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 Tips .. To increase the battery life of electronic devices

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PostSubject: Tips .. To increase the battery life of electronic devices   Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:05 am

With the increasing reliance on mobile phones, laptops, and ask for more from the advantages, have become an obstacle to the use of batteries, so users often complain about the end of the power batteries of electronic devices quickly. However, it is possible to get more power per shipment by following a set of tips, which also applies to digital cameras, phones, so they use batteries can be recharged more than once.
* Mobile phones

* The Mike Mefleh, director of product management in the Middle East, the company «RIM» (RIM) the manufacturer of the phones «BlackBerry», useful tips to keep the energy phone batteries «BlackBerry» to the maximum extent possible, with the possibility of applying a set of them any mobile phone last.

The games and multimedia part of the experience of the use of phones «BlackBerry», but the over-play or the use of media will inevitably lead to depletion of the battery. Among other things that drain the battery all the applications that receive broadcast data over wireless connections.

* Battery life

* It can prolong the battery life through reduction of alerts sent automatically to the applications. It is advisable to learn the rational use of telecommunications, as you need to manage your contacts wisely, and are advised to stop and navigation functions geographical «GPS» (GPS) and «Wi-Fi» and «Bluetooth» when it does not need to use, it drains the battery considerably. When you are outside the coverage area, preferably off mobile phone network in order not to waste your energy in his continuing search for a network.

Do not forget to close applications not in use, as can be done by opening the window to switch between applications «BlackBerry Ablakychen Switcher» (BlackBerry Application Switcher) and constant pressure on the button «list» (Menu), and close all applications not in use. If this is the first time you do this, most likely you will find a large number of applications that work is required, that eat up your battery. Preferably using the position to wait, and put your phone in standby mode (Standby) when not in use does not lead to the closure of the keyboard, but also to turn off the screen, which saves battery power. And you can go to standby mode either by pressing and holding the button «mute» (Mute), or press the power button the red, according to the model.

If you use the device camera to capture images, it's best off camera flash, and although it is not wrong to use the camera flash from time to time, the heavy use and repeated it will deplete the battery. You can access the flash auto-stop options from the list of camera settings. But if you love e-mail via mobile phone, Vaguetsd to add mail accounts, and think that you really need an old e-mail account, because it is not likely to receive only spam messages that do not need. Remember that each alert comes to you on this account shorten the battery life of your machine. Keep your phone on all accounts used by the practice.

* Brightness of the screen

* Adjust the screen brightness background, as it increases battery consumption whenever the screen is brighter and the more use. The solution lies in adjusting the brightness of the backlight, so by going to the «Options» (Options) or «preferences» (Preferences) and choose the «screen» / «keyboard» (Screen / Keyboard), where you can adjust the settings for the backlight as you want . You will need to set the «time-out backlight» (Backlight Timeout), according to your convenience. You can also press the button «lock» (Lock) at the top of your phone, it leads to the closure of the screen.

It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and links to the battery, as it is useful to remove the battery from your smartphone from time to time and remove the dust that can accumulate on the links with which the device, as is the case in all devices are powered by batteries, it may cause in the consumption of your battery much faster than if they were clean. Aamk.c your phone and give some comfort, since it is an effective means to prolong battery life when you are asleep. The feature lets you remove the battery from your smartphone from time to time and remove the dust that can accumulate on the links with which the device on / off automatically (Auto On / Off) Set your phone to lock in a specific time every day and return to run in the morning, either at a specific time in advance or in conjunction with the alarm clock settings. You can activate this feature through the «Options», then «a» and «On / Off Auto» (Options, Device, Auto On / Off). After you make changes here, press the button «List Menu) and select« Save »(Save) to save the changes. You can also set your phone to feature «On / Off Auto» different dates on the weekend.

* Portable computers

* But if you use the notebook computers dramatically, you can reduce the intensity of consumption of the device's battery by following some simple steps. If you listen to music while working or use a computer, it is recommended to copy the music to the hard drive of the device, rather than run from the CD, that CD contains mechanical parts causing a large rotation constant speed, which consumes electrical energy significantly. Add to that the normal hard disks spin very quickly. If you use the hard drive technology works «Flash», the results would be much better, so that the memory «Flash» Do not use mechanical pieces at all.

And is also recommended modifying the brightness and reduce the device's screen a bit (especially in the evening), so that the screen consumes a large portion of electric power. Advised to turn off the screen for choosing to work for non-use of the device for a certain period, such as 10 minutes. You can also change the properties of energy in the control panel and turn the pattern of performance (Performance) on the pattern of energy conservation (Energy). It should be noted that, preferably convert audio to a style «Silent» When not using your device, so that the speakers of Interior to be on standby to receive any sound from the operating system, and thus consume electrical energy is simple, but they contribute to the reduction of battery life with the passage of time.

You can also use your mouse built into your computer laptop instead of external optical mouse, so that the external mouse will consume part of the electricity needed for its operation. And is also recommended to stop the work of networks «Wi-Fi» and «Bluetooth» If you do not need to use it, as it is responsible for the consumption of a large portion of battery power.

Is not recommended to reduce the proportion of your computer laptop battery under 10%, as you presented your battery is damaged, the shipment has run out of battery for later arrival rate shipping to 20%. Add to that the laptop arrived in the electric socket on a permanent basis is not considered healthy for the battery, and are advised to exhaust the electric charge once a month at least, and shipped in full. And high temperatures adversely affect battery life, and are advised to leave the system fully cooled before the operation and use, or use the platforms for cooling.

Finally you Important Note: I do not prefer to follow the following tips, except in special cases only, because they may pose a risk or may have a negative side effect on your business. You can follow in cases of View offers video on the device, edit documents, for example. Advice is to stop the work of screening programs files from the virus to run, since these programs to scan every file operation and demanding of the processor, hard drive, and will not be needed in the absence of new files you download and your Internet connection. Second advice is to stop the work of a feature to save copies of documents automatically during editing (Auto Save), so it requires the work of the hard drive, especially in editing large tables or presentations huge, but you risk losing your business if reservation manually from time to time.

* Digital Cameras

* We offer for lovers of photography are some tips to increase the time of the battery is used, including the failure to use the zoom feature (Zoom) repeatedly in the absence of need, so they use mechanical definitely consume electricity from the battery. You can set the zoom to some degree, and take lots of pictures, respectively. Not recommended to use the flash for all images, especially images of the day, as it is the biggest reason to reduce the time consumption of the battery. Even if your camera supports it, it is recommended using the optical lens (View Finder) to preview the images before capture, rather than use the digital display that consumes a large part of the battery, and are advised to be suspended from work as possible.

Was surprised by the new fully charge the battery after 15 minutes to start charging. This is normal, and can be disposed of by removing the battery from the camera and reinstall it again. And unloading is also recommended to fully charge the battery every 3 weeks, and recharged again. Not recommended to use batteries in high temperatures, so that high temperatures reduce the battery usage.
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Tips .. To increase the battery life of electronic devices
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