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 Thirty commandment .. for success in life

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PostSubject: Thirty commandment .. for success in life   Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:02 pm

Thirty commandment .. for success in life

Dr. Hassan Shamsi Basha

We all want to succeed in life, but some of us fail to reach him because he thinks that success is a difficult word to be impossible. In fact, we we may have neglected the reasons for success, and Okhaldna to the ground, Fsadtna ĺćÇäÇ on hwan.

The success is the ambition of the better-Hassan, Valkamal to God alone, and if you heard someone say: "I arrived to my purpose in life," know that he has begun to decline. And the human quest for success, and God does not waste the reward workers. Badi'ozaman Hamadhani says:

Ali and that I am trying not to recognize the success ***

Here are these commandments for those who wanted to reap the fruits of success of orchard life .. and is only an invitation to get to the farmer in the Hereafter, as the minimum value of success, if in the afterlife losing shown!

1. you fear God Almighty, it is better increased .. The best testament .. God Almighty says: "Whoever fears God makes his way out and give him * not calculated in terms of the" divorce 1-2. The Almighty also says: "Whoever fears God makes him of his command easier (4)" Divorce

2 Fill your heart with love of God and His Messenger, peace be upon him, then the love of your parents and those around .. Love renew youth, and prolong life, and inherited tranquility .. and hate filled hearts misery ..adjal in your home is enough for you to love your family and your family .. Love wounds surgeon, and sends in the heart heat familiarity and affection.

3 Mark your love for yourself pales in front of your love for someone else .. God Almighty says: The influence on themselves if their merit "Hashr 9 .owalsaadae handing out good people, Vtaatdhaaf happiness .. and Scamps monopolize good for themselves, Vijtnq in their chests. Mark your heart full of love and tolerance and tenderness .. Valohqia who filled their hearts full of malice and hatred and vengeance.

4. Do not shed tears for what has passed, those who shed tears on the unfortunate enough not to laugh them lower, and that others laugh at trouble, not Trahmhm days. Do not cry over spilled milk .. but I am making an extra effort to compensate until the milk is lost you.

Remember the words of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "If something happened to you, do not say if I had done such and such, but much less willing to do what God would open up the work of the devil" Narrated by Muslim

5. make yourself more optimistic .. Valmtfaúl looks to the sky at night and see the moon, Hanan, and pessimistic look at the sky and sees only the cruelty of the dark. Be more optimistic than you, Valmtfaúl attracts the love of others .. and pessimistic ask, about the same .. says papillomavirus: The Prophet, peace be upon him like The Omen, because pessimism mistrust in God, and optimistic expectations of him, and believer is enjoined good conjecture in God if at all. "narrated Muawiya ibn al-Hakam - may Allah be pleased with him - I said: O Messenger of Allah, us men omens. said: 'That is something they find in their hearts, do not Asantm." Narrated by Muslim. Al-Nawawi said: Tira means that something does not find it in your souls lintel you in it, but not because of him abstain from acting in Omorkm.

6 Be fairer to people than you .. Injustice shorten life, and go to sleep from the eyes .. and we lose our loved ones because we do wrong and Ngt in self .. Our focus on their mistakes .. and .. we want them to forget their virtues that they are free of any defect. . justify our mistakes and we are human beings under the pretext of non-infallible. Says Imam Muhammad bin Sirin: "wronged your brother to remember what I've seen the worst of it and discreetly finest," says the son of values​​: "How do justice did not do justice to the creation of the Creator."

7 If people Rmick brick, unanimously agreed that the bricks to contribute to the reconstruction of the house .. and if Rmuk Vozaaha flowers to those who teach you .. who took your hand and you're struggling at the foot of the mountain

8 Be confident in God first and then yourself .. and .. Learn your weaknesses and uncertainties that if you got rid of your weaknesses for you closer to your dreams. Remember your mistakes to get rid of your weaknesses. Lance errors and your brothers and your friends in order to maintain them .. and I know that one of the happier he quit the same defects for other defects ..

9 If you have succeeded in something .. Do not let vanity sneaking into your heart .. Messenger (PBUH) says: "If God inspired to be humbled, so as not to boast one on one and not wanting one on one" Narrated by Muslim. The Almighty says: "Do not Tzkoa yourselves know who is fearing (32)" star. If signed on the ground do not let ignorance Johmk that people have dug the hole .. you tried to stand up again and open your eyes and your mind so as not to fall in drilling days and nights calamities. If signed, learn how to do in order to stand crazing .. and if I stood on the ground who are remembered .. to bow to them and help them stand up.

