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 Scientific Miracles in the honey

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PostSubject: Scientific Miracles in the honey   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:53 pm

He says (and your Lord inspired the bees that the habitations in the mountains, houses and trees and what they erect * Then eat of all fruits and follow the ways of your Lord made easy coming out of their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for people in that are a sign for people who reflect) (bees: 67.68)

Scientific Miracles:

1. Qur'an mentions that out of the stomachs of bees drink of varying colors, It is recognized that honey has four colors of Science has proved that the difference in each of the installation of soil and pastures which are used by bees significantly affect the color of honey, honey output from the nectar of flowers, cotton, for example, be bleak, unlike honey clover blossoms that is light colored, honey, and apple trees with a pale-yellow, honey, and black berries with a white color like water, honey, and flowers, aromatic mint-colored amber, and so on.

. Qur'an mentions that the healing of any honey to the onlookers:

And even to show that we must first recall the chemical composition of honey:

The chemical composition of honey:

Whatever the difference is the color of honey .. It contains all the colors on the following vehicles:

1 glucose (dextrose), and there is 75% sugar and the primary key expired, allowing the walls of the intestines to the blood .. Unlike other types of sugars, especially sugar, white sugar cane, known scientifically that require the digestive system of a multiple operations, from chemical reactions, and Alastqlabat basic, until the process of conversion to simple sugars can be a single Kalgljkoz blood absorbed through the intestinal walls .

This and the sugar (Algljkoz), which in the honey .. In addition to being easily absorbed .. It is easy savings

So that he is heading to the liver after absorption directly transformed into Gluckugen, which is saved for times of need .. If necessary to use .. Returned to its origin (glucose) that runs with blood, to be used as a driving force in the muscles.

And it is noted that the calorific value of honey is very high, because it contains glucose .. And has proven to be one kilogram of honey gives 3150 calories.

2 Some organic acids by 0.08% eight to ten thousand.

3 A small amount of protein.

4 Number of quite a bit of yeast interactions necessary to activate the body's independence, and the representation of food .. and we can see the great importance of these enzymes that are found in honey, and if we know the functions set out in us the following:

A. Enzyme (amylase) and are turning the starch in the bread and various carbohydrates, the grape sugar (glucose).

B. Yeast (Alonfzataz): and that is holding cane sugar (ordinary sugar) to the mono-sugars (glucose and Fractoz) can be absorbed in the body.

C. Khmerta (catalase) and (peroxidase) necessary preliminaries in the oxidation processes and the return of the body.

D. Enzyme (lipase), special digest fat and lipid materials.

5. Metal salts by 0.018% and in spite of low per machine, it has great importance, so as to make honey a food interaction of alkali .. Resistant to the acidity of the .. Is of great importance in the treatment of digestive diseases associated significant increase in acidity and ulcer.

The most important mineral elements in honey: potassium and sulfur, calcium, sodium and phosphorus and Almngxiom and iron and manganese ... And all the mineral elements essential to the process of building the human body and tissue composition.

6. Small amounts of vitamins and their vital functions (physiological) are important, Nfsalha as follows:

A vitamin B-1 is the presence of 0.15% per mg / per kg of honey has a basic role in the metabolic processes within the body, and especially for inter neurons.

B Vitamin B-2: and there is 1.5 per forgive / kg .. And is the same percentage in which there is chicken ..

And is included in the installation of various yeasts produced by glands in the body.

C. Vitamin B-3: by 2 mg / kg ... Is a vitamin and anti-inflammatory seriously.

D vitamin B-5: by 1 mg / kg.

E vitamin broadcast: anti-bleeding.

And vitamin h: at 50 mg / kg .. Which is the body's immunity and resistance to disease.

7 colloidal particles and oils, give it a special aroma and taste.

8 subjects give color to the color of beautiful.

* * *

Shifa Honey:

That we know the chemical composition of honey, and the importance of its compounds to humans .. We can go into the therapeutic properties, with a bit of brevity, with a bit of brevity and simplification, we can summarize in the following observations:

First, the most important properties of honey that is central to the growth of bacteria for bacterial and fungal ... So he fought for the bacteria, pesticide, wherever it was found ...

Contrary to common in the United States thirty years ago that the honey is transferred bacteria, and milk-borne pollution.

