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 «Nanotechnology» succeeded in the treatment of some types of «cancers» and increased the efficiency of medical diagnosis

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PostSubject: «Nanotechnology» succeeded in the treatment of some types of «cancers» and increased the efficiency of medical diagnosis   Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:13 pm

Nanotechnology succeeded in the treatment of some types of «cancers» and increased the efficiency of medical diagnosis

Although it began nearly twenty years, but the interest in nanotechnology is widely and appear significantly in the media seemed noting in recent years, as it rarely find the state does not have a center for nanotechnology research and nanotechnology, as described d. Ralf Merkel researcher in the field of nanotechnology «is the idea that many people are not able to ratification», as the modus operandi of this technique is already is extremely complex and the resulting may convey rights to another world features in terms of development and welfare differ from our current world.

Researcher says Jim Thomas »Nanotechnology enables the production of steel a hundred times stronger and six times lighter than steel existing», this technique is not only aimed at the development of the existing, but also aimed to work on many of the challenges facing humanity Kalomrad and water desalination and others.

«Riyadh» met with Dr. Mansour Bin Saleh Al-Hoshan member of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology and with a doctorate in materials science and engineering from the University of Minnesota to discuss nanotechnology and shed light on all aspects of this technology will impact them.

The concept of nanotechnology

* How is it possible to provide nanotechnology or what is known as "nanotechnology" simplified?

- Nano prefix comes before the word and its meaning ppb, P "nanometer" is part of a billionth of a meter, and so on, and launches recipe (nano) on any particle in these dimensions.

And a definition of nanotechnology, I would like to point out several different meanings in terms I think it needs to be clarified.

Nanotechnology tied the beginning b (nanomaterials), a dimensional nanomaterials, where it appears to the properties of new materials when they are in these dimensions, or improve some properties in large sizes. For example, the color of the material - may change Article red in normal size becomes green or blue color in dimensions Alnanueh- or electrical Nakulaitha or melting point or other physical properties of the material, and this leads us to the term (Nanoscience), a flag, which means study physical phenomena and properties of matter at the nanometer dimensions.

The latter term, which is a term I would like to clarify (Nanotechnology), a set of techniques and methods that are interested or prepare analysis and characterization of nanomaterials or work applications of nanomaterials.

Human Service

* Is it true what is noteworthy that the nanotechnology equivalent in importance to mankind the importance of electric power?

- Nanotechnology is a promising technique a great service to mankind as electric power, but also benefits of nanotechnology to improve the electrical properties of some materials are great, and Nanotechnology more inclusive, where it has many applications in medicine, electronics, water desalination and aeronautical engineering, household products, paints, agriculture and other fields.

Many Applications of nanotechnology has become a present and a consumer, there are now a number of medicinal properties that use nanotechnology to increase its effectiveness, there are also many applications in fact even in our reality in the UK, Fsharkp desalination started to use nano-filters to purify water led to greater efficiency and reduce the cost of the well, and there are now hundreds of private companies that are shopping for thousands of products prepared nano-technologies that have different applications in all walks of life. The nano-products market accounts for about $ 15 billion in 2006 and $ 40 billion in 2008 and this shows the growing importance of this technology for humanity.

Reap the benefits

* When you see that man will reap the benefits of nanotechnology and see their influence in the realms of his life?

- Has already begun to reap the benefits of this technology, and I expect that man to now only had a very few of the benefits of this technique, Valtguenih began less than twenty years at the latest and steady growth in nanotechnology products in nanotechnology branching Sciences Research shows that the future is promising very includes all walks of life.

The beauty of this technique is that it requires both specialists physicist and chemist, engineer and doctor and pharmacist to find each and every one of them his role in the development of nano-one product, and this is what makes this technique products more diverse and inclusive.

* Many of the book about nanotechnology speaks like a savior who will end the human suffering in all respects, and the question is: to what extent is supposed to be optimistic? And to what extent you think it will be overthrown, human life upside down?

- Not to this extent .. I expect that nanotechnology will contribute to human well-being dramatically, but they are not the solution to all the problems!

Technical cons

* Is there any cons for Nanotechnology? And to what extent you optimistic in the elimination of these negatives?

- There are some negatives, and there are fears - not majzoom report scientifically - the permeability of nanomaterials in the human body, especially the toxic ones, and there are cost prohibitive for some nanotechnology products such as electronic products, solar cells, silicon, and in any case, the role of scientific research is the least product development damage and cost.

Science Fiction

* What about the military armament and Nanotechnology? Otherwise, you can see that the world may be the worst place to live if what has been the use of this technique in the field of military armament?

- What is noteworthy in this regard is the fundamental science fiction novels and caused some science fiction movies that have sprung up recently, and Nanotechnology -koa Tguenih- is a double-edged weapon may be used for good or evil.

* Some studies have gone too far in over Mastkdmh nanotechnology for mankind to some extent touches of science fiction, as stated, for example, the possibility of producing clothes adapt itself according to the weather and the development of drugs targeting only and Atantcher around the body affected area as is the case in medicine currently used .. to how far you can see realistic things like this?

- I do not exclude that we find such products sold in the market soon, the quest in this based on leaps and bounds in the worldwide area, and there are now mirrors and surfaces that cleans itself, and research is also underway on the development of the principle of (targeted therapy) using nanotechnology, where used some of the nanomaterials to target only specific cells or tissues and accurately, and some of these applications are more complex than some, but as long as there is a scientific research and development of Man is no limit to his ambition.

Cancer treatment

* James Baker, director of the Michigan Institute for Research on nanotechnology, "says there is optimism that nanotechnology will improve cancer treatments to a large extent" and that a lot of research and articles remember the great role of this technique in the fight against cancer. Can you brief us on that?

- Some research has succeeded excellent success in the treatment of certain cancers; I remember, for example, Dr. Mostafa El-Sayed research and who succeeded in killing cancer cells by special nanoparticles made of gold interact with electromagnetic radiation in destroying cancer cells without sound, this research is under development and examination, registration and expect to be successful in reducing this intractable human disease doctors to now, there are also success in the use of nanotechnology in increasing the efficiency of some types of medical diagnosis.

Financial Crisis

* Do you think that the global financial crisis that hit the world right now will lead to a delay in the process of nanotechnology research?

- Nations, which is planning for the future of scientific research does not stop with under any circumstances, and all praise to Allah, and thanks to the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and his personal interest in this technology, and support for researchers without interruption or affected by the global financial crisis, but increasingly march support the speed of Day to another to achieve the desired goals, and take advantage of this technology so as to contribute to the development of society and its development.
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«Nanotechnology» succeeded in the treatment of some types of «cancers» and increased the efficiency of medical diagnosis
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