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 The miracles and global conferences

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PostSubject: The miracles and global conferences   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:00 am

World body of scientific miracles in the Qur'an and Sunnah were organized during the last months conference tenth in the city of Istanbul, Turkey; where the convergence between the civilization of the Islamic world and European countries, which is a shrine scientifically to Europeans since ancient times, and here it is today recovering and its place in the world to be gracious and accessible face of the Islamic world Advanced scientifically and technically, culturally and socially.
Followed through the channel read the activities of this conference, which began with an opening by HE the Secretary General of the world body of scientific miracles in the Qur'an and Sunnah, Dr «Abdullah reformer», which occupies a prominent place in the hearts that love and revered by his spirit, overflowing with love and deep faith in the importance and role of this conference the actor in the call to God in the spirit of the times in which a volcano of science and knowledge and information in the smallest details of science in various fields, in medicine, astronomy, humanities, etc. The language of scientific miracles are the same as the language of modern science, encapsulated the spirit of faith that styling of the human soul, and modify their behavior and the perverse behaviors and actions away from the Pure materialism, which wasted a lot of the beauty and magnificence of science, and led to the loss and destruction of peoples and nations.
Our address every age the language of his people understand that even if you came last time, and is open to humanity of the treasures of knowledge demonstrated by their Lord's greatness and sincerity of the Mohammedan message to be more prophets, depending on the Day of Resurrection. Let me give you the following newly prophetically the miracle of a great pursued aspects of miracle in it through the latest issue of the Journal of miracles, which I hope to be in every home Atdarcha fathers and mothers with their sons and daughters, as well as in the hands of teachers and educators for today's generation, which requires they understand the religion the language of his time. Mustafa says - peace be upon him - from Aisha - may Allah be pleased about - I asked that the names of the Prophet - peace be upon him - for washing menstruation? He said that when one takes water and lotus leaves herself well and then pour on her head Vtdlleke Dlka severe. Until it reaches the affairs of her head. Then poured upon the water. Then take a chance by holding Vttehr), said the names and how to purify it? He said: Praise God by becoming pure. I asked for ghusl, he said, like what he said in a washing menstruation. Aisha said: Yes, women women fans! Not modesty that prevents them Atfgahn in religion. (Saheeh Muslim, 332).
In the Hadith Scientific Facts on functional anatomy of the scalp, and histological structure of the skin and the effect of massage deep in the washing, and an explanation of the different wash woman for the man of divine wisdom, I will not only glimpses of aspects of miracles in this modern, and wanted Alastzadh he reference to the magazine miracle in its latter, search Manal Professor Galal Abdel Wahab.
• deep massage of the head and its impact in the prevention of tumors and increase immune; where the hair follicles produce severe Alantrovin massage with anti-virus and treated tumors of the kidney. And addresses multiple sclerosis.
• speeds up the healing of the lining of the uterus also protect against tumors and breast cancer and changes of types of HPV.
• To wash and massage the scalp very great benefits for the menstruating or bleeding following childbirth when a private ihram; where massage removes aging skin cells, sweat and toxins, urea, salts, acids, dust and lipid secretion, and inhibits the mother's menstruation, and modify mood.
• massage stimulates hair follicles to secrete the growth factor and insulin-like growth factor to liver cells and adjust the blood sugar level first and the second increases the efficiency of the liver.
• and the miracle in that it proved the difference Anatomy of hair men on women and the different genes and signaling molecular pathways, and the different response of materials controlling the hair cycle gender, and therefore differed to wash the feet of women, and its usefulness for women - especially women who are menstruating - where most needed him in the pilgrimage, which makes it a duty in ihram. It was agreed the flag with the Prophet's guidance is the glory of our Prophet aware of the unseen, and who told him his Lord that he does not speak of passion that is only a Revelation revealed. God bless Muhammad and his family and him. O we have increased the knowledge and Vgahna even in matters of religion and you are satisfied with the Nlqak Us
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The miracles and global conferences
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