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 Do not despair has passed the nation what is most

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PostSubject: Do not despair has passed the nation what is most   Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:04 pm

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Hardly Aaqlan disagree that what is happening in our Arab region Bosrha- of murder and injustice and the displacement of the Sunnis and open the door of atheism wide - but is intended to basically the identity of the nation, religion and the men invited, and in the light of this attack - which seems to some that it is unprecedented - may sneak despair into the hearts of the faithful truthful it is no hope of victory, missed all those that have gone through the nation like ages since we are going through now, but almost Mkrorh a copy of it, and although it ended with the victory of the Righteous victory victorious and defeat the people of falsehood and defeat rout , of those difficult periods of what happened in the seventh century when shed Shiites and Christians to Muslim countries Kalsham, Iraq and Egypt, so the stage was the slogan adopted by these spoilers then: «from the curse and insult he may dinars and ardebs», and Alardb is bushel is equal to 150 kg almost, they mean it from the curse of the Sunnis and their scientists in the forefront of their companions evacuation sacrilege of the constants and umpires and licks in symptoms and instigated the bloodshed he may very much tender as he wants, agent and weight or in kind and in cash, describes al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (d: 728 e) a scene from This difficult period and says: "They demonstrated - the Shia in the Levant and Iraq outs slogan as they had they showed the land of Egypt and killed sects of Muslim scholars and elders, and authorized on the platforms:" Come to the good work, "and it was in the course of their state afraid dwells in Egypt that tells newly Messenger of Allah bless him and kills, and they proclaimed: «USB hath cursed of dinars and ardebs». The Al-Azhar Mosque several booths where cursed companions; they speak blasphemy frank, until the Turks came Vhzmohm and expelled to Egypt, and it was Ooakm "Martyr Nur al-Din Mahmud," which opened more Levant and Astnqzh from the hands of the Christians; then sent militarization to Egypt for Astnagdoh the Tatars , and repeated entry to the military with Salah al-Din, who conquered Egypt; Vozal by invitation of the Ubaid Qaramita esoteric and showed where the laws of Islam even inhabited from then showed them from the religion of Islam. Majmoo (35/138)

Elsewhere he says:-and-outs are getting help infidels against Muslims, Muslims have seen and felt that if Muslims plagued enemy infidel Muslims were with him, as happened to the king of Genghis Khan Tatar infidels, the outs helped to Muslims ....... Will be loyal to Al Messenger God - God bless him - from sheds to kill the infidels and their captivity and on the other Muslims? . Platform Sunnah (5/154), and Genghis Khan died this year (624 AH)

It has violated the Tartars led by Hulagu blood of Muslims at the instigation of the Shiites, led by advocate Tusi, who was minister to him, and who used his position and proximity to Hulagu "Vchwe himself a follower of the prophet and his religion, Frdahm on the sword, even the brink of his fellow atheists, and Achtvy is, killing the caliph and judges and scholars and modern, and retained philosophers, astrologers, and Tabaiaaan, and sorcerers. and the transfer of the endowments of schools and mosques to them, and made them his own, and close friends, and victory in his books as the world, and the invalidity of recycled, and the denial of recipes Lord Almighty. and taken for atheists schools. Ram change prayer and make it ishrak not been his it ". Ighaathat of fisheries to the son of the devil values ​​(2/267).

As for the role of the bad scientists and hypocrites in this ordeal, says al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah: does not refer to the Crown Muslims, including the show rituals of Christians in a Muslim country, or strengthen ordered them in any way, but a man a hypocrite, showing Islam, which are in the subconscious, or a man his corrupt purpose, such as to be Brtloh (ie bribe), and entered the desire, or awe, or very ignorant man in ignorance, not knowing the divine legitimacy policy Sultan Muslims convert to Christianity on his enemies and the enemies of religion. Otherwise, it was pointed out to him knowing advising it requires, including victories, and persistence, and support, and meeting him the hearts of Muslims, and open them to him, and the prayers of his people in all over the world. And all this is fondly but the religion of God, and to show the word of God, and to humiliate the enemies of God.

It is what counts biography of Nur al-Din, and Saladin, then fair, how enabled them to God, and supported them, and open them to the country, and humiliated them enemies, for their so what they did?!, And is the biography of the Christians; how humiliated God, and suppressed ?! . Majmoo (28/642)

From here recognize the importance of reading history and discover aside from the wisdom behind the command of God for us to walk in the land -balgulwb and minds and chilling - so says «have passed away before you, Sunan, Walk in the ground, see what was the end of the rejecters», you do not Tjdonhm only tormented the types of sanctions mundane, may Khot their homes, showing each one Khosaarham, and went 'power and theirs, and still Bzkhhm and pride, so scientists say that if Sunan were similar history tends to repeat itself !.

The best words of the poet:

Read the history lessons .... as a folk astray not Idron news

The true that the Prophet, peace be upon him, he said: "still a range of my visible on the right, not harm them from the pious, nor let them down until the Hour." "Anyone who knew the conduct of the people and their kings saw all of the support your religion Islam, the greatest jihad to his enemies, and I obey Allah and His Messenger, the greatest victory and obedience and the sanctity, of Prince of faithful Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him and to this time." Majmoo (28/640)

O Allah, grant victory to your book and your religion and Thy faithful, God tortured the infidels and hypocrites who turn away from your path and changed their religion and are hostile to the believers. Oh dispute between their hearts and scattered their word; and Mark destroy them in masterminding; and turn them bad circle. Oh God, revealed their Basque who does not return for folk Elmejrman.aman

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Do not despair has passed the nation what is most
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