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 The human mind and prayer

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PostSubject: The human mind and prayer   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:54 pm

Western scientific study: the human mind and prayer

Washington: A study of modern medical and a set of changes
That occur on the human body during prayer or meditation, spiritual
Pointing out that the first of these changes is the integration of the volunteer's mind with the universe
Completely after only 50 seconds to start the prayer or meditation.

The study, conducted by the American researcher Ramchandrn - together with a group of researchers -
That the respiratory rate and oxygen consumption within the human body drops
During the prayer at a rate ranging between 20 and 30%,
In addition to increasing resistance of the skin and increase blood clotting more.

The study - published magazine as "half the world," the Egyptian government -
X-ray images that show the working methods of the amazing work of the brain during
Prayer, noting that the image of the brain that may differ in prayer for his image
In other cases normal, and that the activity of neurons in the brain may
Declined and appeared bright in color rays.

For his part, Ramchandrn that these results and images is scientific evidence
The so-called spiritual superiority and the existence of religion in the brain,
Which applies its effect on the rest of the organs such as muscles, eyes, joints and the balance of the devices.

He added that all member sends a signal to the brain during prayer, which entails
By increasing its activity, that the brain loses its relationship to the prayer with the body completely
And becomes just a pure mind withdraws from the world's land to another world.

For her part, the newspaper "Washington Post" that such research and studies
A lot of diligent scientists ** t for the barrier between man and the secrets of the brain,
While the newspaper has made "Science" to the satisfaction of this research,
Pointing to their importance in clarifying the relationship between religion and science.

It is noteworthy that this research completely refuted the results of studies and William James - a leading psychology of religion -
About the mysteries of religion in the brain, which ended on the fact that science and religion belong to two different worlds completely.
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The human mind and prayer
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