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 The Anger Article

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PostSubject: The Anger Article   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:51 pm

Praise be to God alone, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet after him, and after "the anger the enemy of reason, which is a wolf to a sheep say what you can from it but was assassinated by" (), and the anger of the qualities that rarely delivers him one but he left college recipe deficiency does not Kamal - as will his statement - "forget the anger and sanctities, and buried Favors, and creates the crimes of the innocent" () It has been said:

The eye of satisfaction for each defect blunt: but the eye showing discontent Almsawia ()
As it was said: Eye of hatred and highlight every flaw: eye and love do not find Alaioba ()

Many of us do not improve the anger that anger, not Teach ourselves and our children how angry and why get angry in this Alkhatrh collected pleased God - the Almighty - collected from the verses, and sayings, and the rule, and felt, and others on this subject asking Allah Almighty help and guide.

Definition of anger
Known to anger a group of linguists and others, and different phrases, and agreed the fruit word (anger) is aware of its meaning, young and with no cost or tired Clarifying Allowadhat - as they say - from Alfadhat, has been aggravated by ambiguous and problematic, said Manaawi - Almighty God's mercy - "anger and how psychological an intuitive perception "of. (e) However, one should mention any of that:
Al-Qurtubi - Almighty God's mercy - "and anger in the language: intensity, and a man irascible any great creation, and Bungarus living malignant; of severity, and the outrage: Aldriqh from the skin of the camel's folded on each other is so called because severity" of. E ()
Was said in meaning: change happens when the heart's blood bubbling to get his revenge in the chest. ()
It was said: Anger will damage Bamodob it.

Causes of anger:
Fear of anger, and causes too many, and where people Mtfawton Some of them get angry for something trivial as not to irritate others, and so on, it causes anger:

First surprise: It is amazing the view, standing, percentages, money, reason for the hostility that did not make sense of religion and that push and push is amazing assigned to old age and a lieutenant to him, and old age is a major sin, for the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - (do not enter Paradise who is in his heart an atom's weight of arrogance.) () The Prophet - peace be upon him - (Aútmarwa good and Tnahoa evil, even if you see a shortage obeyed, Hui followed and the world of moving and impressive of all with his own opinion you yourself and let the matter Floater) () and Ibn 'Abbas - may Allah be pleased with them - is brought (doom one to Hell three admiration of one's own scarcity obeyed, Hui practice) (). This was the predecessor of the reasons for caution wonder, if it were not directly narrated cartoonist Ben Sulayem said: Whilst we were on the heel bin Abi walking behind him as he saw Umar Baldrh they did, he said: See, O Commander of the Faithful is made? He said: "This humiliation of continued strife and followed by the" ().
According to John the Baptist was Jesus son of Mary - peace be upon him - said: Tell me about including the satisfaction of God, and away from the wrath of God? He said: "Do not get angry." He said: Anger is initiated on occasion and bring him back? He said: "Altazz, diet and pride and greatness" ().

II / mirrors: Abdullah Bin Al Hussein: "mirrors a leading anger Vokhozy God's mind comes to you his anger," a. (E) and mirrors lesions many of them: anger, for this it is forbidden to the street with him said the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - (I'm the leader of Beit in the crouching paradise for those who leave the mirrors and that was right) ()

