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 Elements of renewal of faith

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PostSubject: Elements of renewal of faith   Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:08 am

In the name of God the Merciful


Praise be to Allah, we praise and seek His help and forgiveness and Nsthdi and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and from our bad deeds of Allah guides not misleading him astray, you will not find him and Leah mentor and prayer and peace of sent a mercy to the worlds of Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah him and his family and companions and handed recognition of a lot.

The interview to talk about faith is emotional, and has a special taste, a modern take you to the knowledge of His Highness, altitude and position.

Hear it .. you feel that all parties to the flesh wrapped around its leader, a heart so that it replaces the intent and spirit of faith.

Hear .. Vtadz that prevents tears from your eyes downpour, and the members of your body from Flutter, nostalgia and longing of your heart.

That talk about faith but it is a talk about the link between that person and his Lord Almighty, and what those involved, and the extent of continuity, and what are the ways documented.

Yes .. how much we need to talk about faith in our hearts, and the extent of its impact on our words and our actions, feelings and dealings and relationships.

Such is the faith .. which amounts owner to the highest summits, and builds him what his motivational speaking, and Enzha all Sfol and the proximity and wigs.

And here .. I will talk about how to renew our faith in our hearts, Mara set of reasons that had to be insured to strengthen his faith in God Almighty and documenting it relates to him. And ask God to help and guide.

I. .. Why talk about the reasons for the renewal of faith.

The talk about the renewal of faith stems from a combination of causes that make us talk about it, including the following: -

1 / that the renewal of faith in the hearts and souls, and documentation relating to God - the Almighty -, is brought by the texts of the Quran and Sunnah, the Almighty said: He says:) O ye who believe, believe in Allah and His Messenger, and writers who descended on the messenger and the book which was revealed before and atone God and His angels, His Books, His Messengers and the Last Day has strayed far astray (women: 136]. And came in to talk about the son Amr - God bless them - the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: "The faith to create a cavity in one of you also creates a dress So ask God Almighty to renew the faith in your hearts." [Roh and the ruling Tabaraani and horses].

2 / that people -ela from the womb of Allah in after all of their Lord, and staleness with their Creator, and rebelled against his orders and prohibitions, what made ​​the minimum target for Mnavasthm, and Don hotbed of their concerns and aspirations, money and pleasure and the boy and lust targets seek to achieve. Has forgotten about the purpose for which they created for which an investigation of worship to God Almighty he says: "(I created the jinn and mankind except to worship Me) [Almariaat: 56], and forgotten to mention and thanks and worship Him properly, Vhgroa representation and celibacy, crying and praying, and praying and urgency in which - God Almstaan- has urged God Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and all of a believer after Shall mot -sobhana-, and interrupted him break fully, and not occupied by the other, he said, addressing him: (and mention the name of thy Lord and devote thyself to Tptila) [Muzzammil : 8].

Many said the son may Allah have mercy: \ "ie: more than mentioned, and interrupted him, and the time to worship Him if emptied of Ochgalk what you need from worldly things," said son Saadi - God's mercy - "ie: lost to God; the interruptions to God and turn to him, is the heart of secession for the creatures, with an aura of God's love, and everything about him Widney of satisfaction "[2].

3 / talking about a renewal of faith in the hearts because the heart is measured, and the morality declined, and relations cooled, and immorality spread, and sins overwhelmed, all that what moved away hearts for the Knower of the Unseen, and distanced mala for forethought in verses per Alam, (Corruption has appeared on land and sea, including earned the hands of the people to Ivegahm some who have worked for they might return) Roman 30, Faith reason in Lin hearts and the elevation of morality and sincerity of relations in between the slave and his Lord, and between a person and himself and between a person and the others, which is why also in defeating evil, injustice, and fight the evils of corruption in all its forms.

4 / One of the reasons that made us talk about this important subject, a renewal of faith in the hearts ... that temptations and tribulations that surround us from everywhere have an impact on the heart, may be the reason for his pessimism and Guenoth, or in weakness and Chrodh, or in Antekasth and death. We seek refuge with Allah from the poplar after the furnace, so it has asked the beloved peace and blessings of Lord steadiness on the right Anas said the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him frequently to say "Hey hearts proved my heart on Dink" I said: O Messenger of Allah, your safe and what come by , is afraid of us? He said: Yes, that hearts are between two fingers of God turns them how he pleases. "Narrated by Tirmidhi.

