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 Ignorance revolution!

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PostSubject: Ignorance revolution!   Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:20 pm

The name of God the Merciful

Many revolutions spin these days, began in Tunisia and Egypt - and still - and now reap the lives of thousands of Libyans ask God to save them from this nightmare sooner rather than later.

In the midst of these revolutions, which was called for peaceful protests and then having achieved a white coups, as they say became called revolutions .. I say: In the midst of these revolutions occurred another revolution .. revolution on the legitimacy of the principles settled down and became constants of the Sunnis, and them I mean by speaking to this particular among the science and jurisprudence of them.

Fiqh is impressed jurisprudence these days back, he builds his jurisprudence on the result of the act and after and not before, in the sense that if a disaster occurred and collapsed state system and the conflicts broke out, as happened in previous experiences, I am sure that his opinion was his companions will vary.

This method has not been the year of science and onion, and the fairest of forensic science Salafi students in particular to the fall, and only Vgerhm other affiliations groups not surprising that their positions.

I come back to say that many of the Salafis began to praise the revolution and praise for their owners after what appeared to them that they have achieved significant positive results without little or evils so imagine ..

In fact, the positions of these events summed up the view of Abu Sufyan once: I did not order them not Tsana.

I did not participate in the call, will not I deplore that people breathe and get rid of injustice.

But I am very happy to have spoken of the fight against Allah and His Messenger and repressive regimes corrupt regimes ..

But that Adsna much that the revolution was accompanied by eruptions on the provisions of the law which does not violate the only contrary to the Ahlus Sunnah originally.

Of more assets coup out of obedience and the relationship organized by God between the ruler and the ruled happened.

I hope to get rid of, dear reader, the effect observed or life under repressive regimes and free himself to consider the matter in terms of origin legitimate, I am not interested in the fact adapting people to tyrants and torturers - as suspension of some like - but to adapt myself and others to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and the methodology of the Messenger of Allah God bless him and his friends in Miami.

Because of the warrant will be launched at the origin of matter can not - no matter what it is and Tfzlk - that distinguishes the public - they are material revolution, not the elites - the revolution and legitimate demonstration of the noble goals of others ..

This substance legislative and realism that broadcast many of the Islamists in the past few weeks are leaning out now in Bahrain and will depend also in other countries where the revolution will not be or demonstration of a national human rights and will not accept them under this slogan whatever justified owners and no matter how they tried to prove its separation from foreign hands, for some reason easy observation, namely that the ancient and modern history belies any claim like this, and I'm saying all this to the imposition of the legitimacy of the delivery of these demonstrations and revolutions.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdel Wahab, a small book in a large size in the meaning adorable in his position, and his name: «ignorance of the issues in which the Messenger of Allah violates the people of ignorance» said a lot of the qualities which had people of ignorance and that the Prophet, peace be upon him contravention came, and the first two issues mentioned after polytheism:

- They see obedience and humiliation Rmalh.

- And that the violation of the parent, and not to pander to him - they have - a virtue, and some of them have it.

He said God's mercy: «Fajafahm Prophet, peace be upon him and his family in it, and their patience on Gore governors and obedience and advice to them, and thicken it, and re-expressed.

Three of these - I mean, with polytheism - is stating what the true curse of God be upon him and his family and him: «satisfy you three times: to serve Him and join none with Him, and that Tatsamua rope of Allah all, and that Tnashawwa of God and above commanded».

Bukhari narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet, peace be upon him and his family and said: «the ball of Princess Vlasber something, it came out of the Sultan of Shubra died of ignorance».

Sheikh said: «no defect is located in the religion of the people or worldly only breach of this commandment», and the sincerity of God's mercy.

I like to draw attention to the suspicion promoted other, which they but revolt against the rulers of injustice and oppression, tyranny, and they recognize the origin of obedience to the ruler, who came through the allegiance of legitimacy, but who took the government by force and without the will of the people it is not worth hearing and obedience, and this is misleading because the legitimate text private but talked about this kind of governors, darkness aggressors rights, and is not to disarm obedience known.

This revolutionary concepts promoted by the vaunted Revolution ignorance concepts, is not pleased about the street wise not care to risk the oppressor, but Shara wants to take care of this position the state, and that shrouded solemnly able to impose judgment and care rights.

Unjust may come exploits the position of the state of injustice that's true, but it may come after him justice can not establish a rule because the office is destroyed by revolutions owners.

This is what he was doing to the people of Kufa and the accused until God threw them pilgrims was torment them.

Unjust individual should end up dying or otherwise, but the position of the state remains must be maintained from the players, so as not to become a game, however, every outsider wants to state and corners Ikkul by groups underestimate the public and harm the country and its people .. under the pretext of reform and the fight against injustice.