Third: jokes
The jokes commence sweetness: Cnama to end feud
Build up his man-Sherif and Ajtra Bskhvh silly ()
You will find some Almktherin of humor goes beyond the limit of the project from it: either words, useless, or by harmful may result in serious damage and then claim later that he was joking; So said the Prophet - peace be upon him - (do not you should take the pleasures of the author is serious or a player ) ()
Abu Ehghan:
Strap your friend jokingly what I love: the desire of it in jest joke
Perhaps a friend joked joke: The key to the door of hostility
Khalid ibn Safwan joke and said: Ask any one of the strongest owner of the Cataract, and burned Anhqh of mustard, and finished it the warmest of the boiler and then says: but you Omazg.
Mahmoud al-Warraq:
The boy and his brother received Khaddnh: tune in the area, including unforgivable
Say you're joking and Mlaaba: A cure is impossible. Ttsar in hell.
Fueled and beginning to laugh Lahiya: making him and his heart would break when
Or what I learned, and guard against such ignorance: that joke is the biggest insults ()
Said Omar bin Abdul Aziz - may Allah have mercy on him says - "Beware of the joke it been ugly and inherited hatred" ()
Beware fooling back enmity: The joke on the front of anger
Ben-Maimon said Mehran - Almighty God's mercy - "If it was a joke before the speech, etc. Alstam and slapping."

Fourth, vulgar tongue, whose foul mouth: cursing or insulting or which calibrated to stay away from the breasts, and outrageous, The Prophet - peace be upon him: (God hates the obscene indecent) ().
The reasons for anger, too: treachery and intensity of care to the curiosity of money and wealth, said Al-Ghazali - Almighty God's mercy - "One of the most motivated him to most of the ignorant: the courage and call them manly anger, pride and large the same mettle" of. E ().

Types of anger:
I: Anger-Mahmoud: What was God - the Almighty - when they violate his female relatives, and this type fruit of faith as those who do not get angry at this shop is weak faith in the Almighty said of Moses - and the Prophet peace and blessings - after learning to take his people, the calf (and what Moses returned to his people angry regret, said Bisma Khalaftamona Ojltm after me, is your Lord, and delivered with a plate and took his brother to lead him or I said that people Astdafinu and almost kill me not my enemies rejoice over me with not wrongdoing folk) (customs: 150).
The anger of the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - not known, however, that violate the giver - the Almighty - It was narrated from Aisha - may Allah be pleased - said: hit the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - something that never in his hand, nor woman, nor a servant only to strive for God's sake, and get him something never Ventqm of the owner violates any of the things that Allaah Ventqm God - the Almighty - ().
It is the report narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr - may Allah be pleased with them - said: the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - on his friends and they Echtsamun in the pot if he Evqo in his face, love the pomegranate of anger he said: (this commanded? Or this Khalguetm? Striking the Quran interconnected that perished Nations before you), said Abdullah bin Amr: What Gbtt myself Council lagged behind the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - what Gbtt myself so the Council and the behind am with him. (), and most violate the Back of God in this time, publicly and privately, many of the visual media, radio and print do not they have only a spread of immorality, and the fight against virtue, and spread immorality, and dissemination of suspicion, and decorate the evil, and the denial of known, and mocking the religion and rituals, it all which requires anger to God - the Almighty - the anger Mahmoud, and a sign of the power of faith, the fruit to save the homeland and the safety of their bodies, and show the result of anger here about it kindly, and forbidding what is evil, and to respond to suspicions Silence applied with the ability to change The cause of the loss was narrated from Zaynab girl colt - God bless them - that the Prophet - peace be him and his family and him - awoke from his sleep, he says: (There is no god but Allah, woe to the Arabs from the evil has approached the opening day of the closing of Gog and Magog like this) - and shaving his finger and the one that followed - I said: O Messenger of Allah Onhlk and us righteous? If you said yes a lot of malice) ().
As well as anger Mahmoud: what happens to the anger of Muslim bloodshed, the violation of the symptoms, and seize the funds, and the destruction of the countries without right.