5 / It also causes reluctance insured for incubators faith that return it to the former faith and remember Bjamil his nature, and staying away also CABAL top who were remembered in God and Ihvzonh to move forward on the path to "beware of worship, and Thine aid we seek," and not to emulate again for role models who had simulates walked and emulate Pinhjhm , either worldly or occupy large, and come to the curriculum and role models and friends or naively and ignorance -uellah Almstky- Weak faith and hardened his heart, which replaced what is the lowest in Him who is the best.

Secondly / specific reasons for the renewal of faith in the hearts.

They are as follows:

1 / achieve the meaning of piety in the hearts.

Valtqoy the commandment of God for Olin and others say Lord Almighty: "God is in the heavens and on earth, and I have recommended to those who were given the Book before you and you that fear God, although Tkvroa the God is in the heavens and the earth, and Allah is rich benign" women's 131, and piety make between you and the torment of Allah and prevention by what order it and leave what Nhak him, and said Ibn Masood piety "is to obey God rather not disobey mentions not forget and to thank not atone," said divorced bin Habib Allah's mercy: "piety that works to obey God the light of God hopes the reward of Allah and leave disobedience to God for the light of God, fear God's punishment, "the more I worked this rule, the greater the faith in your heart and Khchitk of your Lord and obedience to the prophet, peace be upon him, faith is more than obedience and decreases disobedience.

If you did not wear clothes from the volatility of naked met .. albeit Cassia

A good one for the bass to obey the Lord .. not good in the God of the sinner

Piety that senses the control of God for you in secret and in public, so as not to deviate from the serious, nor reneging by the right, and contemplate the blessing you have the phenomenon of them and inward Vtdaom to worship and thanks, and that the work of those inevitable end and the time that that should be an hour Vrack to this world says Ali Radhi God bless him: "piety is the fear of Galilee and work downloading and little conviction and prepping for the day of departure",

I accept the young man to Ibrahim ibn Adham said, may Allah have mercy .. O Sheikh: .. The .. myself helps me to sin .. Vazna sermon! Abraham said to him: If Datk yourself to disobey God Vaash .. you .. There is nothing wrong, but to me you five conditions the man said: Hadtha! Ibrahim said: If you want to disobey God Fajtbi in place where God does not see you! The man said: Hallelujah ..kev ..oho not disappear with him is hidden! Ibrahim said: Hallelujah .. As ashamed to disobey God sees you, a man remained silent .. .. then said: Zdni! Ibrahim said: If you want to disobey God .. not Tash on the land, the man said: Hallelujah .. and where to go .. and everything in the universe to him! Ibrahim said: As ashamed to disobey God and you live on the land? The man said: Zdni! Ibrahim said: If you want to disobey God .. do not eat from a living man said: Hallelujah .. and how to live .. and all the graces of his own! Ibrahim said: As ashamed to disobey God .. It Atamk and Asagak .. and saves you your strength? The man said: Zdni! Ibrahim said: If you disobey God .. then Jaetk angels for your shopping to the fire .. do not go with them! The man said: Hallelujah .. Did I force them .. but Asoukonni market! Ibrahim said: If I read your sins in your newspaper to be denied .. I did it! The man said: Hallelujah .. Where valued Alkatbon ... and the angels being awarded ..walshahud spokesmen then cried the man .. and .. He went on to say: Where valued Alkatbon .. and angels being awarded .. and witnesses speaking !!!!!

2 / recognize that God Almighty.

God who created you in the best stature, and made ​​you from Adam Bne honorees, slit your hearing and your sight, and conducted blood in your veins, you are not a blessing, and his presence has no limits, please Islam, and make you a follower of the best creatures peace be upon him.

Almighty God, who rose, humiliation everything to his greatness and underwent, the Lord of lords and reasoned reasons, and the clouds, and the house of the book, not the Almighty God but is Razek Wahab.

Of gives you that not give you God, bless you, if God bless you, if not independent of means of Agenk God, heal that God did not heal, "the security of this who granted you that grabbed his living but to air in Atto and aversion" Blessed

God .. Rahman, have mercy on us from our mothers, Rehman world and the Hereafter and Rahimanma, His mercy preceded His wrath, mercy and tried everything, who forgives sins, and to conceal defects, and to relieve anxieties, and vent the cherub, and eliminate debt, from resorted to Hama, and entrusted it will suffice.

God .. if a solution carefree severe distress and anguish intensified and bone speeches and narrowed ways and Bart tricks proclaimed Bellman says: O God

God .. who remember silo, and Anis disturbed, and frightened haven, and Ghias distress.

[He is Allah, who there is no god but He, the unseen world and is Merciful (22) is the God who is no god but He, the King holy peace insured dominant Jabbar Aziz arrogant Hallelujah what associates (23) is God, the Creator Creator photographer has beautiful names swim him what in the heavens and the earth, which Aziz al-Hakim] [Hashr: 22-24].