10 If triumphed over their opponents do not gloat .. and if injured plight Fsharkhm even pray. God Almighty says: "And those who patience and forgive that it is the determination of things (43) Shura. Has been a prayer of the Prophet peace be upon him as saying:" Oh God, do not gloat my enemy envious ". He said peace be upon him:" do not appear to gloat to your brother Farahmh God and Abtelic. "Narrated by Tirmidhi.

11 do not combine contentment and inactivity .. nor between pride and vanity .. nor between humility and humiliation

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "humility of God, Allah raised him up at the top of Illiyun Narrated by Ibn Majah

11. Choose for yourself a friend of the righteous and make sure it .. Messenger peace be upon him says: "The man on the religion of his friend, so let one of you as a friend," narrated by Tirmidhi. No Tatbh in both large and small. Turning a blind eye when he slipped up, the perfect God Almighty alone .. Put your mind devotion to God, and his behavior .. Keep it straight, that you may not find his Neverland Valley Ranch who shares the worries of life and a good massage. Said Abdullah bin Jafar: You accompanied by Zhang, if accompanied, though LGBT him Sank, though Aank you need it, but you felt good trait or bridged counted and repaired. "

12. not quarreled others, Val_khasam rip cord friendship, and creates dams between fake lives. Mark yourself in each year of a wider breaststroke Aamk that has passed, Valsaadae not narrow chests .. They tolerate with others and tolerate their flaws .. and Lance ill people remember Jamilhm

13. tolerance with those who have sinned in your right, and sought them excuses .. tolerance and ladle in Tsamg .. Tolerance prolongs life, and restores you trust people and respect for others you .. Wash wrinkles hatred from your heart and your memory .. and learn to punish mistreated you forgetting not beat them knives. : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "Oaadz one of you to be such as Abu Damadm, if he came out of his house, he said: I Tsedkt Barda on the people," narrated by Abu Dawood. Imam al-Nawawi said: do not ask for any Mazmutai who Zlmni not in this world or in the Hereafter, and this benefit in the dark projection existed prior to discharge, either what happens after discharge must be new then. "

14 Give others from your heart and your mind and your owner and your time .. do not provide them with bills account .. and if it helps someone else does not ask people to help you .. Let your business purely for the sake of God. If you done a nice-to-human Vhmar be remembered, though did a human being you Vhmar beautiful to forget. He says: "O you who believe, do not Tbtaloa Sedkatkm Balmain and harm" the cow 264.

Remember the words of the poet:

The best people to enslave their hearts *** As long enslaved man Ihsan

15. considered every failure Marks One life experiences that precede every success and victory .. Valleil no matter how long it must dawn .qal one: You can not succeed ladders that Trtekayaa and your hands in your pocket.!

16 Ahmed Allah beans on a platter .. not to curse the days they did not give you a dish of caviar every day. Be content with .. and beware of envy, God Almighty has singled out the grace given: people do not like them .. the demise of grace for others .. but ask Allah of His bounty .. he said Mustafa peace be upon him: "O Abu Huraira Be devout not worship people , and be Guetaa not thank the people, and I love the people what you love for yourself not a believer, and the best neighborhood of Geork not a Muslim, and is much less laughter laughter deadens the heart, "narrated by Ibn Majah.

17 Do not forget every day to ask God's forgiveness and wellness. In the hadith narrated by Tirmidhi, says the Prophet peace be upon him: "Ask God pardon and wellness, no one has yet given the certainty of good wellness" Tirmidhi

18 Ask God note and they had a useful and widely. Science is the Treasury that are not infiltrated by thieves .. and a thousand dinars in the hands of the ignorant become a handful of soil, and a handful of dirt in the hands of the learner turn into a thousand dinars .. Ali bin Abi Talib - the generosity of God and his face - for a man of his companions: my client, science is better than money, science keep thee and you guarding the money, and science governor and the money is doomed, and the money lacks alimony, science Azkoa spending. "science smashes vanity .. vanity is a banana peel that Ttzhalk them, and you climb the rope success .. says the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him: "amused God beneficial knowledge, and Seek refuge with Allah from the science does not work." Narrated by Ibn Majah. therefore it was a prayer of the Prophet peace be upon him: "O Allah, I seek refuge in You from knowledge of no benefit, and the heart does not show reverence, and the same does not satisfy, It is not unheard of prayer, and of these four, "narrated by Ibn Majah.

