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 Meet the challenges

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PostSubject: Meet the challenges   Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:51 pm

In the name of Allah the Merciful

It is said that man was made of cloth Sailboat sits along the year working in cloth and then sells it to the owners of the boats in the past year and while he went to sell the production year of the cloth to the owners of the boats, was preceded by a merchants to the owners of the boats and sold them Aqmsth.

Of course a big shock. !! Capital lost it and lost his business .. !!

He sat down and put the cloth in front of him and make thinks !! Bjlosh and was the focus of ridicule owners of the boats, one of them said to him: (Create including trousers and Pair)

He thought a good man ..! And actually making the trousers for boaters from that cloth, and sells it to meet simple profit ... and shouted calling: (who wants pants from the strong cloth bears the harsh nature of your work?)

People Vojb those pants and they have purchased ... he promised them the man making them in the coming year .. He then make changes and additions to the pants, making her more pockets even meet the needs of workers and so on .. then go out to the owners of the boats Victroha of it this way, the man was able to conversion to the success of an overwhelming crisis.

Do you remember when the last time and faced a challenge in your life ... Do you remember how it was the way you deal with this challenge is a reason to change the course of your life?

When we face the difficulties of life and we met adversity that we can not at this time Note Other Yes God in which we live and also do not see the benefit of our response to that adversity which we have refined and got rid of the severe burden that Tthaglna and we have in the ground, and the equally important Valhdaid make us better as people always after wars come and it earned the spoils of war endure to the end has not missed or surrender. Adversity teaches us to be more flexible and increase our faith in God and learned investment opportunities.

We live in a time multiplied by the challenges in almost all aspects of life. The challenges today comes to us from all over the place because of: the rapid change in the course of events and the world, every day of modern technology, systems and procedures for new business, increasing pressure at work, or even because of changing others deal with us.

In many cases, and because of our human nature, whenever things go contrary to our expectations or the back of a new challenge in our lives, our reaction was emotional upset such as feelings or discomfort because of what happened.

Our focus has been transformed in just thinking of how to get rid of this and overcome this challenge, which appeared in our way of attention is the opportunity that comes with this challenge.

In some cases, go beyond this challenge successfully, and sometimes swayed by these challenges and beset us, and this happens to all.! But how your dealings and your response to these challenges is what will make the difference, and also said French writer Onayes Nin "the prospects for life can be wide or narrow, and so you'll stop you alone and on the amount of courage."

Therefore we have to be able to deal with these challenges through creative thinking to get the best opportunities and results. Here are some practical steps that will help you in this matter. When faced with any challenge we have to ...:

- We thought we improve in God and that what has happened to you do not Akhtina Okhtina and you do not happen to us.

- We must Ntmask and choose to keep quiet and not to let the negative feelings that controls the responses of our actions.

- Abandon the narrow horizon and think about feet firmly and look for the opportunity or the potential of this new challenge interest, there is no challenge, but comes with an opportunity to learn and grow or change for the better.

- Determine how to respond to this challenge, after that we have removed any negative emotions and we chose to face this challenge positively to seize the opportunity and potential behind this challenge.

- We respond and deal with this challenge with courage and contentment no matter what the results because we have done our best to meet this challenge.

- Learn from this challenge and make it a lesson for us for the future. The challenges are sometimes considered as an opportunity and a better way to experience our capabilities and learn more about what is around us from friends and colleagues.

He tells us - Zig Ziegler - author of the book (see you on top) story bearing the meanings of the finest to deal with obstacles, where he says: If you visit Mexico one day be sure to watch the best features a beautiful statue called (in spite of) a means (although. .), where he was a sculptor who accomplished the feat and his friend to the incident, doctors were forced to amputate his right hand, which was used for carving, it had not been completed then only a quarter of the statue when the incident occurred, and when he came out of the hospital did not feel frustrated by the lack of completion of the project, but was determined to continue and the challenge of his disability, and trained on how to sculpture with his left hand so tired, then complete this statue industry. And

This was the reason for the launch of the name (although ..) on this statue, a reference to the sculptor who completed despite his disability, of course !!.

Speech summary:

Make sure that the challenges of helping to shape our character and give us lessons that we need to have success in the future, and most importantly, we passed any challenge will increase the confidence in ourselves to deal with any new challenge may come in our way.

The question now ?? How do you deal with the challenges? What is the first thing you do when you face any challenge or problem?
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Meet the challenges
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