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 Laughing alot is the death of the heart

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PostSubject: Laughing alot is the death of the heart   Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:19 pm

These words from the conciseness of speech, The Prophet in taking the work out and teach, as a matter of supplementing self and then supplement the others, Kamal survival depends on the complement of man himself and complement the other, as he says: and the times that man is in lost except those who believe and do good works Vkmiloa themselves and exhort one another truth and exhort one another to patience, to complement the others. And the view of Abu Huraira: ((I)) ie: I'm taking you these words, a reference to what it was a concern for the good. And he said: ((He took my hand)): count any of these words, or that he was taking, however, when the education of teach. And he said: ((Fd-five)): any of the qualities or of the fingers on what is accepted and the one after one, and said: ((Fear incest not worship people)): any Beware of falling in all what Allah has forbidden you, God Almighty says: He has explained to you what is forbidden to you [cattle: 119]. Valmahramat made and are listed in the book of the year, meaning: Say: Let's recite the campus of your Lord that you will not associate anything with Him and dutiful to your parents and do not kill your children because of poverty We provide sustenance for you and for them not come near evil, which is apparent and hidden and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden except by right Such is the Sakm it to you may understand [cattle: 151]. and the verse: Say: 'The campus of Lord immorality, both obvious and hidden, and the sin and oppression without right, and to join none in God what He has given no authority, and saying to God do not understand? [custom: 33]. In restaurants, the Almighty says: Say: I find not in what was revealed to the taboo on that surely be dead, or blood poured forth, or ham it an abomination, or adultery and sacrifice for others than Allah [cattle: 145] He says : forbidden you dead meat, blood and pork and the people for non-God and Almnknqh and Moqozh and degraded and Alntihh and eat seven only what Zkeetm and slaughter of the monument and Tstksmoa arrows Such is debauchery [Table: 3]. In the stripes he says: O you who believe, but alcohol and gambling, and monuments The abomination of Satan avoid it you may be successful [table: 90]. In Almnakh he says: Forbidden to you your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father's sisters and Khalatkm and nieces and daughters of the sister and your mothers who Erdankm and sisters of breast-feeding mothers and your wives and Rbaúpkm who sin on your wives whom you have them If you are not gone in them there is no sin upon you and wives Onbaúkm who are Oslapkm and gathered yen sisters except what has already God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful [women: 23]. In the gains he says: and Allah has permitted trading and forbidden usury [Baqarah: 275]. The year wherein said many taboo, "such as saying: ((God forbidden the sale of alcohol, dead meat, pork and idols)) and saying: ((Every intoxicant is wine, and every wine is haram)) and saying: ((that your wealth and your honor are sacred to you)) and saying: ((deprived of breastfeeding is deprived of ratios)), what is mentioned clearly forbidden in the book and the year it is haraam, has learned the privacy of the prohibition, as learned from the stern warning salary to act. Messenger says: ((Fear incest not worship people)), ie, from Oabdhm, because it is necessary leave the incest did the obligatory prayers, Fbatqa incest remains the paper of pure consequences, very few of the volunteer it grow and maximize his blessing Faiser that Almottaga of the great people. and necessary that a person is a world of duty to play, and knowing all the forbidden Vigtenbh, and here said: (( Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim)) and have between God Almighty that maximize the incest is good for Abid said that it maximizes the sanctity of Allah is better for him with his Lord [al-Hajj: 10]. Ibn Katheer - may Allah have mercy on him - any and avoid sins and his female relatives and have committed a great in itself is better for him with his Lord ie: it has so much goodness and reward you very much, as reward him for doing good deeds reward many and paid very much, as well as to leave the taboos and avoid taboos. and saying: ((and the land of what God you were the richest people)), meaning : convinced what gave you God, and make your luck of living, not the richest people, it is disguised sacked, has said: ((not having a lot, but the richness is)) Ibn Battal: modern meaning: It is not really rich large money, because many could be upon the money does not convince including Otti is working hard to grow and do not care where he gets, as if the poor to the intensity of his concern, but the fact that richness is, one of the sacked including Otti and disguised it and may not be eager to grow and insisted in demand, if