II: anger blameworthy:
Which was for the sake of falsehood, and Satan Kahumaih ignorance, and anger over the application of the provisions of legitimacy, and the spread of hours memorizing the Koran, and anti-commanding good and Nahen evil because of their fight against the vice, as well as the defense of evil Kaltberg and adornments, and a woman traveling without a mahram, and clearly demonstrates it in the writing of some Book newspapers you will find one of them angry because of that, nor are they only keep pace with his age!! Both agreed sharee'ah or goes against it right they are approved by whim and wrong, what extent of the literal translation of the Almighty said (I have sent down the verses Mbinat and Allah guides whom He wills to a straight path (46) and say, We believe in Allah and the Messenger and obey, and then takes a team of them afterwards, and those believers (47 ) and when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them if the team were exposed (48) but not have the right to come to him took it (49)) Avi hearts is a disease or suspicious or afraid to Hristiv upon them and His Messenger, but those are the wrong-doers (50) The only saying of the faithful if called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them is that they say and obey, and those are the successful (51) and obey Allah and His Messenger, and fear of God and right, that will are the winners) (Nur: 52)

III: anger is permissible:
The anger in the non-sin God - the Almighty - and only alone was ignorant of him one, and Kzation here is better and kept the Almighty said (and who repress anger and who pardon people and God loves good-doers) (Al-Imran: 134) It may be recalled here that are under way to Ali Bin Al-Hussein made pour it water, Vthao to pray, he fell from the hand of the pitcher on the face of ongoing Vhjh, Ali Bin Al Hussein raised his head to it, said the current that God - the Almighty - he says, who repress anger) said to her: You may Kzmt my wrath. Said (and forgive people) said to her: may God forgive you. She said (and Allah loves the good-doers) said: You go free ().
And get angry even if the slaves: obey disobey satisfaction and anger ()
And Noah said Habib Ben: I was blessed when I Volhawwa it. He said: Bring your books so I read. So they throw the books from near and far, and was a man of the people of irrigation heard of the book authorization stoned his book hitting baldness Son of the Blessed letter writing Vanhq, and blood was shed, and started Son of the Blessed treated blood up residence and then said: Praise Allah almost be a fight and then began the book man he read it ().
Ibn Hibbaan - Almighty God's mercy - "The Creation molded to anger, and dream together, it is anger and a dream at the same anger, it is not Bmzmom unless directed his anger to the hateful things to say and act to separate him in the cases are all Ahmed," a. E ()

Scores of people in the power of anger:
First: to waste: and the anger that losing power altogether or weakness.
Second: over: This is the predominance of this quality even beyond the policy of reason and religion does not remain one with insight and does not consider the idea or choice.
III: moderation: it is commendable and it is expected that the signal of reason and religion ().

Treatment of anger:
(What Allah has revealed and sent down any disease but a cure) () and medicines for the treatment of disease of anger:
First, seek refuge with Allah from Satan
He says (or an evil whisper comes from Satan, then seek refuge in Allah, He is the Hearer, the Knower) (separated: 36) for Sulayman ibn Sard - may Allah be pleased with him - said: I was sitting with the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - and two men Istban One of them was a red face, swollen Odajh , said the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - (I know a word, if uttered went with him to find, if they say I seek refuge with Allah from Satan went with him to find) and they said to him: The Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - he seeks refuge with Allah from Satan) said, : Is it me mad. (). Ibn al-Qayyim - may Allah have mercy on him says - "The anger is Gul mind assassinate him as the wolf kill the sheep and the greatest predators the devil when his anger and desire for" a. E ()

Second, change the situation
From Abu Dhar - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - said (if he is standing, angry, let him sit down so his anger will go away) ().

Third, leave the adversarial and silence
Shaykh Abd al-Rahman al-Saadi - Almighty God's mercy, "It is useful to know that harm the people you especially in the words bad does not harm you, but harm them but that preoccupied yourself in the care of her and warranted for her to have feelings, when the harm you as Dharthm, the you did not make her not, not harm you something. "

Ikhatabna Fools all the ugliness: that I remember him replying
Foolishness, and more than a dream: a good burning Kaud Zadeh

