of gratitude. The words of Ibn al-Qayyim summary,

We ask God to prove to the right and that Islam supports the defenders with him and his family and to let down the haters and haters and Almrgevin everywhere, Amen.
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Thought of the victory of falsehood has probably offended God
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