he goes. Al-Qurtubi said: The meaning of this hadeeth is that the rich beneficial or great or acclaimed is the richness of the soul, and his statement that, if laid off himself ceased ambitions Fzat and how great and got their favoritism, integrity, honor and praise more than the rich, who also guilty of a poor soul to his commitment, he incriminate himself in the vices of things and Khosaús acts of lowliness of ambition and Bkhalh, and a lot of denounces of people, and the smaller of them so the most despicable of all the nasty, and humiliated every servile. Haafiz Ibn Hajar said: The point that is marked by the richness of soul be satisfied with a living God is not keen on the rise there is no need , and insists in the application, do not swear in the question, but satisfied with what God has, as if he and I find at all. and is marked by the poverty of self in opposition to it because it does not convince as I, but is never in the request for increase of any way he can, and if death be grief and unfortunately, as if poor of money, because he was independent of means, including I, as if he is not Bgenevard - O slave of Allah - with what you is not the richest people, and remember the words of the Prophet: ((one who is secure in his property, healthy in his body, he has strengthened his day, if he Uchigenov a minimum entirety)) and saying ((has returned from the safest, and was living Kvava, and dispose of God including Attah)) and urbanization your eyes to what classes by pairs of them flower of life of the world to Naftnhm it and livelihood of your Lord is better and kept [Taha: 131]. If I've seen is more than you wealth and children, know that there are of you, rather than wealth and children look to who you are it, and do not look to someone who is over you, how this tells you Mustafa when he said: ((Look at who is below you, do not look at who is above you, he is more worthy of not Tzdroa grace of God be upon you)) said: ((and good to your neighbor is not a believer)). may God commanded kindness to the neighbors said, exalted, and worship Allah and join none with Him and dutiful to your parents, kinsfolk, orphans, the needy and the neighbor of kin, the neighbor side and Saheb says and the wayfarer and proprietary [women: 36]. There are many ahaadeeth also in this: some are saying: ((still Jibril Iusini neighbor until I thought he Ciorth)) and saying: ((Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day Fleihsn to his neighbor) ) and saying: ((best friends with God, good to the owner, and the best neighbors when God good to the neighbor)) If you can not on the charity to your neighbor Refrain harm, but good-neighborly potential harm, the harm to the neighbor Vmahram, because the harm without the right of Muharram of each one, but in the right neighbor is even more haraam. In the "correct" from Ibn Mas'ud that the Prophet was asked: ((no greater sin? said: ((to make a rival to Allaah created you)), it was said: Then what?, he said, that your neighbor Tzana analyte )) In the Musnad of Imam Ahmad Miqdad ibn al-Aswad said: The Messenger of God: ((What you say about adultery?)) said: haram, forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, then it is haraam until the Day of Resurrection. The Messenger of God: ((because adultery man ten wives Acer him to commit fornication with a woman neighbor)), said: ((What you say about the theft?)) said: haram, forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, it is sacred, he said: ((to steal a man of ten verses easier to him to steal from his neighbor's house)) In Saheeh al-Bukhaari from Abu Shurayh the Prophet said: ((God does not believe, and God does not believe, and God does not believe in)) said: Who, O Messenger of God? said: ((do not feel safe from whose harm his neighbor)) In Saheeh Muslim from Abu Hurayrah The Prophet said: ((do not enter Paradise who is not safe from whose harm his neighbor)) and was the Prophet urges neighbors to plod and the link, and was terminated for contempt as provided by the neighbor to neighbor was narrated from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet said: ((Give gifts to love one another)) and it said: Messenger of God: ((O women believers do not belittle a neighbor to neighbor, even if Vrsen sheep)) narrated that Abu Dhar said: The Messenger of God: ((O Abu Dhar, if cooked broth and above its water, and compact your neighbors, including)) and Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her: I said, O Messenger of Allah! I have neighbors, how whichever dedicate? said: ((to Oqrabhma you Papa)) and saying: ((and good to your neighbor is not a believer)), ie, full of faith, because faith increases and decreases, as is the belief of the Sunnis and the Community . saying: ((and I love the people what you love for yourself is not a Muslim)) of any full-Islam, a benefit that, as a decrease of this love is lacking Islam. has arranged the Prophet on this characteristic to enter Paradise, he said: ((from I like to move away from Hell and enter Paradise. Feltdrickh Mnath is a believer in Allah and the Last Day, and come to the people who likes to be brought