Ibn 'Abbas - may Allah be pleased with them - the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - that he said (and preached and taught Tbeefoa and if any of you angry Felickt) (). Ibn Rajab - Almighty God's mercy - "This is also a medicine great anger; because Ghadhban issue than in the case of anger than to say what will regret it if the demise of his anger a lot of insults and other, maximizing the harm, if the silent remains of this evil, all he has, and what better to say leafed rotavirus - may God have mercy on him - filled with anger and never spoke in anger, including never regret it if she agrees to "a. e ()
Salem Maimonides Properties:

If the pronunciation of Fools is not superseded by:'s proud of his answer silence
Silent on Clean Fools I: Aaat for the answer and Aaat
Bad people if they were all: mote in the eye cavity is Qvet
I am not foolish never transponders: Khozat those Ajavih Khozat ()

It was: I have ordered the slanders Fools: I passed I represent do not care
Safadi said:
And feel the dream in all matters not: speed up gesture to a man-day
The Plate is not a creative person to him, so be as if you did not hear and did not say

Fourth: ablution
For gift-Saadi - may Allah be pleased with him - said: The Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - (The rage of the devil; and that Satan was created from fire, but extinguished the fire with water, if angry, let him do wudoo) ().
In the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed al - may Allah be pleased with him - is brought (not even embers of anger in the heart of the son of Adam but you saw the red eyes, swollen Odajh I feel it is something that Vleilsq and light) ().

V. evoke a great reward for restraint
It evoked the great reward which Allaah has prepared for those who muted his anger and his anger was the reason to leave the anger and revenge of the self, and keeps track of some evidence from the Qur'aan and Sunnah, we find a set of virtues for those who leave the anger, including:
1 / nail the love of God and to win him the Almighty said (who spend in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger and who pardon people and God loves good-doers) (Al-Imran: 134) is a charity and tidy declaration ranks religion.
He says (what Otteetm Vmtaa something of this life, and God better and more lasting for those who believe and trust in their Lord (36) and who they avoid major sin and immorality, and angry if they forgive) (Shura: 37).
Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with them - said: The Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - (three of which were under Islamic rule Oh God, have mercy on him and cover and insert it in his love) said: What are they, O Messenger of God? He said: (from If I give thanks, and if the amount forgiven, and if after anger) ().
2 / leaving the cause of anger to enter Paradise.
Abu Darda - may Allah be pleased with him - I said: O Messenger of Allah guided me to the work of heaven someday. He said: (Do not get angry Paradise will be yours) ().
3 / Flaunt it on the heads of the people
Anas - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - said (of anger management classes is estimated to be implemented by the invited heads of the people of God on the Day of Resurrection until Ejerh any willing poplar) ().
4 / escape the wrath of God Almighty
'Abd-Allaah ibn' Amr - may Allah be pleased with them - said: 'O Messenger of God, what prevents me from the wrath of God? He said (do not get angry) () Jaza of sex work, and leave something for the sake of God Almighty better than it.
Abu Mas'ud al-Badri - may Allah be pleased with him - I hit the boy to me with a whip and I heard a voice from behind me (I know a father Masood) did not understand the voice of anger said: When he approached me, then, is the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - if he says: ( I know I know father father Masood Masood) said: I only took the whip from my hand. He said: (I know that God is a father Masood you appreciate you on this boy) said: I said do not give after never owned ().
The Abu Darda - may Allah be pleased with him - he says "The closest that a person is from the wrath of God if anger and warn that the remedy of Nasser has not only God," a. E ()
5 / increase faith
The Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - (and love of the dose to a dose of rage Akzationa Abdul, what Kzationa Abdullah only filled his stomach belief in God) ().
6 / restraint of the best business
Umar - may Allah be pleased with them - said: The Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - (no greater reward then dose is a dose of rage Kzationa Abdul sake of Allah) ().
Ibn Taymiyyah - may Allah have mercy on him says - "What swallow Abdul dose greater than the dose of a dream when he gets angry, and dose of patience when the catastrophe, because the root of this is patience on the painful, this is a brave and strong who endures a painful, and painful, if that can be paid Anger, though, which can not be raised to pay grief, and that is when the anger reddens the face of the eruption of the blood sensor capability, and hiss at times of sorrow for the Gore blood sensor deficit "is reduced. e ()

Sixth, a lot of remembrance of Allah Almighty
He says (those who believe and whose hearts the remembrance of Allah not the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest) (Thunder: 28), it reassured his heart the remembrance of Allah Almighty was far from being angry, said Sabri - Almighty God's mercy - in the verse (and remember your Lord if you forget) (Cave : 24) "If you get angry" ().