I have a doctor and bacteria (Sackett) tested the effect of honey on bacteria, scientific experiment .. Vzra different bacteria diseases in pure honey .. And looking forward to taking the results ..

She was a great surprise .. When he saw that the types of bacteria are dead within a few hours .. While most power you can not survive in a few days!

Dysentery parasites have died (Aldezatrella) after ten hours of transplantation in the honey .. Dead bacteria and intestines fever (typhoid) after twenty-four hours .. The bacterial pneumonia .. Have died on the fourth day .. And so did not find bacteria in honey Gla deadly pesticides and her!!

The excavations conducted in the area of ​​fleece in Egypt .. Indicated the presence of a vessel, where honey, inside the pyramid, it went well over three thousand and three hundred years .. Despite the passage of this period is very long, honey has been retained, does not mention the corruption ... Rather, it retains under Boukoas, did not address the corruption .. But he retained until the shadow distinctive smell of honey!!

Second, the honey, which is composed mainly of glucose (dextrose) that can be used in all indications based on the therapeutic properties of Glecz .. Diseases such as blood circulation, and increase the tension and gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers and stomach, and some diseases of the gut in children, and various infectious diseases such as typhus and scarlet fever and measles, etc. .. In addition, successful treatment of the poisoning of all kinds.

This .. The saver and glucose in the liver (Algluckugen) ammunition is not only of energy .. But the existence of continuous, in the cells of the liver, and by almost constant, indicating its role in improving and tissue building and metabolism.

Algljkoz and has been used recently, and on a large scale, to help increase the toxicity of the liver.

Third, in the treatment of anemia:

Honey contains the active agent very significant impact on hemoglobin (hemoglobin) have been studies on this matter in some clinics Swiss confirmed the effective impact on hemoglobin where the increased strength of the hemoglobin in the blood of 57% to 80% in the first week after one week of treatment with honey. Also observed an increase in weight of children who take honey increase in children who do not give honey.

Fourth honey in wound healing:

Has been shown to Dr. (Krincki) that honey accelerates wound healing in the .. And reasoned article that activate cell growth and division (natural) .. Which speeds up the healing of wounds.

And has shown the statistics that were conducted in 1946 on the efficacy of honey in wound healing .. The Doctor: (o. Smirnov) professor at the Tomsk Medical Institute .. Use honey to treat wounds caused by infection in 75 dead .. The very fact that honey stimulates tissue growth in the wounded who do not heal their wounds, however slowly.

And treated in Germany, Dr. (Kronatz) and thousands of other wounds with honey and successfully, with no prior interest in clean, and the wounds treated in this way the advantage arises as abundant secretions of pus and germs.

And advised Dr. (Pullman) using honey as an antidote to the surgical wounds open ... And expresses its satisfaction with the good results reached in this regard because it did not occur or tearing tissue adhesions, or any adverse effect in ..

V. honey cure for the respiratory system:

Use honey to treat diseases of the upper respiratory system .. and especially inflammation of the mucous membrane and desquamation, as well as peel off the vocal cords.

And are treated by inhalation of a solution of honey with warm water by 10% within 5 minutes.

And had between Dr. (Kizellestin) that among 20 cases treated by inhalation of a solution of honey ... Failed only two .. While the other therapeutic methods have failed all of them .. And is the ratio of success in the attic as you can see ..

And has been the ability of honey cleanser and volatile oils it contains a significant impact in the laboratory to seek and Mac (mak) German to add honey to the preparations significantly.

This honey is used and mixed with food and other drugs as a treatment for cold .. And found that rapid improvement is happening by using honey mixed with lemon juice by half a lemon in 100 g of honey.

VI honey and lung disease:

Avicenna honey used for the treatment of tuberculosis in the early stages .. The Dr (n. Aorh) Professor of Medicine at the Institute of Kiev, believes that organic honey helps in the fight against pneumococcal infections such as tuberculosis and lung abscess and acute bronchitis, etc. .. And although the data for the many scientists see the amazing results of the honey in the treatment of tuberculosis .. There is no evidence of anti-tuberculosis properties in honey .. But certainly that honey increases the resistance of the body in general .. Which helps control the infection.