to)) but that one comes to this level perfectly the safety of the chest of fraud, hatred and envy, the envy requires that hates jealous that surpassed one of the best or equal to it, because he likes to advantage of the people his virtues and unique to them, and faith requires otherwise, the right to share the believers are all in God gave him the good is not to detract it from nothing. In the sentence should be for the believer loves the believers what he loves for himself, and hates them what he hates for himself the saw in Muslim brother, a lack of religion try to fix it, but felt in other virtue superseded by Vimny to the same ideals, the merit was religious was OK, The Prophet said: ((no envy except in two: a man to whom God At The power to his doom in the right, The man to whom God's wisdom is required by and teach)) although the mundane is not good in it, God has said not Taatmnoa what Fadlallah made some of you [women: 32]. He says the Karun: went out to his people, in decorated said those who want this life If only we like what Otte Karun It is full of fortune is a great Qasas: 79]. when eclipsed by God and swallow the earth, who hoped his place yesterday: and been a God enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His slaves, and is estimated to not be of God, we eclipsed our Akonh not work for unbelievers [ Stories: 82] As for the words: ((do not laugh too much, laughing too much deadens the heart.)) is subject to prohibition apparent from laughing too much, and the statement of reason for forbidding it: ((that laughing too much deadens the heart.)) ie: make it submerged in the darkness, like the Dead does not work the same Ibnafh, and does not pay anything of the hated. and his life and the brightness of material all the best, and his death and wronged substance of all evil, and his life are his strength and nose and eyes, and visualize information and realities of what it is. In the modern indication of authorization in a little laughter, especially of interest, and this is the teaching of the prophets and the righteous slaves of Allaah, the Almighty said about Solomon peace be upon him - when he heard the words ant: smiled, laughing at the saying [ant: 19]. At the right of Saad bin Abi Waqas said: The man from the polytheists have burned Muslims (ie, thicker in them and the work including the work of the fire) The Prophet said to Sa'd: ((Arm Fdak my father and mother)), said: Vensat him with an arrow is not the blade I was hit by his side fell Vankhevc his, and laughed the Prophet even look at the molars)) and in the correct from Abdullah bin Masood said: Prophet: ((I Ely l last the people of Hell departure from them, and last the people of Paradise incomes, a man out of the fire, crawl, Allah says to him: Go and enter Paradise, may He be as full of, reference will say: O Lord! found it filled, he says: 'Go and enter heaven, may He be as full of, reference will say: O Lord! and grandmother filled, he says: 'Go and enter Paradise, then you are blessed and exalted, says: ridicule me, or laughing at me and you are king? I have seen the Messenger of Allah laughed so molars appeared, It was said: the lower the people of Paradise house)), but this laughter it was not his habit, he was almost laughing smile, as in right for fish ibn Harb said: I said to Jabir bin Samra: you sit with the Messenger of God? said: Yes, a lot was does not from the place where he prayed that pray in the morning or Fajr until the sun rises, if the sun has, and they were talking they take in is ignorance Fadgon and Eptsmoqil age: Are the Companions of the Messenger of Allah laugh? He said: Yes, faith and God proved in the hearts of the mountains Rawasi. The reached the tolerance of Islam that made smiling and be fluent face when they meet the brother to his brother from the charity. It was narrated that Abu Dhar said: He told me the Prophet: ((do not belittle known something, even if that had your brother generally divorced)) that Islam is a religion and a realistic, do not fly in an atmosphere of imagination and idealism fear, crazy, but standing with rights on the land of truth and reality. do not treat people as if they were angels of Oulu wings two, three, or four, but treat them as human beings eat food and walk in the market. so it did not impose on them - was not supposed to - to be all their words male, and all their silence thought , and all their free time in the mosque, but admitted them and Pftarham and instincts, which were created by God has created them glorified rejoice and cheering, laughing and playing, as he created them eat and drink. there is nothing wrong for a Muslim to Atvkh and joking with his heart, and nothing wrong with him that calls them for himself and the souls of his fellow Blho permissible: not to make that habit and character in all of his time, and it fills the morning and evening, Feinsgl by the duties and Ahazel in a position so seriously and said: Give a talk of pranks as it gives the food from the salt
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Laughing alot is the death of the heart
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