Seventh: the commandment of the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family peace and
Abu Hurayrah - may Allah be pleased with him - that a man said to the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - Advise me. He said (do not get angry) echoed repeatedly said (Do not get angry) (). Congratulations to those who obey this commandment and the work and do not doubt that it will exhaustive of all Muslims, said Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Saadi - Almighty God's mercy - "This man thought that it will order in part, he wants to recommending such of the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him - words, Klee, This is echoed. When he returned the Prophet - Allah bless him and his family and him -, he knew that the word mosque, which is it? the saying: Do not get angry includes two great: one: It's because of reasons, and to practice good manners, and dreams, patience, and resettlement self on what happens to human creation, from harm verbal and physical. If as a slave, and reportedly it contained anger, endured in good creation, and received Bhelmh and patience, and knowledge of good consequences, it is something that was ordered, and not be without it, and forbidding thing is opposite, and is due to the reasons a person to avoid the forbidden, and that from him. The second matter - after the anger - that does not implement his anger: the anger often is unable to pay with it, but it can not be implemented. he must if the anger that prevents the same words and deeds required by the forbidden passions. When stop himself from doing harmful effects of anger, as if he did not really angry. and that a person is full mental strength, force attack "a. e ()
Ben-Maimon said Mehran: A man came to Salman - may Allah be pleased with him - he said: O Abu Abdullah Advise me. He said: Do not get angry. He said, told me that he is not angered to Agchana What I do not have. He said the angry Vaof your tongue and your hand. ()

Eighth, consider the results of anger
Many anger find infected with many such as diabetes, pressure, irritable bowel and others known to specialists, as it is because of him coming from the angry behavior Colah or actual regret after the departure of anger narrated from 'Ali - may Allah be pleased with him - he said, "pleasure Amnesty Reach Hamad consequence, and the joy of revenge Reach defamation of Penitence "(). And it was said of the missed Alerb obeyed anger.
Alkrzyze said:
I did not see the enemy while Achtbernhm: the enemy of one's mind of anger demonized ()
And Ibn Rajab - Almighty God's mercy - "The anger is boiling the blood of the heart damaging it for fear it or to seek revenge on those who got him from harm after the fact, and arise from so many illicit acts such as murder, beatings and injustice and aggression, and many of the words forbidden Kalqzv, swearing and obscenity, Perhaps he rose to the point of disbelief, as happened to the protoplasm bin Ayham "a. (e) We often hear that the parents killed and his son, or child was killed and his father as well as others because of anger, how much is lost from the best pay and preferred because of the anger, and how much came of the disaster, destruction and loss due to anger, and anger because of the hour cut off ties of kinship, and signed the divorce, and migrate to the neighbors, and hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the wars between nations ... More Wael - may Allah be pleased with him - said: I was sitting with the Prophet - peace be upon him and his family - came as a man leading another Pencah said: O Messenger of Allah, this man killed my brother. The Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - (Oguetlth)? He said that if he did not admit the evidence he lived. He said: Yes I killed him. He said: (How was killed)?
من: العربية

