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 Islam factor with the media

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PostSubject: Islam factor with the media   Sat Feb 07, 2015 3:49 pm

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Almrslin.obad;

Has become such postulates that there Terbsa from the secular media Islamists; the hope of Sdnth in phishing more hiccups and Almaakhzt flowing into the intimidation of Islam and its preachers box, and are reluctant to boarding, and excite people against them ..

The proof of this introduction does not need to bother no documents, not quote the words and statements; all of that is one of the clearest Allowadhat, not mentioned Mqsodna is here, but we are concerned in this regard, inter alia, to be considered at this stage if we want Allah and His Messenger and the Hereafter, though we want to block the way for these predators circles, Almthinin pitfalls. I will cite newborn at several points:

First: the Islamists know that the love of fame serious disease, it is gripped by infected is on the verge of fatalism, but that God's mercy is being handled. Therefore, the transfer from a predecessor that he was counseled that prefer Board increased the three; to guard the fame and reputation. And make sure the seriousness of this disease if we take into account the fact that the Islamists came out of prison, and moved from the margin to the top of the scene, a transition from the extreme to the other. We must not forget that many of the spokespersons and media parties and Islamic groups and formations of young novices never appear; although we recognize that adult clerics are better able to control such ills - with God's help - they have helped to spearhead more or less teachers, lecturers and teachers, is no longer love fame disease are able to manipulate them easily, and the brothers of events may have moved from the ranks of students in science workshops to the forefront of the media landscape as speakers and official media, did not fulfill their share of the anti-lust after fame, and here lies the danger. Must not be a drift behind Showmanship, transforms emerge from being a way to show the truth and correct concepts; until it does not matter in order to collect what is said or how or when being said, perhaps even pursuing some enamored goodwill approach is closer to the excitement; a desire to continued demand for it and to ensure additional times on the screens!

Perhaps we have seen one of them intense sadness, because the maximum of the top of the scene; no longer required, and no longer channels are racing to host, perhaps even prompted someone to pour scorn on the Okhamloa mentioned and ignored the idea, God der Ruwaym - may God have mercy on him - he says : «If God gave you an article and effectively took you to the article and let you effective; they do not heed the blessing, though taking effective from you and you leave the article; Venh yourself they calamity, and take you to the article and effective, know it is a curse»

Second, the political parties and Islamic groups and formations should be scrutinized in the media choose their speakers who combine solid forensic science, science fact, in addition to the appropriate amount of the Queen of the statement, dialogue and debate. Preferably if added to the appropriate balance of media experience. That does not mean we are against the youth appearance speakers officials and the media, there is nothing to prevent that as long as the amount of liability versed of scientific and technical skills of their tools, and to learn that acceptance Rizk address by God - the Almighty - in the hearts of listeners and viewers, this livelihood Aatah small and large Aatah; However, entrenched practice and refine the accumulation of experiences. It is essential that Islamic parties and formations working on the preparation of appropriate personnel and training on communication and dialogue skills. Musab bin Omair  known was the first ambassador in Islam - a young man during the discharge of his burdens alone call in the city, paving the migration of the Prophet's blessed, as was Jafar ibn Abi Talib  spokesman for immigrants to Abyssinia, taking into account the seriousness of the task each.

Third: We must distinguish between two types of media impressions; the first Optional emerge, and the other is forced to appear, but the optional appearing SQ talk shows, which is called the interlocutors Islamists, and in these types of programs should be the subject of dialogue is predetermined, not only so; but must the Islamic speaker asks the author of the program to the list of questions that will guide him, specifying the time available to answer, it was estimated time required to answer the questions proposed longer than the time available for the program; it must shorten questions or increased time program. Some pay the speakers before that gap; the questions are easy and bomb enough, but axes rushing away to answer the guest is forced to make a distorted answer is incomplete, Vecee wanted in terms of charity, and all left the answer is better than such an answer.

You should also Islamic speaker knows you will be with another guest, who is? What is the nature of dialogue? Will it be an open debate? Or that the same question will be directed to both the guests left with equal space of time to answer each guest? .etc Those details necessary. And then must Islamic spokesman familiarity scientific, intellectual and cultural background to this guest, and must be read his works started, and listen to previous meetings, and especially talk shows and on the subject of the episode, nor tolerate it in any way.