Whenever I met him honestly - O Abdullah - the greater your faith in him, and doubled and connect you to him, and manifested Tdht for it, and your head up with pride whenever Tzllt bondage under the roof of the Almighty.

It made ​​me and an honor, lost ... and I almost Bokhmese watt chandelier

Under me saying ... Hey Ebadi and Ahmad have been rendered me a prophet

3 / prayer Berkanha and Khcuaha.

Prayer is the greatest pillar of Islam after unification, which is the link between a person and his Lord, and set them up in a timely fashion Berkanha and conditions, send a self-reassurance and reverence and humiliation to God which achieves true faith and piety in the hearts, he says:) pain * that book no doubt, a guidance for the righteous * those who believe in the unseen, and establish the prayer and thus provided them spend ([Cow: 1-3, and prayer also through self-control, morality, and save them for immorality and Aldnaya and taboos, also told us that the Almighty in his book, he said:) and keep up prayer restrains from indecency and evil and said God is great and God He knows what you do. (Spider: 45, also made ​​- the Almighty - the establishment of prayer on her time, one of the greatest goes sins and the sins of man, God said:) and establish the prayer ends of the day and part of the night that the good deeds erase bad deeds that the memory of stating ([Hood: 114 , and came in talking about Abu Huraira - may Allah be pleased with him - said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: "the five daily prayers, Friday to Friday, and Ramadan to Ramadan, what thinker whom you avoid major sins." Narrated by Muslim, God has made prayer a way to mention and a way to maximize it and Thamidh and praise and Thlalh Almighty said:) I am Allah, there is no god but I Vaabdni and establish prayer for My remembrance ([Taha, 14, said al-Saadi - God's mercy: - "I do pray for remembrance on me, because the Almighty for the purposes mentioned, which is the heart of slavery, and its happiness, piña inactivated mention God, is disabled for all the best, has ruined all the devastation, embarking God for sunflower types of worship, which is intended to establish mentioned, and especially prayer. "

In the delay in the establishment of prayer or underestimated guide to free the heart of the faith and follow the lusts and Guy He says: ") And keep up missed prayers and followed lusts will throw Ghia) Mary: 59, which is a sign of the hypocrites and their attributes God said:) the hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, a Khadahm and if they have a prayer, they are lazy seen of people do not remember God only slightly (women: 144, came in an interview with Abu Huraira marfoo: "heavier prayers for the hypocrites; evening prayers, and the dawn prayer, even if they know what is in them, congregation very oppressive, even liked, and I was thinking that the commander of the prayer are held, then the commander of a man praying with people, then zap me men carrying bundles of firewood, to the people in prayer O my their homes with fire. "agreed, but in leaving the prayer without a legitimate excuse, it is forbidden in Islam, its owner may lead to disbelief in God forbid narrated that Buraydah said: The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: "The covenant that stands between us and them is prayer, it is left has disbelieved." Narrated by Ahmad, Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah and women

Witness .. but hearts that life is the establishment of prayer in the required manner, and that faith in God is linked to the slave Gel TAKES through this great duty.

4 / read the Qur'an and ponder its verses.

That to read the Quran a special feeling, and the state are excluded, how not, and you read the word of God Gel was hard, "which is not done wrong in the hands of his successor download from the wise Hamid" separated 42, so how about if the owner reading studying them and understanding, and reflection and humility, no doubt about that targets multiple of this reflection will come to his relationship with this great book of blessing and guidance and light and healing and sincerity Monologues Almighty said: (Book sent down to you Mubarak to afford some sort verses and remembers Oulu kernels) [p 29] .uan those who do not ponder the Qur'an nor devising sense the Almighty said: (Will they not ponder the Qur'an had it been from other than Allah they would have found therein much discrepancy * If you came to them a matter of security or fear Omaawa him if Rdoh to the Prophet and to the rulers of them knowing who Istnbtonh them but not for the grace of God be upon you and his mercy to you follow the devil only slightly) [women: 82.83].

