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 For spoilers

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PostSubject: For spoilers   Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:31 pm

In the name of GOD the Merciful There is no doubt that the spoilers in every age are recruited by agents of the devil and of mankind, walking on his path and its impact Iktvon and spirited in his corrupting Adam and his sons through the deployment of loops and porn. The first course taken by the devil with Adam and Eve Abu humans, is enticing to eat from the tree, and that only to reveal them to Bashma and Arehma Saathma, as between that GOD Almighty: "O Children of Adam does not Evtnnkm Satan as directed Obojkm of paradise tends them to Bashma to Arehma Soathma" , so to have it year after Adam's biography also warned the sons of GOD. So think of the spoilers all the time and when, the deployment loops, the legalization of mixing, stirring instincts, the justification for the establishment of relations taboo, that it comes to falling in outrageous, and Europe passed these stages, it has tended to homosexuality, but rationing to him. , Who invite them to it, they are well aware that the most important factors in the elimination of communities and dismantled, is the legalization of chaos nationality, Man-controlled lust and apprehensive instinct becomes Kalphimh for Wiser him and flip only is the practice all his main concern and the amount of knowledge Hoachaabaa this instinct and soothe this lust, and get rid of anxiety the BED and the tension is painful because of it not minded diligently work does not save the flag and do not take into ACCOUNT the creation, and do not perform right, only lust, and is accompanied in this case ready myself to do anything from emptying this lust, and if it so soon return of the large number of stimuli that teeming around him, and thus human lives, but the goal is controlled by the constant anxiety leading to depression and later suicide. It is thought the effects of this pernicious establish internal conflicts that arise as a result of conflict and competition to spend Alshahua and emptying freaks, and publicly remember the first incident in the history of mankind. As well as the mixing of lineages, and the disintegration of social ties, which are the sails of states, communities, and the nucleus, has been described by God as an abomination and an evil way. Has adopted these demons in order to achieve this purpose malignant on two things: The first is: exciting freaks and human demands that mount them human, and then use that to typecast between right and wrong, and the confusion between the beneficial and harmful, so did the imam of the devil with Adam, peace be upon him, has raised the instinct to own property and the hatred of the yard, Man is by nature crated on Neil what without tricks and collect what prevent him, and he has forbidden desirable, "Ma said Nhakma Rbakma about this tree except that become angels or of the immortals." Second: to give the impression to the people and MANAGED to make them as reformers, not only want to do good, and do not want only happiness of others, and they wear them in the name of science PHYSICAL abstract Proof theoretical, I swear the devil to Adam on his devotion to him and advised him, "and Kasemhma I also those who mentors Vdlihama arrogantly." He adopted the Jews who are spoilers really thought this pernicious, they claim void they chosen people of GOD, and that GOD has created internationalists animals in human form to serve the Jews, came in the Talmud: "The internationalists are donkeys who GOD created them to Arkphm God's chosen people", so consider lawful spoiling of the world to control it. " It is for this belief corrupt formed groups and secret ORGANIZATIONS worldwide, seeking to spoil internationalists, has decided to God this fact and warned them, he says: "The mischief on earth and God does not like spoilers," came the verb form of the present tense for the benefit of continuity and permanence, and confirmed by Balnon for caution and prudence, but where Almtdberon? Has rode these spoilers are fascinated Boukbuthm rode the devil and walked on his path, Vtbnoa some concepts which seemingly good and its interior every evil evil, such as freedom and lack of suppression of feelings and emotions, and the importance of mixing, and that religion and morality are two, but restrictions shackle human freedom and hamper progress. Has been exploited in that what it was Europe in eras dark of ignorance and backwardness and oppression and domination by the clergy at the time, who are robbed of their people all elements of humanity on behalf of the mandate divine alleged, was Europe fertile ground for the implementation of this scheme rotten, Vdamoa hostility and hatred between the clergy and the people , and promoted to the manifestations of ecclesiastical tyranny. And Aútamoa in that Satan imam, Vohaawa between people of ideas and theories that are structures of ideas ORGANS, which incite hatred of religions, all religions and not distorted only broadcast liberation and porn in the hearts of Europeans, most notably Darwin's theory, which called for atheism and lust, Vantcher this thought among people spread rapidly as a result of freedom from repression by the church for them at the time. The Freud Jewish Masonic Lodge interpretation of each activity performed by human to sex, and that sexual repression and lack of launch gives rise to what he called a node Oedipus and this node consists of values ​​and morality as he claimed, and increased process it harmful rise to mental and neurological disorders as well as delays in production. Has been promoted to this great thought malignant popular in all corners of the earth, to the extent of their fascination with some Muslims. Durkheim and his counterpart, who claimed that the marriage is not common, and that the original be human Kalphaúm. The cessation of the Jews and their supporters from the back of these and others, promoting the ideas of malignant, and Esfhon their opponents, and Iswmunhm backward and reactionary, understand who Snau cinemas, theaters and spread it in the whole world, and they who control the media all over the world, are the owners of the idea of ​​FASHION SHOWS and beauty pageants , and can not find evil and Saa, but it is behind him and walked on Jews trained, interpreted Hzhh ideas in people like wildfire, because they relied on the tiles and the deception of the devil, such as their imam. In the end, we can only say that GOD is enough, and yes, the agent, and that the looting defenders of the values ​​of our religion, and our sons and daughters pure evil and broadcast them their danger. GOD said: "Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder (men) from the Path of Allah, then be Vsinfqunha them heartbreak then predominated and those who disbelieve gathered unto Hell." He says: "The plots and plotted GOD and God is the best of planners."
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For spoilers
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