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 Thinking well in the Believer

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PostSubject: Thinking well in the Believer   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:46 pm

Praise Crown righteous and Nasser oppressed transponder call compelled, praising Him and I thank him for the blessing of guidance and the religion and I bear witness that the agency, but God alone to partner him and I bear witness that our Master and our imam Mohammad Abdullah and His Messenger, may Allah bless him and his family and companions. Omapad: So fear Allah, servants of God Delight on the greater terror and Atrquenoa to the world they Dar ego says Almighty: {O people, fear your Lord, and Akhcoa days does not reward the father for his child not born is jazz from his father, something that God promised the right to not Tgrenkm life of the world and tempted God, vanity} slaves of God created and is urged by Islam, which among the main causes of social cohesion, both at the household level or at the community level. and if it has this character stranded ropes of kinship and sow thistle between members of the community and pasted the charges and the harm a Muslim innocent of this creation is the expectations of the insured his brother believer and excuses him that saw him to error or omission, has forbidden us to our Lord Almighty for probably bad by saying: {O you who believe! Avoid a lot of thinking that some think sin ..} Ibn Katheer said in the interpretation of this verse: God says Nahya believing slaves for many of the conjecture which the charge and Altkhoun relatives, parents and people in other misplaced Vigtenb much of it on the safe side, and probably, Dear beloved in God is based on guesswork because of the word or action potential, was the result probably mostly falling many problems for Ambrr her, and probably makes the disposal of the owner subject to the same charge for his Muslim brother, and controls probably in the Altsoelat psychological and trends heart until you find who thinks bad holds for those who think its tons of charges built his imagination patient, Kdsthe illusions and therefore forbade beloved prayers of God be upon him for probably saying Sad you and probably the most likely lie talk) agreed, and the mistrust of a mahram, if he satisfies the three conditions : the first is to be misunderstood by probably a Muslim, second is to stabilize mistrust in the soul and becomes a charge that accused the Muslim brother of something entails that a Muslim deal with his brother as he settled in the same, third: The accused, who think badly of its apparent goodness and justice the sense that it is the perpetrator of a large and Amsr the small seem to people, but between him and God has nothing of the slaves in it. But if he was abused probably by the infidel, the origin of the infidel, it was Aaatman, and nothing on the harm likely it provided that Aathmh for people hear by which of them is innocent, the act that was the infidel from the people of disclosure or who between him and the Muslims, peace treaty or a treaty, the injustice of the infidel in this case is haraam, because the basic principle that every injustice is haraam even if the oppressed infidel or an animal or insect. But if he thought bad interview the same transient is stable, as anything risk in Basel rights and then faded away did not settle, it's nothing in it, because God will forgive this nation what crosses their minds, as shown by evidence of many, but that he thought bad a human being Muslim apparent acts ugly, or contrary to the law of God in his works and words, it's nothing it then, I mentioned my brother you these conditions even Ailtbs you probably forbidden many types of thinking to interfere in the door of no man's land, where many are kind of caution and vigilance required of the insured, including what insight shows the sincerity and reality is often the smart Arabs sold widely and how long, but I warn you to justify to you the devil bad you think your brother one of these items The conditions have become known to you and your balance with your hands, then that probably Dear beloved in God the first step towards the evils great it is an excuse to spy and gossip, it is thought something wants to make sure so was going to the spy and then that became a near certainty to take place, including science, then if what is happening it dislikes the speaker it was the absence, because the officer backbiting something about your brother that he dislikes has told us that Bari Almighty when he said: {O you who believe! Avoid much of thinking that some think sin does not spy nor backbite one another, not like one of you to eat the flesh of his dead brother, and fear Allah, for Allah accepts repentance, Most Merciful ', recalled the post probably spying, backbiting, and that the duty of the insured if he heard of the harm likely his brother that Adzrh and prevents it Otherwise, the partner in sin is evidence of this approach of the year interview repentance of Ka'b ibn Maalik who said (.. did not remind me of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him until he reached Tabuk, he said, sitting with the people in Tabuk What did Ka'b ibn Maalik said a man from Banu Salamah O Messenger of God imprisoned Birdah and consider Oteifa said to him, Maaz bin Jabal evil what I said and Allah, O Messenger of God, what we know him only good remained silent messenger of Allah peace be upon him) individual forbid  presentation of his brother and best thinking it, but that God puts us to approach in dealing with such cases that are rumored to the mistrust of a Muslim person as well as those known for piety and righteousness, where he says the incident fabrication which did not deliver the offer the best land prayers of God be upon him from thinking badly of him by the hypocrites: {not for as you have heard thought the believers, men and women their own good and said this falsehood shown} This Atab of God for believers, they believe, when he said the owners of the slander what they said, It was said that he should measure the Vdila faithful and believing it to themselves and Roy that the consideration of good impact of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari and his wife, and that the income it said to him: O Abu Ayyub you hear what has been? He said yes and the lie you're you, or Job do you do that? Said: No, God said: Faúhh and God better than you said, or Job: Yes, fear Allah Servants of Allah and do good to think Bajuankm and follow the path of Islam with the harm likely his brothers received and recognizes your community, I seek refuge with Allah from the {accursed Satan and the evil plot Aihik only his family!
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Thinking well in the Believer
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