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 If the old souls

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PostSubject: If the old souls   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:02 am

While growing up souls for trivial things and above all pleasant nonsense you Tstazb hardships of life and work and forget the troubles and obstacles, God willing, rise the ladder of success.
This printing of souls large confident of the God Almighty, the great faith and its view of the white of life, do not look to bad conduct and looks at its feet, it is the hearts of large do not accept less from the sky a goal, for which Sky is the Limit as they say in English, as the poet said ( not content with that without the stars) But do not look beyond their noses and live Kalotfillat dependent on others feed on the crumbs of others to flimsy them vulnerable grudges and nonsense are not their only fight successful and harassment of outstanding or combat creative understanding in the end, affiliated not followed, they will find themselves in the bottom and others at the top, no matter how they tried and no matter how loud their cries Vstzhb with the wind, either butter goes staleness As for what benefit people will remain in the ground.
Why do we have these words and why we opened an article this week in this introduction, Valtaliqat came many an article last week (not Ihmunk), which has happened to our friend to him, and recounted many of the readers and readers Distinguished some of the aspects of push and pull the eternal among the souls of large and souls dwarf.
I said that years of life, even Istben right from wrong and above the souls large Bhmmha and high spirit, bounding for love, for good and help others and desire to work hard at a run in the paths of life to reap the fruit of seeking good for the people and the benefit of others but from weakened them and stuck to the ground away from the good and away from philanthropy to others they will still be what is left of good and evil, day and night, but they will lose in the end and bounce them their attempts have failed miserably to stop the successful or influence in the process of the winners, it's the law of God in the life God does not waste the reward of the best work regardless of the obstacles and it raised bumps this is a guarantee my God, the creative dedicated that they will be always on top no matter how hard Depressors enemies of success attracting them back those who do not know is fear, not good at is denial and speak only the word (do not), and so life goes on our conflict and the waves fall and rise and the voices fade and go up and right master of the situation has prevailed with the permission of God.
The convoy successful will continue in her career and will continue to be successful in Rkdahm While the enemies of success would not be executed means will not stand idly by to fight the successful and put obstacles in front of them by all means possible and is possible this Didnhm This Tabahm and this is what are made by or for the transfer is in their genes genetic.
I jumped in the absence of time and held the these warriors of the success of the positions and are fatwas concerning not know and Ahrvon in cases of more of them, but Allah is predominant over His Affairs, will take us life in its streets broad and prospects of remote and will not correct unless the correct successful and brilliant and creative.
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If the old souls
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