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 The benefits of cashew, which sits on the throne nuts

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PostSubject: The benefits of cashew, which sits on the throne nuts   Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:55 pm

The benefits of cashew, which sits on the throne nuts

Many of us loves nuts of all kinds, but is considered one of the most important types of cashew nuts, despite the high price, but it really worth the hike the price because of its benefits for each fantasy and amazing also, we find, for example, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals required for the normal functioning of the body. The main origin of the cashew is Brazil and moved to Portugal and then to India in the 16th century and is characterized as cashew provides many health benefits for the body and we will identify them in this article.

The benefits of cashews

Let us show you the benefit of 14 in cashew you love make you more:

1. prevents cancer and Ihimk of it:
Cashew on proanthocyanidins and are contain a class of flavonols fight cancer cells and prevents them from dividing, and Albrooanthusianydens vehicles and high copper content in cashew helps to fight cancer cells and prevent colon cancer and fight free radicals, and this is one of the main benefits of cashew nuts.

2. Improve Heart Health:
Cashew has a low percentage of fat compared with other nuts contain fat oleic acid form, which is one of the unsaturated fats found in olive oil, which is very healthy for the heart and blood vessels by helping to reduce triglyceride levels, and cashew free of cholesterol and materials Anti antioxidants which protect you from heart disease.

3. Reduce High Blood Pressure:
Cashew helps to lower blood pressure because it contains magnesium, which has a big role in improving blood pressure.

4. improve the appearance of hair:
Cashew copper, which improves hair appearance for the black color dark contain, so eating cashews help get black hair that you want, through the presence of the enzyme tyrosinase which converts tyrosine to melanin, a pigment that gives hair and skin its color.

5. maintain healthy bones:
Cashew rich in magnesium is very useful for the bones, where it helps to build bones and deposition rest on the surface of the bone where it is stored for use in time of need, and copper found in cashew has a vital function helps to stimulate the enzymes that combines collagen and elastin, and the availability of materials that help bone strength and flexibility joints.

6. maintain healthy nerves:
Magnesium is stored on the surface of calcium in the bones, which prevents entry into neurons, and thus maintain the blood vessels and muscles in a relaxed state.

7. prevent the formation of gallstones:
Daily consumption of cashew nuts can reduce the risk of gallstones by 25%.

8. help with weight loss:
Although the cashews contain fat, but it contains good cholesterol, contrary to popular belief, and those who eat cashew nuts at least twice a week and lose more weight compared to those who ate the least.

9. antioxidant:
Selenium, copper and magnesium found in cashew acts as catalysts for many of the enzymes.

10. helps digestion:
Cashew nuts and help improve digestive functions of digestion and acid secretions in the stomach and Oamtsas food.

11. The source of vitamins:
Cashew is rich in vitamins such as riboflavin, and pantothenic acid, thiamine, niacin, and these vitamins prevent anemia and iron anemia.

12. beneficial to the health of the gums and teeth:
As mentioned before, the magnesium content of the cashew is very beneficial for the bones, and so it makes for healthy teeth and protects gums.

13. Help to sleep:
After menopause, the most important of symptoms that occur are insomnia and sleep disturbance, but the cashew is very useful because it helps to sleep comfortably through the night.

14. eliminate free radicals:
Cashew helps the body use iron properly and the elimination of free radicals that cause serious health problems.

Now that you know the health benefits of nuts, especially cashews, make sure you eat a little cashew once every week to take advantage of the benefits.
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The benefits of cashew, which sits on the throne nuts
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