Seventh honey and heart disease:

Heart muscle .. That do not cease to continue to maintain blood circulation, and thus working on the safety of life .. Must-have of the food Bodha.

Has been shown that honey, which is the abundance of (glucose), play this role ... And from here we shall enter the honey in the food daily for heart disease.

VIII honey and diseases of the stomach and intestines:

The basic logic of the use of honey as a remedy for all diseases of the stomach and bowel associated increase in acidity, is the fact that honey, a food interaction of alkali .. Works to modify the excess acidity. In addressing the stomach and intestinal ulcers .. Advisable to take honey before eating or two hours after three hours ..

And found that honey may eliminate the severe pain of ulcers, and the acidity of the stomach, and vomiting .. And increases the proportion of (hemoglobin) of blood in people with stomach ulcers and duodenum.

Experience has shown, and the disappearance of pH after treatment with honey syrup. Also showed detection Roentgen ray (radiography) the disappearance of the cavity in the wall of ulcerative stomach ulcers in people with ten out of fourteen patients .. And after treatment honey drink, for four weeks .. And is the ratio, in healing, high, considering.

IX honey for liver disease:

All incidents Alastqlalbeh located in the liver almost .. Which indicates the extreme importance of this member effective ..

And has been proven by experience .. That (glucose), which is the main material, consisting of honey, the two operations two:

1. Activates the metabolism in the liver.

2. Stimulates the liver to form an antidote to the bacteria .. Which leads to increase the body's resistance to infection.

As it turned out that honey is of great importance in the treatment of liver inflammation and pain caused by biliary stones roads.

X. honey and diseases of the nervous system:

This special also stems from the analgesic effect of glucose in cases of headache, insomnia, agitation and nervous .. And have noted doctors who use honey in the treatment of neurological diseases, its ability to give the desired effect.

Eleventh honey for skin diseases and urticaria (itching):

Researchers working in the clinic of Dermatology, 1945, the Institute of Medicine II, in Moscow .. Article about the success in the treatment of twenty-seven patients, with boils and abscesses ... Then relieved by the use of fats Kamrahm.

Obviously, the dyes of the honey, the impact of nutrition in the skin, and impart freshness and softness.

Twelfth honey for eye diseases:

Use doctors, in the past, honey .. Excellent as a medicine to treat sore eyes .. Today .. And after he discovered many kinds of drugs and antibiotics, honey has not lost its importance .. Statistics have shown that the quality of honey in healing inflammation of the eyelids and conjunctiva, and corneal ulceration, and diseases of the other kind.

And one of the most enthusiastic Indications Bmriham honey, university professors in the area (Odessa) in the Soviet Union, and in particular, university professor (Fisher) and Dr. (Mikhailov) .. Even telemedicine eye diseases Bmriham honey spread in the area (Odessa), all of them.

And was written by Dr. (p. K. Osaolko) and view it within an article of his experiences in the use of honey for eye diseases, and has outlined the findings of the following points as

1 shows honey without doubt an excellent impact on the functioning of various inflammatory corneal lesions, all cases resistant to treatment by regular and where we apply the ointment The excipient Asali improved rapidly strange. The number of events keratitis of different origin, the application of pure honey in which the results of medical.

2, we can recommend the use of honey using honey as an excipient for the preparation of ointments most kind of honey, as the same excellent effects on the functioning of all lesions of the cornea.

3 of certainly what we found from the results of call and all the health institutions that deal with ophthalmology to open the door for the application of honey on a large scale in the treatment of eye diseases.

Thirteenth honey and diabetes:

Publication of Dr. (Davederf) Russian in 1915 a summary of his research in the use of honey for diabetic .. Between briefly that the use of honey for diabetes is very useful in the following cases:

1. As a kind of candy is not such damage.

2. As food added to the system of the patient's food .. As the use of honey, not priced beyond, any desire to eat any kind of candy was banned .. This is an important factor in prevention.

3. As a proof of the existence of substance (acetone) in the blood of dangerous .. As the emergence of (acetone) in the blood requires the use of sugars, and the followers of the system more freedom in the food, despite the disadvantages of the patient .. And in order to prevent the continued existence .. Honey and sugar as the material works to prevent its existence.