I know - oh Raak Allah that slave if according to reflect on Allah's verses check faith desired, says Ibn al-Qayyim - may God have mercy on him - "nothing is more beneficial to the slave in his pension and recycled, and closer to the surviving management of the Koran, and prolong the meditation, and the collection of thought on the meaning of its verses ; they looked slave on the parameters of good and evil Bhmaverhma. and Trqathma and their causes and Gayatema and Thmrathma, and the fate of their parents, and put in his hand the keys treasures of happiness and Sciences beneficial. proving the rules of the faith in his heart. and attended among nations, and Tres days of God in them. and thoughtfulness sites lessons. and witnessed God's justice and virtues., and you know the same, and the names and attributes and actions, and what he loves and hates, and the Straight of Mosul to him, and to Saleckih after arrival and come upon, and breakers road and pests., and you know the soul and characteristics, and the things that invalidate the business and Msahhatha and you know by the people of Paradise and the people of Hell and their businesses, and their conditions and Simahm., mattresses people happiness and the people miserable, and sections of their creation and in which they gather. Afteragahm and are separated with it. "

And to see what he says Ancestors who filled their hearts belief in the management of the Koran, says Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with: "Rkaatan in considering the best of the night without a heart" and was holy - God's mercy - says, "but the Quran was revealed to do them took to the people reading it in practice, it was: how to work with it? said: Halaleh to replace, and deprived of the meaning, and Aotmarwa his orders, and they finish all prohibitions, and stand at the wonders "and practically had them from the verse one repeated throughout the night and keep in mind the meanings Atdberha. It was not ho-hum just seal the Koran; but reading Management had and understand .. Muhammad ibn Ka'b Qurazi said: "Because I read in the nights until he became b (if the earthquake) and (Calamity) not more than them, and I hesitate in them, and the board. Dearer to me than that Ohz Koran (ie read it quickly). "

Vhmr Olz God and save his

Is subject to the guidance and really good collector

Alzkhr is the Lovelorn and treasure and Request

And it undoubtedly impair benefits

Tah guided him in the midst of fancy

By the sport of Dhth Alfjaúa

5 / constantly remember God:

Vzkirk God, why in the contentment of your heart, which is safe for your soul, says the bulk of the man who said:) not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest (Thunder: 28 and said to God reason that reminds you of God from him, he says:) remember you (The Cow: 152 In modern shrine "it reminded me of the same reported in myself, and that reminded me fill in said fill in better than" [Bukhari].

And ask Allah -aa Raak how you learn that when God reminds you of him in a rich and you are poor you to it, what does it feel when your name Henaaaak frequented in the world of the kingdom top.

At the mention of God finds insured life really it is associated in word and deed Pfatr heavens and the earth in place and time and transcends the life of unsuspecting ..) and mention your Lord in yourself with humility and wary and without pronouncing say Baldo and afternoons and be not of the heedless ([custom: 205 In talking about Abu Musa Ash'ari - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: "Like that little Rabbo, which does not mention, such as the living and the dead." Bukhari. Hassan said: "lose sweetness in three things: in prayer, in the male, and read the Koran, if you find; Otherwise, know that the door is closed." In this sense, Ibn al-Qayyim may Allah have mercy, "the male is the status of the major ones to avail itself knowledgeable, and the traffickers, and it always reluctant, and has Istdfon pests, explore the Carpathian, and underestimating them by Almuseibat, an evacuation of the hearts and Sqaltha, and her medicine if Gsheha morbidity, and whenever increased Almakr mentioned engrossed in, the more love to meet him for the stated and nostalgic. "

6 / request forensic science.

May ask, what is the relationship of science to renew faith in the hearts, and say that science out of work, there is a job well done, and the impact is clear, what did not originate from the knowledge and expertise, as well as faith in the hearts did not see the impact does not show pictures only when stems from the science of styling souls and educating lives and corroborated from all impurity and fuming, asked Sufian bin appointment about the virtues of science, he said: Did not you hear the verse when he started doing (ie science), "you should know that there is no god but Allah, and ask forgiveness for your sin" Muhammad: 19 and ordered to work after the flag. The Bob Imam Bukhari Baba said: "the door of science by word and action," says: "Know that there is no god but Allah, and ask forgiveness for your sin" Muhammad: 19 science presenter to work, do not work without the knowledge, realizes insured his Lord through the science and corrects his faith , and knows himself and how Ahzbha and reared,,, and science also light he sees one Facts of things, and not impaired eyesight eye, but the sight of hearts, he says: ((they do not blind eyes and hearts but blinded by the breasts)) Hajj: 46 therefore God made people on two sections: either world or blind God said: "he who knows but revealed to you from your Lord is the right one who is blind but remembers Oulu kernels Thunder: 19 km that science inherited the fear of God: God said:" but fear Allah scientists slaves "creator: 28 and he says:" Those who were given knowledge of him if recited to them fall down prostrate on their faces and say, Glory of our Lord that was promised to the effect of our Lord and fall down on their faces weeping and increase them humility
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Elements of renewal of faith
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