Must also link to the list of questions for the guest in sufficient time before the episode written in a clear manner, and it is proved to be from the host even facing in the case of any departure from the text during the episode. The chosen entity interested in hosting these conditions, otherwise there is no need for the emergence of the foundation.

As well; there must be agreement to allow telephone interventions from viewers and listeners with the lack of it, and to determine the time of the last episode of these interventions, to advance the audience knows the subject of episode until questions about its content does not go out, and so we keep the scenes of his time, the science theme of the seminar he may benevolent listening and viewing. As well; the Muslim guest to be strictly no drift in the sub-themes raised by viewers callers or axes or other guest. So we keep our times and times of viewers in the drift behind the nonsense and leave the way clear to structures endless.

As well; must Islamic guest requirement minimum commitment axes Islamic morality phenomenon: as if the axes man, do not take lightly to display comic commercials obscene pictures and words with overtones beyond the program breaks, and so on.

Islamists and proud of their faith and commitment; not Athaonowa in such matters under the pretext of showing tolerance of Islam, and arguing that the emphasis is misplaced.

In the case of recorded programs that are broadcast live; it is the Islamic speaker must retain the original tape of the whole episode; so as not to give a chance to be cut words out of context Vishna by the Islamists.

Perhaps it is said that these harsh conditions, closing the door to host the Islamists, Vijlo the face of the viewer and his heart for offenders to profess their venom, but have rumored that the Islamists are running away from confrontations, and my opinion it is not a danger to all of this fear; because the distal and proximal Pat knows that those episodes talk what is the only traps and Fisheries for the Islamists, it is inevitable to boot into their feet. Then the Islamists have become possess many Islamic channels, which began to keep pace with the event, and has taken serious steps in a professional way and professionalism, which is capable of - more luck and hard work diligently - to attract the largest segment of viewers, and thus available for the Islamists permanent platform which they can say what they want without being accused of running away or leave the arena for one.

We come to the emergence of unforced: we mean by appearing to respond to suspicions and allegations invalidate practiced by others, as if the Islamists attach a charges and fabrications such as those we hear every day, Icolounam understand what they did not say, and declare on their tongues as originally did not occur to them! The silence may be harmful in that case, so we must show to respond to these falsehoods, even if it did not meet the above conditions, but that the situation this case the need, let talk as much as needed; there is no mention of the more than respond to the charge mentioned or refute the news published, and also must be answered deliberate and auditor and supported by the evidence and the evidence, and that the exhibits in order to stop this flood of nonsense every legal course, the journalist or media that comes out from the professional - and especially in the abuse of news - must be legally punished, and must bear the responsibility in front of a fair judiciary so as not to back to like her, and even be in the punishment to deter the likes of Liars impostors. The field of view Vousa of that; and opinion does not face the only opinion and argument and the proof overwhelming. In many cases, lose their lives to leave retribution, Did not God: «you in retribution life»? If the terms of the concept: you leave the burden of retribution lives lost, and times wasted in polemics do not have a coast, if you Rdatm force of law all Mottagol Mtakrs what was left of them maligned. To arm ourselves to confront the corrupt views Bthoaptna our faith and our principles, we muster the utmost literature dialogue and respect for others even if it did not abide by them, as long as talking about opinion and not news. And a wider field of view of the field of news, and perhaps the owner of fraudulent them or their seducer, or those who persisted suspicion it is for those who need Ageleta him. And all; we proceed in the literature of dialogue from the teachings of the sublime and divine guidance, not from (Prestige) and (etiquette).

Fourth, we must focus in the media put forward to seeing the party or group does not represent Islam, necessarily, but rather strive to apply their understanding of Islam in the light of the possibilities, have erred and may affect as much as its proximity to the proper rooting, and as far as transfer this rooting to practice, and curriculum governor on individuals and individuals do not rule on the curriculum, yes; you must Ndandan about this originally morning evening, the Lord God - the Almighty - to lift the country from tyranny and advancement; it we have a good as far as we apply what commanded by our Lord, though sinned or we limit has worked hard, and wrong what was the reward diligence good faith effort was spared.