إلى: الإنجليزية

ترجمة نص أو صفحة ويب
لقلوب سليم ومريض وميت القلب السليم لا ينجوا يوم القيامه إلا من أتى الله به وقد سلم من كل شهوة تخالف أمر الله ونهيه من كل شبهة تعارض خبره فسلم من عبودية ما سواه وسلم من تحكيم غير رسوله ويخلص عبوديته لله تعالى أرادة ومحبة وتوكلا وإنابة وخشية ورجاء وخلص عمله لله فإن أحب أحب لله وأن أبغض أبغض به وإن منع منع لله ولا يكفيه هذا حتى يسلم من الإنقياد والتحكيم لكل من عدا رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فيعتقد قلبه معه عقدا محكما على الائتمان والإقتداء به وحده والقلب المريض قلب له حياة وبه علة وله مادتين تمده هذه مرة وهذه أخرى وهو لما غلب عليه منهما والقلب فيه محبة الله تعالى والايمان به الاخلاص له والتوكل عليه ولكن فيه من محبة الشهوات إيثارها والحرص على تحصيلها والحسد والكبر والعجب وحب العلو والفساد في الأرض بالرياسة وهو ممتحن بين داع يدعوه إلى الله ورسوله والدار الآخر وداع يدعوه إلى العاجلة وهو إنما يجيب أقربهما منه بابا وأدناهما إليه جوارا والقلب السليم حي لين واعلسة والقلب المريض فإما إلى السلامة أدنى وإما إلى العطب أدنى والقلب الميت هو الذى لا حياة فيه لأن حياته بمعرفة ربه وهو لا يعرفه ولا يعبده بأمره وما يحبه ويرضاه بل هو واقف مع شهوته وملذاته ولو كان فيها سخط ربه وغضبه فهو لا يبالي إذا فاز بشهوته وحظه رضي ربه أم سخط ومتعبد لغير الله حبا وخوفا ورجاء ورضا وسخطا وتعضيما وذلا أحب أحب لهواه وإن أعطى أعطى لهواه وإن منع منع لهواه وجعل الهوى أمامه والشهوة قائده والجهل سائقه والغفلة مركبه فهو بالفكر في تحصيل أغراضه الدنيوية مغمورة وبسكرة الهوى وحب العاجلة مخمور ينادي إلى الله وإلى الدار الآخرة من مكان بعيد فلا يستجيب للناصح ويتبع كل شيطان مريد الدنيا تسخطه وترضيه والهوى يصمه عما سوى الباطل ويعميه فهو في الدنيا كمن قال في ليلى عدو لمن عادت وسلم لأهلها ومن قربت ليلى أحب وأقربا فمخالطة صاحب هذا القلب سقم ومعاشرته سم ومجالسته هلاك وإن نكأ الجرح قد يحي وقد يميت فلعل القلوب تفيق منقول بتصرف
هل تقصد: Prophet
السماح بالكتابة بحسب النطق الصوتي
اكتب نصًا أو عنوان موقع ويب أو ترجم مستندًا.
ترجمة من العربية إلى الإنجليزية
He said: He and I Nantab of the tree Vspena Vogillna ax, killing him on the horn. ()
Said Marwan ibn al-Hakam in his will to his son Abdul-Aziz: "though your anger on one of Reitk not Taakhzh it when rage, and withhold him Akopetk even live in your anger and then have you that he is and you are resident anger extinct anthrax, the first to make the prison as meek a patience, "a. e ().
And books of Omar bin Abdul Aziz - Almighty God's mercy - of the workers to "not be punished when your anger, and if a man Vahbsa angry if your anger Vokhrjh housing for the consequence of his sin as" a. E ()
Ibn al-Qayyim - may Allah have mercy on him says - "The anger of disease and disease of the ills, it is in disease hearts peer fever, obsessive, epilepsy, diseases of spine Valgillan knock in his anger is sick and feverish and the epileptic knock in his illness and Alambsm knock at the ordination of" a. (E) and said - Almighty God's mercy - "If Aqtdan fire of revenge burning fire of anger began firing pin, a series of dream closer your anger, it destroys a dog that got away" a. e ()
The pilgrim Bin Sulaiman was a man who came before you get angry, intense anger and wrote three sheets, gave every newspaper man, and said to the first: If intense anger to do this newspaper and Naolna. He said to the second: if some of my anger Vaolna housing. He said to the third: if he went Vaolna my anger. It was at first: What is the shortest you and this anger you are not God but you people about to eat some bites. In the second of mercy in the land of mercy in the sky. In the third: I carry the slaves of God on the Book of Allah it is not only that Aisalham. A. E ()

