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 Daash risk .. If what do we call the Assad regime ?!

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PostSubject: Daash risk .. If what do we call the Assad regime ?!   Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:03 pm

The name of God the Merciful

Over three lean years and the regime of Bashar appropriating the blood of Syrians brutally using all sorts of war crimes of heavy weapons and aviation and weapons Kmawih and summary executions did not hear from the US administration only deprecating words hollow that this system did not increase but more brutal in the killing of the oppressed of the Syrian people.

Barack Obama was generous with the Syrian people did not spare them the beautiful words that do not exceed the impact his door and them saying: "We renew say that the regime of Bashar Assad to end to end the suffering of the Syrian people, and a new dawn," and another: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has full legitimacy to rule Syria no longer have a place in the future of Syria, "these permits are only just words containing analgesic Arab peoples, but does not eliminate the pain will not remove it.

190 thousand people in Syria and the destruction of an estimated hundreds of billions, committed by the Syrian regime against its people for the survival of a single person in power and continue to sacrifice the Syrian people, and even though the entire technician.

In contrast, seeks the US administration to establish an international and regional alliance cooperation with Iran and Turkey in the case agreed last to fight al-Muslim countries "Daash," Yes, we see that the organization "Daash" threat to the security of the region and establishes a system of criminal nothing to do with Islam, onion, but before that this international coalition offers to enter Iraq again and shed the blood of Iraqis under the pretext of fighting "Daash" was the first to be addressing the causes of the causes of the existence of this organization and his supporters who have found to create a way out of what surrounds Bonizthm of popular revolutions and global discontent due to humanitarian crimes committed by these regulations repressive.

Turkey refuses to participate in the war against Daash in Iraq, not because they support this organization, but on the basis that the US administration does not see only crimes "Daash" while turning a blind eye to what perpetrated by the Syrian regime of Geraúkm extermination did not witness the recent history ever seen her, as well as Geraúkm Shiite terrorist militias sectarianism in Iraq, which kills the religious identity, and Hezbollah and headbands falsehood and the Qods Force and elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and other Shiite guerrilla fighting in Iraq or in Syria, the latest organization Houthis in Yemen, which expands toward the capital of Yemen and threatens the rule of Yemen presents its people at risk and exceed the strongly weapon, which carries we did not find any international condemnation of actual to deter this nodal organization which is no less dangerous for the organization "Daash", it is the perspective of the administration of all these organizations and parties and militias are considered people kind do not hold in their hands only white roses symbolize peace!

Syrian opposition surrounded feet which touched on the doors of the seven countries to help them and the supply of the Free Syrian Army with weapons to offset the balance of power and achieve victory and did not ask more than that they Kvelon to victory in advance of a brief, at the same time, the US Air beat regulations Sunnis in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and even oblige the Obama administration Arab states to submit to their wishes and support positions hostile to Sunnis, no longer a secret all these malicious Fatin game practiced by the US administration, particularly in the Middle East fold to remain hegemonic allies, Israelis and Iranians.

US strategy disturb the political and military balance in the Middle East and beat one party over another and that's what prompted Turkey to refuse a request to participate in the war against "Daash" believes that this policy is seeking to dominate the pro sectarian systems to Iran, countries in the region as it did in Iraq after the war in the former Iraqi regime in 2003 and deliver the State of Iraq, the size of the system sectarian loyal to Iran has made the land of Mesopotamia hell hydrophobic rampant him outlaw organizations shed the blood of Muslims without humane and unlawfully.
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Daash risk .. If what do we call the Assad regime ?!
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