19 Try to be happy all around you, to be happy and pleased others around you .. You can not laugh between tears .. and do not enjoy the light of dawn and around you who live in the dark. And human happiness multiply the number of those who succeed in entertain .. and if expanded sustenance, try the happy owner of some of the people .. and if fed sustenance, try to Tsaadhm word .. Medical. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "It has the virtue of increased same thing done to him of not increased." Narrated by Muslim. Said Mustafa peace be upon him: "Fear the Fire, even half a date, it did not find a good Fbkelmp" Narrated by sheikhs. He said peace be upon him: Do not belittle known nothing, though generally divorced brother received "Narrated by Muslim

20 Try to remember who helped you in the days Mahntek .. and who lent you their hands and you get stuck .. and who stood with you when you ran when you lower back .. and who Okhrjok of your unit day gave you some of those around you .. at least you thanked them and refund them beautiful. . thank them once again, it was reported to them nice whenever you can. He said peace be upon him: "Who does not thank people does not thank God." Narrated by Tirmidhi. He said peace be upon him: from making Vkavioh known to you, the you do not find what Tkaviouna pray for him so that you may see Kavotamoh. "Narrated by Abu Dawood.

21 Try to remember the names of those who mispronounce them from inadvertently .. Ask God to forgive you, and pray God to them that ask him forgiveness for you. People are not held accountable .. Vhsabhm waste of time ..

Take 22 However, the weak even recovers his strength .. stood beside desperate even see the glimmer of hope .. and be with the failed even aware of the road to success. He tried to heal the wounds of some people, and contribute to the restoration of dilapidated buildings. It hopes to say Mustafa peace be upon him in the embodiment of the relationship between you and others: "Mirror insured insured, the insurer and the insured's brother, stopped him from his Neverland Valley Ranch and shrouded behind" Narrated by Abu Dawood and classed as Albanian.

23 If creeping darkness, be a campaign candles, not the one who threw stones lanterns .. and if it was dawn, so be among those who receive rays of the day, not one of the zombies who do not realize the sunrise.

24 tried to repay some of the debt you people. Some of them gave a summary of his experiences during the years of time ago .. and some of them gave you confidence, did not stand alone in the face of storms of life .. and some of them lit you a candle in the dark, Vibsrt the road in the daytime .. and some of them fill your mind .. and others filled your heart .. and greater than that , thanked Almighty Allah Almtfdil you blessings as a whole, and how us if you told us God the Day of Resurrection - as in the hadith Qudsi narrated by Muslim: - "O son of Adam, your campaign on horses and camels and your spouse women and made ​​you sat and presided over, where thanks that?" are we prepared to answer that question ..!

25 if approached from the top of the mountain, Do not let vanity just makes you crazy, nor imagines that those who stand at the FCS are dwarfs .. God said: "Tassar cheek nor the people nor walk in the earth merrier Allah loveth not each braggart boaster (18)" Luqman. I asked Hasan al-Basri said about humility: humility is to go out of your home and do not receive a Muslim but I saw him as well as you.

Overcome're being so selfish, and extend your hand to help those who stand at the slope to reach the summit of the mountain. If your foot and stumbled after reaching the summit of the mountain is not accused of being the cause of someone else and you fall. Learn your mistakes and weaknesses are, even if you reach the top of the mountain once again knew how to prove your feet to increase the number who stand with you at the top.

26. not searching for flaws of others: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "If the man said people perished is decimated," narrated by Muslim. His rhetoric: its meaning, is still wrong with people and little misdeeds and says mangle people perished, the act that he is worse off them with the help of the sin in their fault and wedge them ".qal owner: If you said it Thzna As seen in people is their religion, I do not see it anything wrong, and if he says so himself and screamed in Tsagra people he hated, which forbid it. "

27 does not make for a path to your heart despair, despair turn a blind eye .. not see the doors open and outstretched hands .qal says: "Say: O My servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair of the mercy of God that God forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful (53) factions.

28. realized that if you mastered your business and I loved it .. and Tvanic can achieve what others deficit him, do not forget to talk the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "God loves If one of you to do it well," narrated by Abu Ali

29 Remember that the insurer could potentially hunger, and could potentially deprivation .. can live in the open .. but can not live humiliated .. God Almighty says: "Glory be to God, His Prophet and the believers"

0.3. Computer before yourself and be held accountable .. STAT your business before you .. countless. God said: "O ye who believe, fear Allah and to consider what made ​​the same tomorrow, and fear Allah, Allah is Aware of what you do (18)" Al-Hashr. Said Omar bin al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him -: "Haspoa yourselves before Thaspoa it easier for your account, and weigh yourself before Mnoa, and Tjhezwa day you show where you do not hide hidden"
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Thirty commandment .. for success in life
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