The state of rebellion and civil disobedience - and all this they call for peaceful demonstrations, this is a lie - Collider to the fact that the Sunnis and the law, and the return of people to a state of ignorance even if the check from behind that unrealized or imaginary interests, which is contrary to the text of the Prophet, peace be upon him, which forbade the removal of the hand of obedience and this is clear and unambiguous.

God, you who would be affected to leave their careers and professions owners functions of their jobs, not people?

Is it permissible to put pressure on the unjust by damage to his people?

And the state of chaos because of these revolutions How can benefit from them is similar to the sweeping torrent that does not head him how we can say that her legitimate targets, if achieved, would stop?

It is ignorance Revolution - well - back to relying on the multitude, and to protest the greatest black, it's mass, while Taatgoul to become Tagota worship of God and obeyed without God, and this leviathan is that silenced the voice of the law - yet - and louder demanding democracy and secularism. .

This is what a reliable reformists alleged, they see that the evils rulers disappear under a democratic regime, and this is acceptable is not surprised of like them, but the strangeness and wonder when overlooked for this advocates and students aware of Salafists have engaged in a campaign of legislation and blessed peaceful demonstrations as they call it, sit-ins and strikes then: Revolution !

It is strange to forget to belong to science and the year of its assets and engage in public revolution demanding worldly rights lost in the midst of legitimate rights and memorable but deliberately excluded!

Secularism in light of the unjust ruler was a crime, but it is now in a state of revolution popular demand, but do not become a requirement for those who have Islam - one day - he has is the solution!

Not now dare one that demands something of arbitration law because the rebels partners in Gnaúmha evenly, Christians and Muslims, religious and not religious, you may meet thousands of Salafis and other lovers of Islam to proclaim in Egypt and other Sharia, this Thanked effort and its owner paid, but the cries of these go unheeded , one will not be so pleased with the revolutionaries, even Brotherhood declared bluntly that Islam is not the answer, I heard it myself from one of their elders when she told him Coptic: «the best thing you did not raise the slogan of Islam is the solution, because I do not the solution» Vuagaha laughing ..

Aallikhyeeh !!

This Juggernaut - I mean mass - which is making generalized Ozahraa Cross raises his hand, declaring that the Muslim and Christian, both under the umbrella of citizenship!

This is the Juggernaut, which allowed the establishment of the rites of polytheism in the country of Islam in full view of Muslims and turbaned in Tahrir Square.

And sincerity of Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab, when he said: «What is meant by that of his insight is seen to the directory, and takes deduce proof if less knowledgeable him, Almenkadon him, and took what it most, and familiarity public is consider evidence he is mistaken, Salk for ignorance, Mekdouh when people Insights. »

Ben Ali is gone forever, but right Hosni Mubarak, and Selhgah Muammar, and we could see others demise of the rulers of nations, and all this I do not care, but I care that the provisions of Islam famous remain Flags published a year, and that does not take advantage of the ignorant and chicks Kharijites and renegades opportunity to revive the doctrines of heresy under Star respectable principles and values such as freedom of everyone, equality, justice and so on.

Do not under any circumstances may be inferred from the people of infidelity and not their systems by allowing the demonstrations, because these countries does not sponsor virtue and do not have a religion keeps it everything they have met to change without borders ..

But when the people who know the law of the religion and the fundamentals of the religion, the sanctity accept that the laws be the subject of referendums and ballot boxes, as they say, this gave Dnah revolutions owners in their religion, unfortunately.

I loved the people of the law that remain silent in the midst of the tumult and the support of or opposition to God and ask safety, and does not speak, but including one does not violate the sanctity of the bloodshed and the infallibility of lives and money and symptoms ..

But some of them deceived and took ecstasy of joy and salvation of the object as long as Samet their people over the suffering and humiliation and deprivation, and can thoroughly forgotten in the overall gains earned Islamic Dawa losses or lost in the long term ..

Do not rule out that in this intriguing Collapse good of the nation, and ask God to be God protected you slip evil, but this does not alter the position of sedition.

Previously, I said many times that the results and goals is not prescribed reasons and means, but Icheraha Shara wise, though these revolutions came the succession of an adult - as well as the rule of soft Tagota - the say will not change and I will look through her always Ahlus Sunnah only!

We call on every Friday that God prepares the nation is rational ordered the Promotion of Virtue and forbid the evil, does this revolution is it rational that ordered the Promotion of Virtue and forbid what is wrong in it?

I do not think so .. and God knows.
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Ignorance revolution!
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