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 Good Manners

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PostSubject: Good Manners   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:36 pm

Good manners

The good manners on four pillars: -

1 - Patience: it is self-imprisoned bad manners, peace and blessings of the owner to good morals
2 - Chastity: take to avoid the vices and the vices of the words and deeds and forbid indecency
3 - Courage: to charge the self-esteem and the preference of the meanings of morality and manners, effort and restraint
4 - Justice carries on moderation and morality to mediate between the parties over and under-

* Ethics phlegmatic combined on four pillars also: -

1 - ignorance: Ferry owner Hassan ugly and the ugly Well ignorance
2 - injustice: the owner bears to put the thing in the wrong place at the site of Fagill satisfaction and satisfaction in the position of anger and so on
3 - Lust: Taking on the scarcity and avarice, greed, gluttony and all Aldnaouat.
4 - anger: to be understood as hatred, envy, and aggression

* Each recipe benign Zmimitan between two traits such as: -

- Between generosity and avarice Altbzar
- Between humility and humiliation old age
- Modesty between shamelessness and disability
- Between the groans of urgency and compromise
- Between courage and recklessness cheese
- Conviction of scarcity and shabbiness
- Compassion between cruelty and weakness
- Fluency between the face and Altabeth Izhab prestige and dignity
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Good Manners
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