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 Not necessarily

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PostSubject: Not necessarily   Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:53 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

* Not necessarily that you have an opinion on every coming down, or issue, or problem.

* If you had an opinion on something, it is not necessarily that shown, and if you want to be shown that it is not necessarily shown for each or one for every occasion.

* If eternity is not necessarily that the cramps in its formulation, or Sufis are blindly loyal to him, or do you think it is A right not done wrong in the hands of his successor.

* If A Khalvk opinion of people not necessarily be that the offending enemy, or jeopardized, or envious.

* Not necessarily criticized if none of the people that seek to Tgeraha, and dropping, and abuse him, and stripped of all good.

* If not necessarily disagree with that one Taade, and calls to his hostility, and defamed him as much as you can.

* And not necessarily if you and the people of a feud that navigate this antagonism to each of its related order, carrying the slogan: (with me or against me).
It is sufficient that the rivalry between the OWNERS is limited to the extent possible.

* And not necessarily if I wrote an article, or a poem that goes on words, or pages, or purest, but enough that the arrival of the idea, if reached at the lowest COST and shorter term Vmak.

* And not necessarily if I spoke, or Dakhlt, or view was expressed that Ttzad speak, Vtthagl the listeners or audience without justification so long as the purpose of the speech achieved, because it is said: (I wish I continued better than to say: I wish I was silent).
Had to take this moment of LOGO to the hearts of many handed glut of redundancy and overload, and headache prolongation, and Alamlal.

* Not necessarily have to be the LEADERS in each house, each previous interview, even reached what amounted to science and culture, it is not all Joe Jock, not every day your day.

* If not necessarily in the shortened day, or failed in one of those right you have the right to make that an excuse for failure Astmra default, leaving the CHARITY.

* And not necessarily if you hated anyone to tell him that you do so under the pretext of an explicit, but wisdom requires that you keep this to yourself, P {May God make between you and those who love them Aadeetm}.
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Not necessarily
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