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 Author Alstam insults!

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PostSubject: Author Alstam insults!   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:04 am

Some writers have reasons Stamm is known phishing errors and collection errors and joy pitfalls and discover gaffes, and this Minister of hollow, drum heavy-handed, Menkos instinct, and inverted the will, and Mtmos insight blind for the beauties, and lose sight of the injury, does not see achievements; because the same irresponsible, and morals of sterile, in Gdth toxins unload on people, and in his heart dynamite Ithorh on others. The mentally disabled are finding pleasure in the heart of successful on the stage of death. The stupid idiots feel pleasure if Margoa the dignity of honest intelligent, envious Alknud see the blessings on the other threat to the security and comfort seeks to destroy them. Where is fairness in some book which criticizes his opponent does not see his injury is not a good achievement?! Then fall from the readers eye; it became known unfairness and fraud and concealment of the truth. You will not be able to blow yourself weak in the face of the sun to rope, the sun is greater than, the tip of your clothes will not be able to cover the face of the moon, the moon and for the most beautiful.
Author Carping insults slanderer Alstam flies occurred in the massacre, he carries the speck and spins harm and distributes the epidemic on people, Afif al-Sharif, a writer, he is sucking bees sipping nectar flowers, water flowers and produce honey refinery wherein is healing for people.

I regret the enemies of success! Became the rage of their hearts, ovens and volcanoes Mzabl enmity and hatred and envy, even Oncefoa Aghtsilwa water for love and peace and wore clothes handed out smiles on people's safety and satisfaction and the words contained human. Let the fabricator and raging jealous Disbeliever receive his punishment to do and kills himself and Boukngerh Etjra cup of poison in his hand, he alone, who stay up at night and damaged nerves Bhakdh Bhsdh, and tore his soul Pantqamh «And your Lord is unjust to the slaves». If you do not tune the best mimics, and if not successful do not encourage Tthbth, and if help did not factor Ttanh not persistent. Aadaotk employers success means you failed, and Gazk of outstanding students tell us that you deposit, do not see yourself falling, inactivity, the dustbin of history awaits every villain Blade, and every froward .. One of God's wisdom for the righteous to make them disbelieve in evil deeds and insults to protect them from disease and old age wonder. Must Antiques of towels and wipes wipe off the dust «, as well as us for every Prophet an enemy of criminals and enough Lord guide and champion». Monetary sinner of successful patent and certificates of good conduct; because Alrvel lean tired of the people of the virtues, and the smell of dung beetles from the odors of flowers, and rose water beetle kill her.

Over the lion Bgder Venguenq frog warn him, said unto him, O frog, you are in a humiliating place, Osfielk Oalak in water and in the mud, but I learned that I broke the camel caravans, and Habna men, and shaken for Zira mountains?! A tribute to the successful, and the failed harvest and the red card that says: «Say: Die in your rage»
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Author Alstam insults!
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