IX: to learn that the force in restraint and response
Abu Hurayrah - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - said (not a strong man but very one who controls himself when angry.) () Ibn al-Qayyim - Almighty God's mercy "- the owner himself first to be called severe Who Bara men, "a. e ().
And Ibn Taymiyyah - may Allah have mercy on him says - "This was a very strong is the one who controls himself when angry until he does what works and what does not work without regard to knock when his anger is not Bashjaa not severe" a. E ()
Zargani said - may God have mercy on him says - "As Anger severe rage situation, it has raised the intensity of anger, Vgahrha Bhelmh, and Sraha Bthbath, and not his anger under the Kabah, which was not men Bara Baronh" a. E ()
Not dreams in the event of satisfaction: but dreams in a moment of anger
Anas - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Prophet - peace and blessings be upon him - said over the condition of a people Astron (What's this)? They said: O Messenger of God what so and so only one struggling convulsed. The Messenger of Allah - peace and blessings be upon him - (do you not tell you of who is more than a man wronged man Vkzm Vgelbh anger, and thought and thought Satan Shaytaan owner) ().
Only dream of you Akram ratio: sublimate when the pottery Halim
Villarb Grant me, I dream of you: I did not regret it Dream Cream
Said God guided in his will to judge InsanelyMac Ali Bin Al Hussein "to make bequeath humility and reverence, diligence and dream and his creation, Viczm inflamed his anger intensified when his fire and firing Mojtnba Alsaúrh to the pride of anger, humiliation apology" a. E ()

Tenth: Accept advice and work out
For the users angry that advise him, and reminded him preferred to dream, and mute your anger, and recommended to accept that Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with them - to attack the free bin Qais to Uyaynah He gave his age when he entered it he said, is the son of the speech by God Ameer (ie giving a lot) does not govern justly angry with us until they are age do. He said to him free, 'O Commander of the Faithful God Almighty said to His Prophet - may Allah bless him and his family and him - (Take the amnesty and ordered custom and away from the ignorant) (customs: 199), although this is ignorant. And what God passed the boundary while the subsequent life of him, and he was careful to adhere to the Book of God. (). Ibn al-Qayyim Almighty God's mercy: "So Ghadhban, if intensified his anger Aolm realized he says what he says and does what he does; to pay for the same heat of anger Vistrih this, and slapped his face, and yell vocal is strong, and find his clothes, and throws it in his hand; boost the pain of anger, take the meat of it, as well as calling on himself and people like him he speaks form of demand, summons, supplication, which is not called for this in fact so too speak form construction is not intend for the meaning, and this order of kings and others when angry things knows running their affairs that they have spoken out to ward off the heat anger, and they do not want Mguetdaha not Imitthelh running their affairs, but Aakhrunh Faihmdonhm that if housing anger, as well as men at the time the intensity of anger is the tyranny of his son or his friend is transferred other between him and the Faihmayorm then as praise drunk and feverish and the like from the turn between him and what matters to do in that case "A. e ()
Passed and the dream of ignorance harmful Tags: mind and passed admiration and anger

Atheist Twelve: anger, taking lessons from the past
If invoked each one of us before he carried out his anger present the fruit of anger earlier regret it after the enforcement of the oldest on the dictates of it himself is inclined to evil again, prevented anger easier to repair corrupted Ibn Hibbaan - Almighty God's mercy - "irritability of Shim fools The Mjanepth of costume wise, remorse and anger sown by the fool on the left to be angry are better able to repair corrupted by anger after "a. e ()
Ngilln not the people you love: you do not save you from loved ones anger ()