4. As sugar .. Does not increase, but on the contrary, decrease the output of dextrose and Ataraha .... And has been interpreted as practicable after the discovery of (hormone) is similar (to insulin) in the chemical composition of honey.

This has the Dr. (Lockheed) .. Who was working in the Department of yeast Ottawa, the capital of Canada, that some of the resistance of the yeast sugar, and non-pathogenic to man .. Continue to live in honey.

Fourteenth honey and put the urine disorders:

According to Dr. (Remy Chauvin) to fructose (fruit sugar) that contains a high proportion of honey on it more easy to urinary excretion of glucose (dextrose), and that honey is better than both, because it is organic acids and volatile oils, and vegetable dyes. carrying properties of vitamin.

And while many debate about the active agent in the honey, which leads to expansion of renal vessels and increase the renal secretion (lactation), but did not deny the significant impact one of them, even if Dr. (SAC) to give the hundred and fiftieth grams grams of honey per day led to a significant improvement, and the demise of both the turbidity and bacterial urinary organic.

Fifteenth honey and insomnia and diseases of the nervous system:

We have proved Views clinical characteristics Pharmaceutical honey valuable treatment of diseases of the nervous system has the Professor (k. Bogolipov), (q. Kiseleva) Successful treatment with honey to patients living with disease dancing (and is a muscular contractions involuntary lead to movements spontaneously in the limbs) in a period of three weeks during which he stopped all other treatments each received two patients on the impressive results .. I have regained normal and still they slept, headaches, irritability and lack of general weakness.

Sixteenth: honey and Cancer:

It has been proved to scientists that cancer specialists is none among beekeepers attending to work among the bees, but they Harwa in the interpretation of this flourishing ..

Some of them inclined to believe that immunity to cancer, the beekeepers .. Krdha to bee venom .. That enters the bloodstream, as a result of continually infected from being bitten by bees during their work.

And others tended to believe that this immunity is the result of the intake of honey beekeepers containing a small amount of royal jelly, a real and wonderful, and a further quantity of pollen.

And have a lot of money from scientists to the second opinion .. _khasos After what has been discovered that honey bees produce some of the chemical elements on pollen, gives the division of cells .. And in preparation for storage in the six eyes that these chemicals alien, which limit the division of pollen, which dealt with rights in very small quantities with honey .. May have a significant impact in reducing the abnormal growth of cells in the human body .. And thus prevent cancer.

And in any case .. The idea is still just evidence and observations .. Outstanding science where something .. Like a lot of notes outstanding .. And cancer is still a mystery baffles doctors .. Strain and students.

Seventeenth: honey and gynecology:

Pregnant vomiting and nausea that plagued get the things the doctors ..

I Ojhdhm find the right drug, so that the psychiatric medication has fought the midst of these cases, although not because of its usefulness in that the length of treatment and the high cost of the material.

And have recently reached some scientists to the use of intravenous injection containing at 40% solution of pure honey have been instrumental in healing, this has been shown that the introduction of a salary honey food for pregnant women play a significant role in helping them during pregnancy.

Eighteenth honey food ideal:

The honey is an ideal food for the human body, shield them a lot of trouble, they bring him food other synthetic ..

And the nutritional value of honey lies in two characteristics Mtovrtin it: 1. The honey is a food reaction Alkali .. According to soften and lubricate the digestive system .. And modify the acidity of anything from other foods.

2. The honey contains the anti-bacteria (germs) .. He enthuses that the teeth of calcium deficiency, and thus prevent necrosis .. Unlike other sugars, which break down the residues by bacteria .. Which leads to the formation of acids, such as milk, which absorbs the calcium from the teeth gradually .. Where necrosis occurs.

Nineteenth honey is good food for children and youth:

Works on child nutrition and experimented with the effective impact of honey on children in some clinics of Switzerland, where they were divided children into three categories: feet for the first category diet normally and presented for the second category of the former regime itself, plus honey and presented to the third category diet the same for the first category with Add different drugs instead of honey to increase the appetite or to increase the percentage of hemoglobin gave the second category, which was given honey the best results for the overall situation, and the highest increase in weight and the highest percentage of hemoglobin and sees Aldtor (Zeiss) that the active substances in honey that affect the strength of hemoglobin Version Email is the honey of minerals such as iron, copper and manganese
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Scientific Miracles in the honey
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