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 What are the health benefits of nuts

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PostSubject: What are the health benefits of nuts   Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:44 pm

What are the benefits of medical Nut

Nutty definition:

Hazelnut is one of the types of nuts entertaining and useful to the body as food and medicine, which is rich in energy, and extracted from the oil used in the treatments, and contains anti-oxidant and omega-3 and vitamin e, b5, b6, b9, a, fat and monounsaturated fiber and minerals such as iron, copper, calcium and potassium , manganese, selenium, zinc, magnesium and vitamins and folic acid, which is free of the protein gluten, found in wheat and allergen, and uses hazelnuts in confectionery and ice cream, cakes, biscuits and in the cosmetics industry, and the work of emulsion Nut Boil 30 grams of flowers, hazelnuts in a liter of water, or boil 25 grams of Securities hazelnuts in a liter of water, and eat more nuts may cause stomach gas and slow digestion process and may lead to vomiting.

The medicinal properties of the nut:

Blocker for blood clotting.
Reduced for high blood pressure.
Minimizing heart disease.
Blocker of premature aging.
Organizer of sugar in the blood, especially during menstruation.
Regulator of the functions of the heart and arteries.
Regulator of the functions of the nerves and the brain.
Protector of prostate cancer.
Blocker and Reducer from injury clogged arteries.
Tonic for the immune system in the body.
Minimizing the seriousness of the stroke attack.
Minimizing the severity of dementia and paralysis.
Visor harmful cholesterol and reduced him.
Objection to the fetus malformation nerve injury.
Visor anemia.
Rain whipped, hazelnut oil.
Tonic for eyesight, Bmahrouk nut husks.
Tonic for the gut.
Repelling scorpions, if put in the realms of the house.
Diuretic milk for breastfeeding.
Diuretic, drinking boiled leaves.
Filter blood, drink boiled leaves.
Organizer for metabolism.
Tonic for teeth and gums.
Hair tonic.
Tonic for the brain.
Diseases addressed by the nut:

Prostate cancer.
Urinary tract infection.
Vixen, Baldlk Bmahrouk nuts.
Tapeworms, drinking a teaspoon of hazelnut oil 15 days.
Sag, Bmgle Flowers nuts.
Burning urine.
Wasting kidney.
Obesity and overweight.
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What are the health benefits of nuts
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