Must strive Islamic channels to veto falsehood assets and branches, not only critique the application, but denounce the origin of the idea. We note that many of the speakers are quick in bringing the Islamic concept is similar to what has been thought in the importing, we became hear that democracy is the appointed Shura, absolute freedom is guaranteed in Islam! As if these Islamists renouncing of flawed in Islam, and Ikvkovn breach of fabric! Even if we went out and germinated sprung from the diaspora says: You must restrict democracy the people of the solution and the contract, or by making the learner's vote on the weakness of the illiterate vote; Hllna and grow old and we say that it is the same concept of the influential people in Islam. If a call went out to restrict the freedom of the press so as not to violate the journalists are the red lines of personal freedoms; Qaúlna said: it is the origin of freedom in Islam!

Islam for that, we have to show Islam as Moguenin that I edit my ways and have them repaired and for all mankind. The party software for so-called Islamic parties, she may move in the limits of the possible, and in the light of the data. As an example to illustrate the intended say that many of the Islamists may Tansloa who want to outlaw some malpractices in the tourism sector; Kaery, prostitution and alcohol, as if the speaker is deprived of the same, as if God does not forbid it !! Is Alasthmae reached us that we became shirk who denied the Sacred pretext to reassure people? !! Must all say publicly: arab Halal and Haram Hram..nam; Party of Islamic parties may adopt to prevent these things gradually, it is knowable and discussion.

Fifth: To pay attention to this serious issue of media, namely, transmission of the differences between the elders and scholars of science workshops, and courtyards of mosques; to satellite television screens and sheets of newspapers and magazines, Web sites and networks. A phenomenon fueled by the ignorant, and the smartest media fueled strife that his main concern show the Islamists in the worst possible way, and was fueled by crowds of young people and youth science and experience. Perhaps we sought excuses for them, and we see some of the adults from the elders are quick to give and take, forgetting explanations of the Prophet, peace be upon him, has left the hypocrites killed eligible to be killed: «people do not speak that Muhammad kills his companions».

Many scientists believe the recent events in the Arab surroundings views and go doctrines do not admire other, they are jumping in the establishment of their words on the evidence and famous sayings of the scholars, and must respect their opinion, but perhaps argue agreed with them a lot of blood that was shed in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria and others, for the brunt of this blood spilling located? On the brunt of this loss is made up of thousands of lives? Another team of scientists believes stopping at all the problems Hatek issues from the concept of constipation in discord, although not where we are, there is no sedition sedition.

If you need to be that everyone respects as long stems in the position of a legitimate guide considerable, and must for young enthusiast from returning to the confines of these scientists educated attentive to In line Eml them, do not be deceived by this time that the media Serna to the kind of rhetoric that sanctifies the youth to some extent as the following, Young people - they claimed - the ones who did, who they said, they are wanting, not only will their will. The best known of modern surly Ghafari  that the Prophet, peace be upon him said: «TAKE death Sta: the command of the foolish [in the novel: the Principality of boys, and frequent condition, and selling power, and disregard for the blood [in the novel: a waste of blood, and grew up taking the Koran psalms , they provide enriches them; albeit less of them accordingly. »The checker in this modern Galilee see description of our time does not detract anything from him. Term to satisfy these young scientists Nntal ?! The Schtoa some words Nnbzhm behind us ?!

Has to be for the Islamists - media and Authors and speakers - that they return to normalcy, and focus on their differences on cash positions and statements not to criticize people and situations, and must be role models in their differences as they are role models in their agreement, and it was those issues than looking at mosques or Atdarc in books; it must not merely the lessons of science and throat, and was thus recommended for general Vltafrd him pulpits in mosques and in the media, to be displayed for others' opinions manner that does not give rise to confusion factors, nor detract the contrary, nor Stultifies the world. How much would be great that the channel itself subjected to say the other and saying Tam neutrally, as long as it is likely diligence. In this is a practical application of literature and divergence that we demand of others, and one of the people beyond him.

God, make us slaves of the greatest share in all the best divide the morning, and a light presents it, and mercy published, and Rizk Tbsth, Odhar reveal, and the scourge of flies, and sedition disposal. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

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Islam factor with the media
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