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 The Prophet approach in education

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PostSubject: The Prophet approach in education   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:39 pm

Human systems have failed on the stage in the treatment of the turmoil and corruption that reached to human societies, or medicine for this but Islam which came to the breeding of individuals to Islamic principles and values ​​to ensure the reform of these societies.

And education despite the hardships along the stages but the only way to reform, and the temptation in this day and age is not able to repel only was raised from sliding and protect the intellectual and behavioral deviation.

The call to God to be a big responsibility to do the heavy secretariat not only by the strength of the premium received adequate education qualifies him to take responsibility and good handling around it while inviting them.

In order for advocates of reform to do this heavy task for them to follow the approach the Prophet, who managed in a short period of transformation of society ignorant to a society dominated by the noble Islamic values, and I was the Prophet - peace be upon him - approach comprehensive educational shows of supplication - peace be upon him - : "Oh God, fix me a religious who is married to my command, and fix me Dnaaa where my pension, and fix me Akhrta in which hostile, and let me increase the life of all the best, and make peace of death to me from all evil, O God."

And formed the Islamic nation in the custody of - peace be upon him - after the raising of its members a comprehensive education and the fact that of these individuals (immigrants and supporters), the Muslim group first, which was the nucleus of the Islamic nation) you are the best nation raised up for mankind, you advocate righteousness and forbid evil and believe in God (( Al-Imran: verse 110) the great truth of God.

And as models for the education we see Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali and Bilal, Musab Ibn Amir carried them the Islamic state for example, could Musab bin Omair to enter Islam to the homes of the city before to arrive to the Prophet - peace be upon him - and what was to be the only breeding the Prophet - Allah bless upon him - for this generation.

The effect of this approach in the education of individuals and recommending the Omar bin Khattab, and its history is known by the ignorance and after he entered Islam.

Having reassured the Prophet - peace be upon him - at the educational and moral companions commanded us, saying peace be upon him: "You have my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the Rightly Guided Caliphs after me", and saying, "my companions are like stars Boém Aqtdeetm (right) guidance."

Was - peace be upon him - a role model for them, and became a role model for those who came after them, and education by example of the most successful means of education, and as said the prophet - peace be upon him - "My Lord so well disciplined," and it has qualities of psychological, moral and mental as his family that is described as described by God in his book) and you are creating a great (4) ((Pen), followed him and his companions and followers after them, following them throughout history They were good role models for humanity in every time and place .. ) It was you in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern ((parties: from verse 21), and to be witnesses over the people in our time we also saw the Prophet - peace be upon him - we must commit ourselves to a certificate of the Prophet we .. ) In this apostle to be a martyr and you be witnesses over the people ((Hajj: verse 78).

He was beaten us to the Prophet - peace be upon him - an example in all areas of life through his life either in marriage or in the call or in the treatment of non-Muslims or in worship or in a jihad, or in dealing with young people and children ... Etc..

This approach is the Lord, which we inherited from the Prophet - peace be upon him - for his companions is not denied by a question and what have we done it?

The Education of contemporary and modern, which were closely linked article here we see the results as excreted by us of young men and women have lost confidence in them and in their communities and have become aimless and identity, even if I asked a lot of these young people what your goal is say I do not know, and so we find the young man had lost his personality, a cracking; due to Juaúh intellectual, spiritual, and became a breeding ground of what comes from abroad, and as mentioned a book that in one of the centers of education, met a number of senior scientists of Education of the Americans and discussed the proposal made by one of them, a personal global American role models, and after trading had settled on the personal and Her Royal Highness " Superman, "and began to move the actual and out movies, toys, animation, and has made this personal success, which was not dreaming, and after the success of combined efforts to adopt other personal" Krnd Laser "and is found on everything, even on school supplies, and succeeded modern education in a blur of Islamic identity, and of course the absence of role models has become the young do not know where and who has even follow the example of educational foundations is not clear when a lot, it was important that we are exposed to the concept of education, characteristics and attributes of components and educator.

The concept of education

Education is the best method in dealing with common direct guidance by word or indirectly, by example, but according to the approach to special and special means, the experience of affect in behavior;, therefore, preachers and reformers, the first thing they mean education of souls and the strengthening of ethics and believe that this is the basis of the first to adopt him; rise of nations and peoples, and therefore education is the focus of the real battle, Fbalterbah can stand for those who aim to destroy the Islamic identity of Vimknon mislead the very young.

Education characteristics

First, divine:

They are divine source in the sense that they receive orders from God, and divine destination in the sense that they, seeking all the work of God's face, side of faith or the Lord of the most important aspects of education; because their aim is to configure an individual believer, and grounded in the heart connected to God Moguen meet him, and Raji for mercy fearful of punishment, and to be faith here not just a statement or claim, but it is a fact and the nature and feeling up to the heart are affected by emotion Ivr effect when the application and faith is what settles in the heart and one's actions.

