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 Consumer culture

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PostSubject: Consumer culture   Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:01 am

In the name of Allah the Merciful The acquisition of a car at the beginning of the twentieth century is limited to the elite, and was difficult to use the owner needs a driver and mechanic and many equipment-driven, and rarely survive the trip from the breakdown .. was already symbolize what he called (Thorttaan Veblen) American economist before more than two decades of social Balujahh «Albraistej ». Henry Ford asked himself: Why do not the car be less complex and easier to use and priced within the reach of the public? .. A few years of the commencement of the first economic car industry have not gone until he boasted in 1914 that any worker has the model can buy a car «Ford T» a salary of just two months. As he was able to reduce the price of his $ 1,200 in 1907 to about $ 270 in 1914, what is known as an economic production chain. Ford was baptized at promoting economic of his car by advertising companies. But in later periods, when car production began in the millions and demand exceeded supply, stop advertising promotion as it was not needed. It was modern cars and production concern newspapers and the Americans all the time. We have about Henry Ford car to essential commodity for every individual American, he left this very deep on American society impact, and one can imagine as required at the time and there are millions of cars from other industries related, from mining factories, rubber, leather, glass and others. In the absence of any infrastructure so that it took the paving of thousands of kilometers of roads, as well as the oil industry, gas stations and repair garages and other .. which is accompanied by so many economic activities. This process (intensive production) with the average of the purchase American managed, changed the face of America, even some said: «The Henry Ford changed the face of the world». It's hard to live life on the edge, it is distressing to find a nation dependent on the world and do not constitute a number in the international equation .. It really is a disaster that frequently Almsthlain fading producers, and have the sustenance of the enemy and sells vindictive arms and make the medicine of not watching the patient but no edema. It's «a culture of consumption», which began to run rampant in many societies purchased by producers of other peer-freedom, dignity and sovereignty .. Don culture of life, and the preference relax on the grandfather and high vigor, and bring the appearance of flabby bodies instead of agility and bully. Imam Abu Abbas Ibn Taymiyyah in (febrile said), and before similar report Al-Ghazali in (work balance) mercy of God, "but people spoil half a speaker and a half jurist and a half to me and half a doctor. This spoil countries and this spoil religions and this spoil the tongue and this spoil chilling" . While it has been said for fairness and spoil what about the zeros? The «culture of consumption» culture of dependency defeatist swallow wealth and lose the sense of the value of things and make one appearance for busy essence when it becomes a target spending on luxuries and message and make it look socially dearly. But perhaps this culture up to the point of obsession or illness or pay because the owner extends his hand to the Sacred Nhmth for a full and satisfying his instinct. As the saying (Hartley Jrattan): "a complex creature lives in the complex world of the consumer." Analysts also believe that things consumption has become easier and closer, and that excessive consumption Smothers mind and make him lose the ability to interact and thinking and analysis, which handles the mind with the kinds of products the surrender, other than production, which requires making decisions and trade-offs between choices, experimentation and try as required for success and failure, and this would Blowing energies and enriches creations. Recall that from the middle of this century doubled the world average per capita consumption of copper, energy, meat and steel and wood once, while doubling the average cement consumption and the number of car owners quadrupled, doubled plastic consumption five times, and aluminum seven times. Since 1950 the world's population consumed goods and services equivalent to what used by humans since the dawn of human history. Consumption and means not an end We do not need because demonstrate that Islam was considered consumption means and not an end, but stood Sharia opponent's position with reprehensible consumption on luxuries and pleasures in dumping until he became the purpose and goal, especially since human greed unquenchable. Son Jawziyyah God's mercy says: "As for restaurants, bars, clothing and Almnakh are included in staying the body and keep it from corruption and destruction and in return the survival of the human race to be so strength of the bodies and save type bears the Secretariat presented to the heavens and the earth and the strength to carry and performance, and be able to thank Molly cattle and Msudaih ". These values ​​are spotless bound to eliminate the crises of the times that the world consumption of cava erosion of natural resources and rising environmental pollution and waste disposal problems, the most recent rates. This as well as social values ​​change and the removal of virtues in front of the flood of instincts, and what followed that of organic and psychiatric diseases. Says Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaibani - God's mercy - in his book (the acquisition of livelihood Almsttab) for gratification: "The issue on four aspects: in the amount of his fill assuage his hunger and strength to obedience is Mthab is punishable, with more than that to a certain extent satiety it is permissible his accountant on that account go .. In Neil spend desires and pleasures of muslim is a licensed accountant, he demands thanking the grace and the right of the hungry, and with increased satiety to the above satiety eating haram ". Modifying the concept of consumer Despite the many theories that engaged solutions to fever recreational consumption but they are virtually unanimous on the role of intellectual guidance and education to modify the behavior of communities and adjust its actions toward reckless consumption and to differentiate between the real phantom of our needs. Amendment motivation and conviction is almost the most important factor in overcoming the gluttonous consumption .. and of course do not find the wisest and most poignant of Islamic teachings in the consolidation convinced rationalization in all of our issues and activating the role of priorities to provide more importantly, the important, consider consumption as a worship and obedience and instinct innate if marked discipline without excess or negligence. The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him -: (per enough food Monday, and food Monday enough four, and food four enough eight) [Muslim] .. Ibn al-Atheer said: "means satiation per strengthened Monday, and satiation Monday four profiteers, and satiation four eight profiteers. " And from the words of Omar may Allah be pleased with him in Alrmadh: "We have interested that was revealed to all the people of the house such as the number, the man does not destroy half his stomach." He also said Farouk Omar may Allah be pleased with him: "Beware of Batnh in food and drink; it is evil to the body, the gene sickness, and Maxlh for prayer." Islamic heritage is rich in a lot of these noble directives as well as the wonderful behavior of our righteous forebears, which is a source of pride at all levels, whether of faith or worship, educational or economic .. making us do not hesitate a moment to pay tribute to the role of values ​​of the Islamic noble in organizing the development process to recover the cultural role, which fell to a large extent, Vallahm Ahfezna Islam.
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Consumer culture
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