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 The Computer

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PostSubject: The Computer   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:42 pm

Computer or computer-literal translation of the English word COMPUTER, has popularized the use of the English word that derives from the verb COMPUTE any by, and release your computer or your computer on all sizes and types of computers, whether used for the purpose of personal or in an institution or company, or be used for specific in various industries, and became a computer now a key element in the various aspects of life, ignorance is even using the computer illiteracy is true in this era.

The back of the first computer in the early forties of the twentieth century, and was characterized by size and magnitude of extreme slow motion and he needed to large areas, special equipment, the procedures for dealing with complex needs to specialists.

But over the fifty years following the emergence of the first computer developments have taken place and spikes, representing the first stage of the valves in the glass, then the stage of the transistor which was invented by company labs, "but";, which has reduced the size of the computer and its price and maintenance costs and cooled.

The stage of the microprocessor Processor and (any CPU on a single piece) founded by Intel Corporation Intel pivotal step in the history of the computer where you entered the then large companies the race track, such as a Zilog Zilog and Motorola, and Apple's Apple and Atari Atari.

In 1981, produced by the IBM's first personal device launched by the personal computer of IBM IBM Personal Computer, and popularized the use of this label even fired at all is a small computer.

In 1989, Intel announced the emergence of processors (80 486), which contains a million transistor capable of implementation of 15 million operations per second, and the year 1993 saw the birth of processors Pentium "Pentium", or (80 586) styles and different speeds approaching 300 million vibrations per the second, and able to perform a binary number of 64.

Computer and human

The world, "John von Neumann JOHN VON NEWMAN" the first to study the installation job for a person by observing how to solve the problems, and found that the human being in order to solve a specific problem, it is employing the senses in the collection of elements of the problem and information, and then following that store this information in memory, then analyzed the problem of mind and then find the appropriate solution from the reality of his experience he has learned, and end up taking a particular decision, where the orders to the muscles in different member of the implementation of the nerves and the role of the carrier in all stages of this process.

Since the human memory is unable to absorb the information and data to at the end of the used human modes of assistance that stores information to then be called at any time, through any of the units I own; so it invented the book readable and recorded audio, video, visual and other means of Save the data and information.

And noted, "Newman" is what has been applied in practice in the design of the computer; Modules entry lead to a computer to play the five senses, we find that there are several types of devices or units of input, such as a keyboard KEYBOARD and mouse (MOUSE), scanner (SCANNER), and the Registry reading light, and so on.

And requires the computer to the memory key internal MAIN MEMORY can not be the device that works without a permanent communication CPU, and partition logical memory component of a group of cabins nine each of eight bits, BITS, and decide on the basis of work in the computer and all eight bits BITS represent BYTE one byte which is in turn a character alphabetical or numeric one.

The main memory associated with CPU limited in its ability to storage; for that was introduced a number of storage media to help just like the situation in the human condition, we find such arguments magnetic, such as cylinders soft (FLOPPY DISKS), and cylinders of solid (HARD DISKS) and magnetic tapes MAGNETIC TAP, as well as OPTICAL DISKS optical discs and cylinders Alumblyzrh of different kinds.
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The Computer
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