The impact of education divine the actions of the Companions Here is Abu Lubaabah when he felt he had betrayed the Prophet - peace be upon him - when asked by the sons of Qurayza you go down to the reign of Muhammad pointed to his throat as if to say to them that the slaughter, Vahs then that Khan, the secretariat of the Prophet linkage of the same column of the mosque until he repents Allaah be upon him, and brought Fbemana sentenced to the death penalty itself.

Second, a comprehensive integrated balanced:

It stems from the integration approach of Islam, which deals with aspects relevant to the Salah minimum Hereafter integrated balanced do not tend to side at the expense side, do not exaggerate in order without the other, giving each person his rights, is comprehensive because it touches personalities and feelings and the needs of the human soul; because faith and worship and the culture and the law and the creation of Jihad and science, strength and mercy.

A. Of faith: The mainstay of education connected to the heart of faith in God, fearful of punishment the Almighty .. The Messenger of God: "God does not look to your body nor your photos, but looks at your hearts", not measured by appearance of work, but the loyalty and faith (as noted earlier).

B. Cultural aspect: religion respects the mind has many verses call came to the realization of the mind and use it .. ) In this are Signs for a people who reflect ((thunder: from verse 3)), O men of understanding ((al-Baqarah: verse 179)), do you not understand? ((Yassin: From verse 68), it must be for a Muslim to have insight and does not accept the tradition ; therefore, considered Islam advocates that the basis for building the individual's character a proper understanding of Islam, especially in these times that combined incoming and heritage
C. Ethical aspect: the crisis in the world now is a crisis the hearts and consciences of ethical, if we want a Muslim nation, we must improve the moral of peoples; Hence the Apostle also says in the hadeeth, "but sent to perfect good manners," and the moral aspect is linked to faith, and it was Prophet Muhammad him and begin to provide guidance of faith such as the hadeeth of the Messenger, "Whoever believes in the Last Day Vlkerm home."

D. The physical side: and be a healthy body and its flexibility and endure, and this aspect is important in education, whether big or small; because we want to educate men bear the burden of God's call and are striving for.

E. The social aspect: to identify the problems and contemporary issues faced by the people and how treatment III: Gradient:

Education is a series of stages of education in the construction, it is rushed somewhat prematurely punished by depriving him, and I have beaten us to the Prophet - peace be upon him - for example in the way of education graduated with a young man who came to him he asked for permission in the adultery, and another example is clear from the settlement of two pieces of meat, one on the backburner, but Tsui food good and the other on the high heat may spoil the food but seemed to be mature; as a result of urgency.

This progression begins with the individual Muslim, the Muslim community house is a Muslim, to be a gradual change radically not overprint a hurry.

Fourth: mobility:

Education mobility of the individual to make positive moves us to serve the community, the educational process is not Ntsttia to judge its success only through the movement of jam and the impact of a positive impact in society without being influenced by negative effects, is located.

Fifth, continuing:

Education has no beak, no one can claim to be above the educational process, it continues for life, with rights.

Sixth: The ideal and realistic:

Must take into account the requirements of self-feelings and the feelings and characteristics, does not ignore individual differences and accept the emergence of new energies, and Ntejer the best way to handle that suits every age and place, not conflicting with any legal rule.

Jam recipes

That the success of the educational process is the responsibility of the breeder, the configuration of the solid breeders raise the skills of educators, and the poor qualifications of teacher education result in delays to the jam.

* Features:

1 - Lord's:

Disposal in their work - take the reasons and improve trust in God - God uses in every position - renewed faith

2 - example:

Disciplined in its approach - and cheerful Mtfahma - apply what you learn - is committed to legal regulations.

3 - balanced emotions and emotion: (emotions and balance emotions, calm, dream, soft, chest capacity and safety of the heart).

* Knowledge:

1 - know the programs and educational curricula to suit each stage Sunni.

2 - a measure of forensic science.

3 - awareness of contemporary methods and tools that support the educational process.

4 - the awareness of reality.

* Skills:

1 - absorb around

2 - Solving problems

3 - the discovery of defects and repair

4 - Follow-up and perseverance, and cost-effective evaluation of education.

5 - Arts and educational skills: Art of dialogue - and communication - the art of persuasion and influence


Loss of properties is not offset by the large number of knowledge and skills, Valmrbe who can not make it difficult to benefit people in his heart a lot knowledge and skills.

And science, if a buffer was beset merits ride failure
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The Prophet approach in education
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