XII: avoid and eliminate the causes of anger: It was reported among them.
Shaykh al-Sa'di - Almighty God's mercy - "and the reasons for happiness and relieve worry and distress: the quest to remove the causes Aljalbh of concerns, and in the collection of reasons Aljalbh for pleasure, so forget the past the things that could not reply, and to know that the operation of an idea where the absurd and shops , and that folly and madness, "a. e ()

XIII: the knowledge that all sins is generated by anger and lust was ignored for the closing section of the rebellion:
Ibn al-Qayyim Almighty God's mercy, "As the sins are all generated anger and desire and that was the end of the power of anger, murder, and the end of the power of lust adultery collection of Allah - the Almighty - between the murder and adultery, and bring them into couples in Surat cattle, and Al-Isra and Al-Furqan, and Sura Mumtahinah, What is meant is that He guided the slaves to pay him the evil of my strength from anger and desire, prayer, and seek refuge, "a. e ().

XIV: Ibn Hibbaan - Almighty God's mercy - "if not in anger lock vilify but the consensus of the Wise as a whole that Anger does not view him he would be it fraud to separate him from all reason," a. E () So the Prophet - peace be upon and his family and him - (do not judge one of the two is angry) () Ibn al-Qayyim - may Allah have mercy on him says - "The scholars differed as to the health of the ruler in anger at the three points of the three aspects of the doctrine of Ahmed: one is not valid and has not been implemented; because the prohibition requires corruption. The second is implemented., III: The presentation of his anger after understanding the sentence was carried out his reign, and presented to him before that has not been implemented "a. e () and speaking in explanation of prevention" but that was because the anger distract him his heart and his mind, and prevents him from Kamal understanding, and prevents them from thoroughly consider, and blinds him through the knowledge and intention "of. (e) of this was the will of the faithful Omar Abu Musa al-Ash'ari - may Allah be pleased with them - in the judiciary" and beware of anger, anxiety and boredom "().

Photos from the guidance of advances in anger
Insulting the man Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with them - when he finished he said: O Ikrima Can a man need Venqdaha? Venks man head and blush ().
Abu Dhar said - may Allah be pleased with him - to his servant: I have not sent a sheep to feed the horse? Said: I wanted to Ogazk. Said: Ojman with anger-paid you are free to face Allah ().
I hear a man and a father Darda - may Allah be pleased with him - words, he said: Oh this does not Ngrguen in Spena and let the subject of reconciliation, I do not disobeyed God reward from us more than to obey God.
Ahnaf said bin Qais - Almighty God's mercy - to his son: O my son, if you want to Twakhi Vogill man, and only the Oncefk Vahdhirh ().
If you are competent authors for yourself: it is received by the friendly, angered
If the rupture in the event of fair-minded and have tried it but avoid it
Mohammed bin Hamad Author:
Admired from this and The I: I see you with satisfaction in the anger ()
I conclude the report narrated by 'Ata' ibn loose from his father, said: bless us Ammar ibn Yasir - may Allah be pleased with him - Prayer Vodz which said to him, some of the people: I have softened or shortened prayer, he said: As to that I have called the calls heard from the Messenger of Allah - peace him and his family and him -, and when he followed a man of the people is that nicknames for himself and asks him about prayer and then came was told by the people (God with your knowledge of the unseen, and your ability to creation cause me to live what I learned life is good for me, and Boven if you know death is good for me God, and ask your fear in the the unseen and the certificate, and ask the right word in the satisfaction and anger, and ask the intent of poverty and wealth, and ask bliss is not running out, and I ask you delight not interrupted, and I ask you satisfaction after the judiciary, and I ask you reply to live after death, and I ask you the joy of looking at your face and the longing to meet you bears harmful and strife Mdilh, O Xena as faith, and make us converts remission) (), and Allah knows best and may Allah bless him and increased Park and upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions
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